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LG FC48GSBB1 Owner’s Manual
Read this owner’s manual thoroughly before operating the
appliance and keep it handy for reference at all times.
Copyright © 2019 LG Electronics Inc. All Rights Reserved
This manual may contain images or content
different from the model you purchased.
This manual is subject to revision by the
SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.................................................... 3
IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS...............................................3
PRODUCT OVERVIEW...................................................... 10
Parts and Specifications......................................................................10
OPERATION....................................................................... 12
Status Display Panel...........................................................................12
Remote Controller...............................................................................13
Using the Extra Function.....................................................................15
SMART FUNCTIONS.......................................................... 16
Using LG SmartThinQ Application.......................................................16
MAINTENANCE.................................................................. 18
Recommended Maintenance Schedule...............................................18
TROUBLESHOOTING........................................................ 19
WARRANTY........................................................................ 20
The following safety guidelines are intended to prevent
unforeseen risks or damage from unsafe or incorrect
operation of the appliance.
The guidelines are separated into ‘WARNING’ and ‘CAUTION’
as described below.
This symbol is displayed to indicate matters and
operations that can cause risk. Read the part with this
symbol carefully and follow the instructions in order
to avoid risk.
This indicates that the failure to follow the instructions can
cause serious injury or death.
This indicates that the failure to follow the instructions can
cause the minor injury or damage to the product.
To reduce the risk of explosion, fire, death, electric shock,
injury or scalding to persons when using this product,
follow basic precautions, including the following:
Children in the Household
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised
to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
or installation work needs to be performed by a qualified
service personnel.
replacement of parts of the safety suspension system device
shall be performed by the manufacturer, its service agent or
suitably qualified persons.
• not install the appliance less than 2.5 m from the ground and 1
m from the wall to the blades.
that the ceiling hook can sustain more than 10 times the
appliance weight.
that the shaft has been fully tighten to motor shaft and
tighten the blade screws using a screwdriver.
• not install the appliance in a place where flammable liquids or
gases such as gasoline, propane, paint thinner, etc., are stored.
• not install the appliance somewhere exposed to direct sunlight.
• not install the appliance in an area prone to combustible gas
leaks, grease, or metal dust.
this appliance as per the rated voltage and frequency
printed on the name plate.
• not touch the power switch with wet hands.
• not disassemble, repair, modify or touch the appliance while it
is operating.
• not insert hands or any objects into the appliance.
• not place any objects on the appliance.
• not use or store flammable or combustible substances (ether,
benzene, alcohol, chemical, LPG, combustible spray, insecticide,
air freshener, cosmetics, etc.) near the appliance.
• there is a gas leakage (isobutane, propane, natural gas, etc.),
do not touch the appliance or power switch and ventilate the area
off the power supply if there is any noise, smell, or smoke
coming from the appliance.
• not expose the appliance to splashing water or rain.
• not touch, operate, or repair the appliance with wet hands.
• case of flood, cut off the power switch and contact the LG
Electronics customer service center.
of all packaging materials (such as plastic bags and
styrofoam) away from children. The packaging materials can
cause suffocation.
cleaning or performing maintenance, disconnect the power
supply and wait until the blade stops.
• not use an abrasive cloth, sponge, or a metal brush to clean
the appliance.
• button/coin-shaped battery is used in the remote controller of the
appliance. If you accidentally swallowed the battery, go to the
doctor immediately for emergency treatment. If you fail to receive
first aid within 2 hours after you swallowed it, you may experience
damage to your internal organs or death in severe cases.
• not swallow the battery.
• the battery tray is not secured firmly, stop using the appliance
instantly and keep it away from children.
the all batteries in the remote controller with new ones of
the same type. Do not mix old and new batteries or different types
of batteries.
To reduce the risk of minor injury to persons, malfunction,
or damage to the product or property when using this
product, follow basic precautions, including the following:
• not install the appliance at a wet, high temperature, high
humidity area, high vibration, windy places.
• not install the appliance in freezing temperature.
• not install the appliance on or near items that may be
damaged or discolored by heat or humidity.
• not install the appliance near curtains.
• not install the appliance within 1 m of a TV or stereo
equipment. It may cause interference.
installation make sure the appliance does not tremble
• not use the appliance in place of a vent hood. Doing so will
shorten the appliance’s lifespan.
• not operate in an area with unstable voltage, the appliance
may automatically shut down to protect appliance components.
appliance is intended to be used in household and domestic
applications only and must not be used for commercial purposes.
all the blades if any of them breaks or cracks.
use strong cleaning agents or solvents when cleaning the
appliance. Use a smooth cloth.
a sturdy stool or ladder, when cleaning, maintaining or
repairing the ceiling fan at height.
• not modify the battery arbitrarily.
battery may cause an explosion.
• not recharge or take apart the battery.
• not throw the battery in the fire for disposal or leave it near the
and store the battery in a safe location if you don’t intend
to use the remote controller for a long time.
Disposal of Your Old Appliance (as per e-waste Rules)
••When this crossed out wheeled bin symbol is depicted on the product and its
operator’s manual, it means the product is covered by the e-waste Management
and Handling Rules, 2011 and are meant to be recycled, dismantled, refurbished or
disposed off.
−−a. The product is required to be handed over only to the authorized recycler for
−−b. Keep the product in isolated area, after it becomes non-functional/unrepairable
so as to prevent its accidental breakage.
−−a. The product should not be opened by the user himself/herself, but only by
authorized service personnel.
−−b. The product is not meant for re-sale to any unauthorized agencies/scrap dealer/
−−c. The product is not meant for mixing into household waste stream.
−−d. Do not keep any replaced spare part(s) from the product in exposed area.
••Any disposal through unauthorized agencies/person will attract action under
Environment (Protection) Act 1986.
••Hazards of improper handling or accidental breakage.
−−If batteries are disposed incorrectly, it can greatly harm the environment. The
chemical byproducts are hazardous. The metals and chemicals found in batteries
can mix into soil which may be hazardous to humans, plants and animals. If
thrown in fire, they can cause blast and release toxic gases which may be harmful
for health.
••This product is complied with the requirement of Hazardous Substances as
specified under Rule 13 (1) & (2) of the E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules,
••To locate a nearest collection centre or call for pick-up (limited area only) for
disposal of this appliance, please contact Toll Free No. 1800-315-9999 / 1800-1809999 for details. All collection centre and pick up facilities are done by third parties
with LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. Merely as a facilitator. For more detailed
information, please visit : http://www.lge.com/in
अपने पुराने निपटान के उपकरण (ई-अपशिष्ट नियम के अनुसार)
••जब इस काटे गए पहिये वाले बिन का चिन्ह किसी उपकरण और इसके ओपेरटर की
पुस्तिका के साथ संलग्न होता है तो इसका मतलब है कि इसे “ई- अपशिष्ट” (प्रबंधन और
हथालन) नियम २०११ के अंतरत
्ग सम्मिलित किया गया है , और इसे नवीनीकरणकरन
,विघटन और निपटान के लिए बनाया गया है ।
−−क. उपकरण को सिर्फ अधिकृत पुनः नवीनीकरणकर्ता को ही निपतारण करने हे तु
हस्तांतरित करें ।
−−ख. जब उपकरण कार्यरत न हो इसे अलग क्षेत्र में रखें ताकि उपकरण से होने वाली
ु टनाओ से बचा जा सके ।
••न कर
−−क. इस उपकरण को स्वयं/खद
ु नहीं खोलना चाहिए ! उपकरण को केवल अधिकृत
अधिकारी के द्वारा ही खोला जाना चाहिए ।
−−ख. इस उपकरण को पुनः बिक्री के लिए किसी भी कबाड़ीवाला / भंगार-वाला /
अनाधिकृत संस्था को न दें ।
−−ग. इस उपकरण को किसी घरे लू अपशिष्ट सामान के साथ मिलाकर न रखें ।
−−घ. उपकरण के बदले हुए या आतंरिक पुरजो को खुले क्षेत्र में न रखें ।
••यदि किसी अनाधिकृत विभाग या व्यक्ति के द्वारा निपटारन किया जाता है तो यह
पर्यावरण (सुरक्षा) धारा १९८६ के अंतरत
्ग आता है ।
ु टना टूट / फूट अव्यवस्थित रख-रखाव से बचें ।
−−यदि बैटरियों का निपटारन अशुद्ध रूप से कर रहे हैं, तो यह वातावरण को बहुत
नुकसान पहुँचा सकता है । रासायनिक उपकरण खतरनाक होते हैं। जो रसायन और धातु
बैटरियों में पाए जाते हैं। इसे मिटटी में मिलाने पर यह मनुष्यों, पौधों और पशुओं दस
लिए खतरनाक हो सकती है । यदि इसे आग में फेंकते हैं तो ये विस्फोट कर सकती है
और ये जहरीली गैस दे सकती है जो स्वास्थ्य के लिए हानिकारक है .
••यह उत्पाद खतरनाक पदार्थोँ के लिए बनाये गए नियमांक १३ (१) और (२), ई -वेस्ट
(प्रबन्द्धन और रखरखाव) नियम २०११ के क़ानून का पालन करता है .
••उपरोक्त पदार्थो के निपटारन के लिए नजदीकी निपटारन संसथान (संकीर्ण क्षेत्र) में कॉल
करें । अधिक जानकारी के लिए हमारे टोल फ्री नंबर 1800-315-9999 / 1800-180-9999
पर कॉल करें . सभी संग्रहण केंद्र व पिक-अप की सवु िधाएं किसी थर्ड- पार्टी जो “LG
Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.” को अपनी सेवाएं प्रदान कर रही हों, से करवाएं ।
ज्यादा जानकारी के लिए दे खें वेब:साईट - http://www.lge.com/in
Parts and Specifications
Motor Assembly
Guide (3ea)
Upper Cover
Lower Cover
Shaft Assembly
Blade Assembly (3ea)
Shackle Assembly
Bolt Assembly
Accessory Assembly
Owner’s Manual
Installation Manual
Remote Controller
••The appearance or components of the appliance may differ depending on the model.
Input Voltage
230 V
Rated Frequency
50 Hz
1200 mm
Speed Control
Through Remote and Power Switch
Remote Battery
CR2025 3V
3.5 kg (Net)
••Specified weight may differ from actual weight.
Status Display Panel
*Broken Line (
): Optional
Receiver for Remote Controller Signal
Face the remote controller to the Receiver, the remote signal will pass through it.
Wi-Fi (Optional)
When the appliance is connected to a Wi-Fi network,
Sleep Mode
When the sleep mode is selected, all display except the
3 seconds.
is displayed on the display screen.
Fan Speed
Whenever press Speed button (
(Speed 1)
will be off after displaying
Mosquito Away (Optional)
When the mosquito away function is working,
is displayed on the display screen.
) on the remote controller, fan speed will be changed.
(Speed 2)
(Speed 3)
(Speed 4)
Whenever press Timer button (
) on the remote controller, the setting time will be
••Only when the functions operate, the display will light on.
••The appearance or functions of the appliance may differ depending on the model.
Remote Controller
Inserting Battery
With the backside of the remote controller
facing up, remove the battery tray from the
remote controller.
Insert the battery provided with the
appliance to the tray.
••The (+) electrode of the battery must
face upward.
Insert the battery tray to the remote
••If the battery runs out of charge, replace it
with a new one (CR2025).
••If the remote controller does not work as
expected, try to replace the battery or check
the polarity (+, -) of the battery. If the problem
continues, contact the service centre.
••Dispose of the used battery according to the
environmental regulations.
Remote Controller Features
Controls the fan speed.
Turn on/off the display lightings.
Mosquito Away
Turn on/off the mosquito away function.
••Mosquito Away is turned on only when the fan is running.
Set time to power off.
Turn on/off the sleep mode.
••When you enter sleep mode, the wind speed decreases by one step every hour. In case of
“Speed1”, it is maintained.
Press this button during 3 seconds for paring. For unparing, press 3 seconds again.
••Turning off Wi-Fi
−−Press and hold the Start/Stop button and the Wi-Fi button at the same time for more than
3 seconds to turn off Wi-Fi. After finishing the product registration and while Wi-Fi is off,
press and hold the Wi-Fi button for more than 3 seconds just once to turn on Wi-Fi and to
control the product using the registered smartphone.
••When operating the fan, you have to set up the regulator with 5 step (maximum) only.
••If you miss your remote controller, you can operate the fan by using wall switch on/off.
••The appearance or function of the remote controller may vary depending on the model.
1 time Return to previous step before you switch on/off.
2 times Speed 1
3 times Speed 2
4 times Speed 3
5 times Speed 4
Using the Extra Function
Operating Method
Sleep Mode
Use the sleep mode to make more silent and
display lighting off.
1 Press the Start/Stop button.
••Do not step on or apply pressure.
••Do not store or use near water or in high
••Do not store or use near an open flame or
heating devices such as space heaters or
ovens. Otherwise the battery could explode.
Press the Sleep button to select the Sleep
••To use the remote controller, direct the signal
sending area of the remote controller toward
the signal reception area of the appliance.
••The remote works best within 5 m and 45° to
the left or right of the sensor in front of the
••Pressing multiple buttons at the same time
may cause the remote controller to
••The remote controller may not work properly
where there is a strong light, such as those
from a 3-wave length fluorescent lamp or a
neon sign.
••If you lost the remote controller, you can
purchase a new one in a nearby service
••After setting this mode, the fan speed will
reduce next step automatically and to fan
speed 1 finally.
••In Sleep mode, you can adjust the fan speed
manually using the Speed button.
••The Sleep mode will be kept until pressing
the Sleep button once.
Using LG SmartThinQ
Things to check before using LG
••For appliances with the
the appliance
and the wireless router (Wi-Fi network).
••If the distance between the appliance
and the wireless router is too far, the
signal strength becomes weak. It may
take a long time to register or installation
may fail.
Turn off the Mobile data or Cellular Data
on your smartphone.
••For iPhones, turn data off by going to
Settings → Cellular → Cellular Data.
Connect your smartphone to the wireless
••To verify the Wi-Fi connection, check that
icon on the control panel is lit.
••The appliance supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
networks only. To check your network
frequency, contact your Internet service
provider or refer to your wireless router
••LG SmartThinQ is not responsible for any
network connection problems or any faults,
malfunctions, or errors caused by network
••If the appliance is having trouble connecting
to the Wi-Fi network, it may be too far from
the router. Purchase a Wi-Fi repeater (range
extender) to improve the Wi-Fi signal
••The Wi-Fi connection may not connect or
may be interrupted because of the home
network environment.
••The network connection may not work
properly depending on the Internet service
••The surrounding wireless environment can
make the wireless network service run slowly.
••The appliance cannot be registered due to
problems with the wireless signal
transmission. Unplug the appliance and wait
about a minute before trying again.
••If the firewall on your wireless router is
enabled, disable the firewall or add an
exception to it.
••The wireless network name (SSID) should be
a combination of English letters and numbers.
(Do not use special characters.)
••Smartphone user interface (UI) may vary
depending on the mobile operating system
(OS) and the manufacturer.
••If the security protocol of the router is set to
WEP, you may fail to set up the network.
Please change it to other security protocols
(WPA2 is recommended) and register the
product again.
Installing LG SmartThinQ
Search for the LG SmartThinQ application from
the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on a
smart phone. Follow instructions to download
and install the application.
Wi-Fi Function
••For appliances with the
Communicate with the appliance from a smart
phone using the convenient smart features.
Smart Diagnosis™
If you use the Smart Diagnosis function, you
will be provided with the useful information
such as a correct way of using the appliance
based on the pattern of use.
Allows you to set various options on the
appliance and in the application.
••If you change your wireless router, Internet
service provider, or password, delete the
registered appliance from the LG SmartThinQ
application and register it again.
••The application is subject to change for
appliance improvement purposes without
notice to users.
••Functions may vary by model.
Wireless LAN Module Specifications
2412 - 2472 MHz
IEEE 802.11b: 10.30 mW/MHz
IEEE 802.11g: 3.46 mW/MHz
IEEE 802.11n: 3.13 mW/MHz
Open Source Software Notice
To obtain the source code under GPL, LGPL,
MPL, and other open source licenses, that is
contained in this product, please visit http://
In addition to the source code, all referred
license terms, warranty disclaimers and
copyright notices are available for download.
LG Electronics will also provide open source
code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering
the cost of performing such distribution (such
as the cost of media, shipping, and handling)
upon email request to opensource@lge.com.
This offer is valid for a period of three years
after our last shipment of this product. This
offer is valid to anyone in receipt of this
Smart Diagnosis™ Using a
Use this function if you need an accurate
diagnosis by an LG Electronics customer
information centre when the appliance
malfunctions or fails.
Smart Diagnosis™ can not be activated unless
the appliance is connected to power. If the
appliance is unable to turn on, then
troubleshooting must be done without using
Smart Diagnosis™.
••Be sure to keep ambient noise to a minimum
or the phone may not correctly receive the
buzzer beeps from the appliance.
••Do not spray water on or into appliance. Doing so will cause appliance failure.
••Do not bend the blade while cleaning.
••Do not use alkaline detergents to clean the appliance.
••Do not attach stickers or use sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, or organic solvents such as thinners,
lamp oil, or acetone on the appliance’s surface. Doing so may damage the surface.
••Wipe away dirt with a clean soft cloth, ordinary soap and water.
Recommended Maintenance Schedule
Check and clean every one year.
Ceiling Fan
Check any damage and stain every two years.
Shaft Assembly
Check any damage and stain every two years.
Shackle Assembly
Keep the blades clean and check every month.
Blade Assembly
Keep the guides clean and check every month.
Before Calling for Service
Please check the following before you contact the service center. If the problem persists, contact
your local service center.
Possible Causes & Corrective Action
When supply power but Power is not supplied.
not power on, can’t
••Turn on the power switch.
hear the beep.
Install location is too close to the wall or ceiling.
••Check the distance and reinstall at proper location.
Appliance is making
Installation is not good.
••Check each assemble parts are proper and firmly tightened.
Fan is locked.
Sleep lighting is
••Use a regulator to turn off the power and turn on one minute later.
flickering continuously.
••If the same problem occurs, power off and call to service center.
The voltage conditions are unstable.
Ceiling Fan not
••Check Voltage Condition, If unstable contact local Electrician.
The installed environment is very windy.
Ceiling fan suddenly
••It’s the normal process of finding the right wind speed for your
turns off and turns on.
environment. So fan can stop and re-adjust during high external wind.
When press a button on Remote controller power is not supplied.
remote controller, can’t
••Check the direction of remote controller battery or change it.
hear the beep.
Remote controller is not Too far to communicate with sensor.
••Move close to the appliance and try again.
The password for the Wi-Fi that you are trying to connect to is
••Find the Wi-Fi network connected to your smartphone and remove it,
then register your appliance on LG SmartThinQ.
Mobile data for your smartphone is turned on.
••Turn off the Mobile data of your smartphone and register the
appliance using the Wi-Fi network.
The wireless network name (SSID) is set incorrectly.
Your home appliance
••The wireless network name (SSID) should be a combination of
and smartphone is not
English letters and numbers. (Do not use special characters.)
connected to the Wi-Fi
The router frequency is not 2.4 GHz.
••Only a 2.4 GHz router frequency is supported. Set the wireless router
to 2.4 GHz and connect the appliance to the wireless router. To check
the router frequency, check with your Internet service provider or the
router manufacturer.
The distance between the appliance and the router is too far.
••If the distance between the appliance and the router is too far, the
signal may be weak and the connection may not be configured
correctly. Move the location of the router so that it is closer to the
The LG Ceiling Fan comes with 24 months warranty from the date of purchase of the product,
provided always that the warranty card bears the rubber stamp, date and signature of our authorized
Terms & Condition
••The warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the Ceiling Fan only & is non-transferable.
••Installation, repairs and replacements will be carried out by the dealer (sales and service) from
whom the product has been purchased, or through the authorized service center of LGEIL. In case
the customer shifts the place of residence during warranty period. It is advised to call authorized
service center directly or call our help line no’s (toll free).
••Repairs under warranty shall be carried out by an authorized service personnel only. The details of
centralized help lines are attached.
••For units installed beyond municipal limits of the jurisdiction of company’s authorized service
center, it is responsibility of the purchaser to contact the nearest authorized service center and
bring the unit to the authorized service center at its own cost and risk. All expenses incurred in
collecting the units or parts thereof from the company’s authorized service center, as well as
expenses incurred with deputizing of service personnel/technicians towards conveyance and other
incidentals etc. will be borne by the customer. Local charges for transportation and handling
charges may vary from location to location. Customers are advised to verify before. In case the
customer desires to bring the unit on its own to the authorized service center, the same shall be at
its own risks & consequences.
••The concerned authorized service center will advise the customer whether to effect the repairs at
site or at the authorized service center.
••Call registered with the centralized helpline wherein only cleaning of the unit/parts in the unit due to
dust accumulation on portions of the unit, are not to be considered as defects.
••The company reserves the right to withdrawal this offer at its sole direction at any point of time.
••In case of repairs or replacement of any parts of the unit, this warranty will thereafter continue and
remain in force only for the unexpired period of the warranty. Replacement of parts would be purely
at the discretion of LGEIL alone. In case the replacement of the entire unit is being made, (subject
to the sole discretion of LGEIL), the same model shall be replaced and in the event such model
has been discontinued, it shall be replaced with the model of price equivalent at the time of
••In case of any damage to the product/customer abuse / repairs by un-authorised personnels /
misuse detected / by the authorized service center personnel, the warranty conditions are not
applicable and repairs will be done subject to availability of parts and on a chargeable basis only.
••It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide necessary support to the company if the unit
to be installed is not suitable for the installer or service engineer to reach.
••The 24 months warranty is applicable on the product only.
••This warranty shall not cover any consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss to property or
life arising directly or indirectly out of any defect in the Ceiling Fan. The company’s obligation under
this warranty shall be limited to repair or providing replacment of defective parts only under the
warranty period.
••The company or its authorized service center reserves the right to retain any parts or component
replaced at its discretion, in the event of a defect being noticed in the equipment during warranty
••While the company will make every effort to carry out repairs at the earliest, it however is made
explicitly clear that the company is under no obligation to do so in a specified period of time.
••Warranty does not cover accessories external to the equipment supplied by the dealer.
••If any coloured internal or external components are replaced, there will be commitment to ensure
that the shades match with the original or other components. The replaced shades, patterns, tints
may vary from the customer’s unit due to continuous usage of the unit. Any matching components
changed at customer’s request will be on chargeable basis except the component which actually
••The unit shall be operated with variation of ± 10 % of rated voltage at 50 Hz.
This warranty is not applicable in any of the following cases;
••The warranty card is not completed properly at the time of purchase.
••The purchase made before 1st Jan 2019.
••The completed warranty card is not presented to LG authorized service personnel at the time of
service of the product.
••The product is not operated according to instructions given in the operating instructions booklet.
••Defects are caused by improper or reckless use, which shall be determined by the company
••Any repair work is carried out by persons other than authorized service personnel.
••Defects are caused by due to causes beyond control like lightening, abnormal voltage, mains
supply meter bypass (illegal connection), acts of God or while in transit to service center or
purchaser’s residence.
••The warranty is not valid in case, the serial number is deleted, defected or altered. Damage to the
product or any parts due to transportation or shifting is not covered by warranty.
••This warranty will automatically terminate on the expiry of the warranty period of 24 months, even if
the Ceiling Fan may not be in use for any time during the warranty period for any reason.
••Only courts in state of Delhi and places where LGEIL has its branch office shall have the
jurisdiction for setting any claims, disputes arising under the warranty.
Customer’s Copy
Name of Purchaser
Invoice No. & Date
Serial No.
Name & Address of the Seller
(LG / Authorised Dealer)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dealer’s Copy
Name of Purchaser
Invoice No. & Date
Serial No.
Name & Address of the Seller
(LG / Authorised Dealer)
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