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LG MJEN326PK Owner’s Manual
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2 CONTENTS/fo"k;&oLrq
Unpacking & Installing
Method To Use Accessories As Per Mode
Microwave - Safe Utensils
Control Panel
Child Lock
Grill Cooking
Grill Combi Cooking
Convection Preheat
Convection Cooking
Convection Combi Cooking
Two Recipes For Starters
Micro Power Cooking
Micro Power Level
More Or Less Cooking
To Clean Your Oven
egRoi.wkZ ljq{kk fun'Zsk@/;ku ls i<as+ vkjS
Hkfo"; ds ln
a HkZ ds fy, j[kas
Read and follow all instructions before using your oven to prevent the risk of f re, electric shock, personal injury, or
damage when using the oven. This guide does not cover all possible conditions that may occur. Always contact your
service agent or manufacturer about problems that you do not understand.
—i;k vkxs ds lUnHkksaZ ij utj MkysasA vksou dk bLrseky djrs le; vkx yxus ;k fo|qr dk >Vdk yxus] O;fäxr rkSj
ij nq?kZVuk vkSj {kfr ls cpus ds fy, mi;ksx esa ykus ds iwoZ lHkh funsZ'k i<+sa vkSj mudk ikyu djsaA ;g fn'kk&funsZ'k lHkh
laHkkfor n'kkvksa dk o.kZu ugha djrh tks vksou ij dk;Z djrs le; gks ldrh gSaA fdlh Hkh ,slh leL;k ds nkSjku tc vki
fLFkfr dks le>us esa vleFkZ gksa] vki lnSo vius lfoZl ,tsaV ;k fuekZrk ls laidZ djsaA
WARNING / psrkouh
This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. All safety
messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word WARNING or CAUTION. These word means:
;g lqj{kk&lpsrd fpUg gSaA ;g fpUg vkidks laHkkfor lHkh [krjksa ds çfr lpsr djrk gS tks fd vkidh ;k nwljksa dh tku
ys ldrs gSa ;k mudks ?kk;y dj ldrs gSaA lHkh lqj{kk lans'k lqj{kk lpsrd fpUgksa ;k ^^okfuaZx** ;k ^^dkW'ku** ds ckn fy[ks
gq, gSaA bu 'kCnksa dk vFkZ gS%
WARNING / psrkouh
This symbol will alert you to hazards or unsafe practices which could cause serious bodily harm or death.
;g fpUg vkidks [krjksa ;k vlqjf{kr rjhds ls dk;Z djrs le; gksus okyh 'kkjhfjd nq?kZVukvksa ;k e`R;q vkfn dh
vk'kadkvksa ls lpsr djrk gSA
CAUTION / lko/kkuh
This symbol will alert you to hazards or unsafe practices which could cause bodily injury or property damage.
;g fpUg vkidks [krjksa ;k vlqjf{kr rjhds ls dk;Z djrs le; gksus okyh 'kkjhfjd nq?kZVukvksa ;k laifÙk laca/kh vU;
fdlh {kfr dh vk'kadkvksa ls lpsr djrk gSA
WARNING / psrkouh
Do not attempt to tamper with, or make any adjustments or repairs to the door, door seals, control panel,
safety interlock switches or any other part of the oven which would involve the removal of any cover protecting
against exposure to microwave energy. Do not operate the oven if the door seals and adjacent parts of the
microwave oven are faulty. Repairs should only be undertaken by a qualified service technician.
vkosu ds }kj] }kj dh lhy] dV
a kªy
s iu
S y] l¶sVh bV
a jykd
W fLopl
s ;k mldk dkbsZ vU; fgLlk tks fd ekbØkosos ÅtkZ dks
ckgj fudyus ls jkd
s dj ljqf{kr djrk gk]s ls NM
s N
+ kM+ u djas u gh fdlh çdkj dk tkM
s r
+ kM
s + ;k l/qkkj djAas }kj ;k mlls
q s+ fdlh fgLls eas dkbsZ [kjkch vkus dh n'kk eas vkosu dk mi;kx
s u djAas bldh ejEer dk dke flQZ lfol
Z VDsuhf'k;u
ds ek/;e ls gh djok,Aa
Unlike other appliances, the microwave oven is a high-voltage and a high electrical-current piece of equipment.
Improper use or repair could result in harmful exposure to excessive microwave energy or in electric shock.
midj.kkas dh ry
q uk eas ekbØkosos vkosu ,d mPp {kerk dk mPp fo|rq rjx
a okyk midj.k gAS bldk xyr rjhds ls bLresky
;k ejEer djus ls vR;f/kd ek=k dh ekbØkosos ÅtkZ dk gkfudkjd çHkko ;k fo|rq ds >Vds dk [kr+jk gks ldrk gAS
Do not use the oven for the purpose of dehumidification. (ex. Operating the microwave oven with wet
newspapers, clothes, toys, electric devices, pet or child etc.)
fM&áwfefMfQds'ku ds fy, bldk bLrseky u djsaA ¼mnk- xhys v[kckj] f[kykSuksa] fo|qr midj.kksa] ikyrw
i'kq ;k cPpksa ds lkFk vksou dks u pyk;sa½
It can be the cause of serious damage to safety such as a fire, a burn or a sudden death due to an electric shock.
;g vkx] tyuk ;k fo|qr ds >Vds ls gksus okyh vdLekr~ e`R;q tSlh xaHkhj lqj{kk&{kfr dk dkj.k Hkh cu ldrk gSA
WARNING / psrkouh
The appliance is not intended for use by young children or elderly persons. Only allow children to use
the oven without supervision when adequate instructions have been given so that the child is able to use
the oven in a safe way and understands the hazards of improper use.
bl midj.k dks NksVs cPpksa ;k o`) yksxksa ds iz;ksx djus ds mís'; ls ugha cuk;k x;k gSA cM+s cPpksa dks
gh bls pykus nsa og Hkh flQZ i;kZIr tkudkjh vkSj fn'kk&funsZ'k nsus ds ckn gh rkfd os bls xyr rjhds
ls bLrseky djus ds [krjksa ds çfr lrdZ gksdj bls lqj{kkiwoZd mi;ksx esa yk ldsaA
Improper use may cause damage such as a fire, electric shock or burn.
vuqfpr mi;ksx ls {kfr gks ldrh gS] tSlsfd vkx yxuk] fctyh dk >Vdk yxuk ;k tyukA
Accessible parts may become hot during use. Young children should be kept away.
blds bLrseky ds nkSjku Li'kZ esa vkus yk;d blds lHkh fgLls xeZ gks ldrs gSaA NksVs cPpksa dks nwj j[kuk
vko';d gSA
They may get a burn.
blls tyus dk [krjk gSA
WARNING / psrkouh
Liquids or other foods must not be heated in sealed containers since they are liable to explode. Remove
the plastic wrapping from food before cooking or defrosting. Note though that in some cases food
should be covered with plastic film, for heating or cooking.
can crZuksa esa rjy ;k vU; Hkkstu blds vUnj xeZ u fd,a tk,a D;ksafd mues foLQksV gks ldrk gSA [kkuk
cukrs le; ;k Mh&Ý‚LV djrs le; crZu dk eaqg can djus okyh IykfLVd dh f>Yyh vkfn vo'; fudky
ysaA dqN ekeyksa esa xje djus ;k cukus ds fy, [kkus dks IykfLVd dh f>Yyh ls can djds blesa j[kk
tkuk pkfg,A
They could burst.
mlesa foLQksV gks ldrk gSA
WARNING / psrkouh
Do not operate your oven if it is damaged. It is particularly important that the oven door closes properly
and that there is no damage to the: (1) door(bent), (2) hinges and latches (broken or loosened), (3) door
seals and sealing surfaces.
vksou ;fn {kfrxzLr gS rks bldks u pyk,aA ;g fo'ks"k :i ls egRoiw.kZ gS fd vksou ds }kj Bhd ls can gksa vkSj
buesa ls dksbZ ¼1½ }kj ¼eqM+sa½] ¼2½ dCts vkSj fpVduh ¼VwVh ;k <hyh½] ¼3½ }kj lhy vkSj lhfyax ry {kfrxzLr u gksA
vf/kd le; rd Hkkstu vUnj jgus ij mles vkx Hkh yx ldrh gS vkSj vksou dks Hkh uqdlku igaqp ldrk gSA
Be certain to use proper accessories on each operation mode, refer to the guide on page 13.
vksou ds fdlh Hkh rjg ds mi;ksx ds nkSjku i`"B 13 ds funsZ'k ds vuqlkj mfpr midj.kksa dk bLrseky djsaA
Improper use could result in damage to your oven and accessories, or could make spark and a fire.
blds xyr rjhds ls bLrseky ls vksou vkSj vkids midj.kksa dk uqdlku ;k fo|qr LikdZ ;k vkx yxus dk [k+rjk gks
ldrk gSA
The children should not allow to play with accessories or hang down from the door handle.
cPpksa dks bldh ,Dlsljht ls [ksyus ;k blds njokts ij yVdus ls euk fd;k tkuk pkfg,A
They may get hurt.
mUgsa pksV yxus dk [krjk gSA
WARNING / psrkouh
9 It is hazardous for anyone other than a competent person to carry out any service or repair operation
that involves the removal of a cover which gives protection against exposure to microwave energy.
fdlh Hkh O;fä dks tks fd vksou dk rduhd fo'ks"kK u gks] vksou esa fdlh Hkh çdkj dh ejEer ;k fdlh Hkh rjg dk
tksM+rksM+ djus ls eukgh gksuh pkfg, rkfd ekbØksoso ÅtkZ ls cpkus ds fy, yxs gq, doj viuh txg ls u fgysaA
10 When the appliance is operated in the combination mode, children should only use the oven under adult
supervision due to the temperatures generated.
tc vksou dk dkWfEcus'ku eksM+ esa bLrseky gks jgk gks rks cPps flQZ cM+ksa ds funsZ'ku dsa gh bldk bLrseky djsa D;ksafd
bl le; vR;f/kd rki mRiUu gksrk gS tks muds fy, ?kkrd fl) gks ldrk gSA
CAUTION / lko/kkuh
You cannot operate your oven with the door open due to the safety interlocks built into the door
mechanism. It is important not to tamper with the safety interlocks.
blds njoktksa ij yxs ls¶Vh baVjykWDl ds dkj.k vki blds }kj [kksy dj bldks ugha pyk ldrsA ;s
cgqr t:jh gS fd ls¶Vh baVjykWaDl ds lkFk fdlh rjg dh NsM+NkM+ u dh tk,A
It could result in harmful exposure to excessive microwave energy. (Safety interlocks automatically switch off any
cooking activity when the door is opened).
blesa iSnk gksus okyh vR;f/kd ekbØksoso ÅtkZ ds dkj.k ;s [krjs dh otg Hkh cu ldrs gSaA ¼tc vksou ds }kj [kqys
gksrs gSa rks ls¶Vh baVjykWDl vius vki fuf"Ø; gks dj [kkuk cukus ;k xje djus dk dk;Z can dj nsrs gSaA½
Do not place any object (such as kitchen towels, napkins, etc.) between the oven front face and the door
or allow food or cleaner residue to accumulate on sealing surfaces.
vksou ds }kj vkSj ços'k }kj ds lkeus dksbZ lkeku ¼tSls fdpu V‚oy ;k uSifdu bR;kfn½ u j[ksa u gh
fdlh rjg ds [kkus ;k lQkbZ djus okys lkeku ds vo'ks"k ;gka jgus nsaA
It could result in harmful exposure to excessive microwave energy.
,slk djuk vR;f/kd ÅtkZ ds çokg ls [krjk iSnk dj ldrk gSaA
Please ensure cooking times are correctly set, small amounts of food require shorter cooking or heating
dqfdax Vkbe dks fuf'pr le; ds fy, lgh lsV djsaA de ek=k okys Hkkstu dks idkus ds fy, de le;
yxrk gSA
Over cooking may result in the food catching on fire and subsequent damage to you r oven.
vko';drk ls vf/kd le; rd dqfdax ls vkx yx ldrh gS vkSj vkids vksou dks {kfr igqap ldrh gSA
When heating liquids, e.g. soups, sauces and beverages in your microwave oven,
* Avoid using straight sided containers with narrow necks.
* Do not overheat.
* Stir the liquid before placing the container in the oven and again halfway through the heating time.
* After heating, let it stand in the oven for a short time; stir or shake it again carefully and check the
temperature of it before consuming to avoid burns (especially, contents of feeding bottles and baby
food jars).
lwi] lkWlst vkSj is; inkFkkZsa dks tc ekbØksosOk vksou esa xeZ djus ds fy, j[ksa]
* NksVh xnZu okys lh/ks [kM+sa ik= blesa j[kus ls cpsaA
* vko';drk ls vf/kd le; rd ghfVax u djsaA
* rjy inkFkZ ds Hkxksus dks blesa j[kus ls igys fgyk,a vkSj ghfVax ds nkSjku vk/ks le; ds ckn fQj ls ckgj fudky
dj fgyk ysa] fQj vUnj j[ksaA
* ghfVax ds ckn dqN le; vki mls vUnj gh jgus nsa fQj bl Hkkstu dks xzg.k djus ls igys bls lko/kkuhiwoZd
fgyk ysa] ;k peps ls pyk ysa rkfd vki bldh m".krk dk vuqeku dj bls [kk/ih ldsa vkSj vkidk eaqg tyus ls
cp lds ¼fo'ks"k rkSj ij cPps dks [kkuk f[kykus okyk ik= ;k nw/k fiykus okyh cksry½A
Be careful when handling the container. Microwave heating of beverages can result in delayed eruptive boiling
without evidence of bubbling. This could result in hot liquids suddenly boiling over.
Hkxksus dks blls fudkyrs le; idM+us esa lko/kkuh j[ksaA ekbØksoso esa tyh; inkFkksaZ dks xeZ gksus ij dbZ ckj os nsj ls
vkSj fcuk cqycqys fn, vpkud mcy tkrs gSaA blls tyus dk [k+rjk iSnk gks ldrk gSA
An exhaust outlet is located on the top, bottom or side of the oven. Don’t block the outlet.
bldh Åijh lrg ij] cxy esa ;k uhps ,d ,Xt‚LV }kj gksrk gSA bl }kj dks lnk [kqyk j[ksaA
It could result in damage to your oven and poor cooking results.
blls vkids vksou dks {kfr igqap ldrh gS vkSj [kkuk Hkh Bhd ls ugha idsxkA
Do not operate the oven when empty. It is best to leave a glass of water in the oven when not in use.
The water will safely absorb all microwave energy, if the oven is accidentally started.
vksou [kkyh gksus dh n'kk esa pkyw u djsaA ;s csgrj gksxk fd tc vksou dk bLrseky u gks jgk gks rks ,d
Xykl ikuh Hkjdj blesa j[ksaA blls tc Hkh dHkh xyrh ls vksou pkyw gks tk, rks ;s ikuh bldh lkjh
xehZ dks vius vUnj vo'kksf"kr dj ysxk vkSj nq?kZVuk dk [k+rjk ugh jgsxkA
Improper use could result in damage to your oven.
xyr rjhds ls vksou dk bLrseky djus ls vksou dks uqdlku igqap ldrk gSA
Do not cook food wrapped in paper towels, unless your cook book contains instructions for the food you
are cooking. And do not use newspaper in place of paper towels for cooking.
isij V‚oy ls fyiVk dj [kkuk u cuk,a u xje djsa tc rd fd vkidh Hkkstu fuekZ.k dh iqLrd esa dqN
bl rjg dk fo'ks"k funsZ'k u fn;k x;k gksA vkSj bl n'kk esa Hkh isij V‚oy dh txg ?kjsyw v[kckj
bLrseky u djsaA
Improper use can cause an explosion or a fire.
xyr rjhds ls vksou dk bLrseky djus ls vkx yx ldrh gSA
Do not use wooden containers and ceramic containers that have metallic (e.g. gold or silver) inlays.
Always remove metal twist ties. Check that the utensils are suitable for use in microwave ovens before
fljsfed vkSj ydM+h ds cus Hkxksus ftues van:uh lrg /kkrq dh cuh gks] blesa u j[ksaA ;s igys ns[k ysa fd
vkids crZu blesa bLrseky gks ldrs gSa ;k ughaA
They may heat-up and char. Metal objects in particular may arc in the oven, which can cause serious damage.
os xje gks ldrs gSa vkSj ty Hkh ldrs gSaA [kklrkSj ij /kkrq ds inkFkksaZ esa fpaxkfj;ka vk ldrh gSa ftlls xaHkhj {kfr gks
ldrh gSA
Do not use recycled paper products.
jhlk;dy isij ds cus gq, mRikn ç;ksx esa u yk,aaA
They may contain impurities which may cause sparks and/or fires when used in cooking.
mues v'kq) rRo gks ldrs gSa tks fd [kkuk cukrs le; fpaxkfj;ksa ;k vkx yxus dh otg cu ldrs gSaA
10 Do not rinse the tray and rack by placing it in water just after cooking. This may cause breakage or
[kkuk cukus ds rqjar ckn vksou dh Vªs dks /kksus ds fy, ikuh esa u Mkysa D;ksafd blls IysV ds VwVus ;k
{kfrxzLr gksus dk [k+rjk gks ldrk gSA
Improper use could result in damage to your oven.
xyr rjhds ls vksou dk bLrseky djus ls vksou dks uqdlku igqap ldrk gSaA
11 Be certain to place the oven so the front of the door is 8 cm or more behind the edge of the surface on
which it is placed, to avoid accidental tipping of the appliance.
lqfuf'pr djsa fd vki vksou dks ges'kk bl rjg j[ksaxs fd bldk lkeus dk }kj lrg ds fdukjksa ls vkB
lsaVhehVj ;k vf/kd ihNs jgsA
Improper use could result in bodily injury and oven damage.
xyr rjhds ls bLrseky djus ls 'kkjhfjd nq?kZVuk vkSj vksou dh VwV&QwV dk Hkh [k+rjk gks ldrk gSA
12 Before cooking, pierce the skin of potatoes, apples or any such fruit or vegetables.
idkus ls igys vkyw ;k lsc ;k bl rjg ds vU; Nky nkj Qy ;k lfCt;ksa esa Nsn dj ysaA
They could burst.
os vUnj foLQksV dj ldrs gSaA
13 Do not cook eggs in their shell. Eggs in their shell and whole hardboiled eggs should not be heated in
microwave ovens since they may explode, even after microwave heating has ended.
vaMs dks fNyds ds lkFk blds Hkhrj u idk,aA fNyds lfgr vaMk vkSj mcyk gqvk iwjk vaMk ekbØksoso esa
xeZ ugha fd;k tkuk pkfg,] rc Hkh ugha tcfd ekbØksoso dh ghfVax lekIr gks xbZ gksA
Pressure will build up inside the egg which will burst.
vaMs ds vUnj ncko cusxk vkSj fQj c<+rs&c<+rs oks QV tk,xkA
14 Do not attempt deep fat frying in your oven.
vksou ds vUnj vf/kd rsy esa [kk| inkFkZ ryus dh dksf'k'k dHkh u djsa A
This could result in a sudden boil over of the hot liquid.
,slk djus ls vUnj xeZ gqvk rjy inkFkZ mcy dj ckgj QSy ldrk gSA
15 If smoke is observed, switch off or disconnect the oven from the power supply and keep the oven door
closed in order to stifle any flames.
vxj /kqavk eglwl gks rks fLop v‚Q djsa ;k i‚oj lIykbZ can dj nsa vkSj vksou ds njokt+s dqN nsj can gh
jgus nsa rkfd yiVsa vUnj gh 'kkar gks ldsaA
It can cause serious damage such as a fire or electric shock.
;g vkx yxus ;k fo|qr ds >Vds tSls xaHkhj uqdlku igqapk ldrk gSA
16 When food is heated or cooked in disposable containers made of plastic, paper or other combustible
materials, keep an eye on the oven and check it frequently.
tc fMLikstscy crZuksa esa] tks fd IykfLVd] dkxt+ ;k nqljs Toyu'khy inkFkksaZ ls cus gksa] [kkuk xje fd;k
tk, ;k idk;k tk,] rc vksou ij ut+j jf[k;s vkSj bldh ÝhDosalh dh tkap djrs jgsa A
Your food may be poured due to the possibility of container deterioration, which also can cause a fire.
vkidk [kkuk Hkh fxj dj QSy ldrk gS blds Hkxksus ds VwV tkus ls vkSj blls Hkh vkx yx ldrh gSA
17 The temperature of accessible surfaces may be high when the appliance is operating. Do not touch
the oven door, outer cabinet, rear cabinet, oven cavity, accessories and dishes during grill mode,
convection mode and auto cook operations, before cleaning make sure they are not hot.
ikl dh lrg dk rki cgqr vf/kd gks ldrk gS tc crZu vUnj gksA fxzy eksM] dUosD'ku eksM ;k dqfdax
ds le; bLrseky gks jgs vksou dk }kj ;k ckgjh lrg] fiNyh nhokj vksou dSfoVh ;k blds midj.k dks
u Nq,aA blds ckn vUnj ds crZuksa dks ckgj ykrs le; /;ku j[ksa fd os xeZ u gksaA
As they will become hot, there is the danger of a burn unless wearing thick culinary gloves.
D;ksafd os xeZ gksus ds ckn tyus dk [k+rjk iSnk dj ldrs gSa vkSj blds fy, fdpu ds eksVs nLrkus iguuk pkfg,A
18 The oven should be cleaned regularly and any food deposits should be removed.
vksou dks fu;fer :i ls lkQ djuk pkfg, vkSj muds vUnj fdlh Hkh rjg ds Hkkstu ds va'k u NwVsa]
bldk /;ku j[kuk pkfg,A
Failure to maintain the oven in a clean condition could lead to deterioration of the surface.
This could adversely affect the life of the appliance and possibly result in a hazardous situation.
vksou dh lQkbZ dk /;ku u j[kus ls bldh lrg [kjkc gks ldrh gSA blls bl ij j[ks tkus okys crZu Hkh [kjkc gks
ldrs gSa vkSj ;g [k+rjukd Hkh gks ldrk gSA
19 If there are heating elements, the appliance becomes hot during use. Care should be taken to avoid
touching the heating elements inside the oven.
vxj vksou esa ghfVax inkFkZ gksa rks xje djrs le; midj.k Hkh xeZ gks tkrk gSA vksou ds vUnj j[ks bl
rjg ds ghfVax inkFkksaZ dks Nwus ls cpuk pkfg,A
There is danger of a burn. / blesa tyus dk [k+rjk gks ldrk gSaA
20 Follow exact directions given by each manufacturer for their popcorn product. Do not leave the oven
unattended while the corn is being popped. If corn fails to pop after the suggested times, discontinue
cooking. Never use a brown paper bag for popping corn. Never attempt to pop leftover kernels.
ikWIkdkWuZ ds çksMDV~l ds fn, x, lVhd funsZ'kksa dk ikyu djuk pkfg,A tc blds vUnj ikWIkdkWuZ~l cuk,
tk jgs gksa rks bldh vuns[kh u djsaA vxj r; le; ds Hkhrj Hkh dkWuZ~l u Qwy ldsa rks ghfVax can dj
bUgsa ckgj fudky ysuk pkfg,A vksou esa dkWuZ~l dks Qqykus ds fy, dHkh Hkh Hkwjk dkxt dk cSx bLrseky esa
uk yk,aaA vksou esa cps gq, dkWuZ~l ds VqdM+ksa dks nqckjk mlesa xeZ u djsaA
Overcooking could result in the corn catching a fіre.
vf/kd idkus ls d‚uZ~l esa vkx yx ldrh gSA
21 Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven door glass.
blls lrg ij [kjksap yx ldrh gS o dk¡p Hkh VwV ldrk gSA
They can scratch the surface, which may result in the glass shattering.
blls lrg ij [kjksap yx ldrh gS] o dk¡p Hkh VwV ldrk gSA
22 This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar application (Like staff kitchen area in shops,
offices , by clients in hotels/motels and residential environments)
bl midj.k dk mi;ksx ?kjsyw vkSj blh rjg ds vuqiz;ksxksa esa fd;k tkrk gS]
¼tSls nqdkuksa esa LVkQ] jlksbZ {ks= ,oa dk;kZy;] gksVy] vkSj vkoklh; okrkoj.k esa xkzgdksa }kjk ½
Improper use could result in damage to your oven.
blds xyr bLrseky ls blesa [kjkch vk ldrh gSA
23 The connection may be achieved by having the plug accessible or by incorporating a switch in the
fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules.
ok;fjax ds fu;eksa dk ikyu djrs gq, fQDLM ok;fjax esa Iyx ;k fLop ls tksM+ dj bldk dusD'ku yxkuk
Using improper plug or switch can cause an electric shock or a fіre
xyr Iyx ;k fLop yxkus ls fo|qr dk >Vdk ;k vkx yx ldrh gSA
24 Microwave oven must not be placed inside a cabinet. The microwave oven shall be used freestanding.
ekbØksoso vksou dks dsfcusV ds vUnj fcYdqy ugha j[kk tkuk pkfg,A ekbØksoso vksou dks vyx j[k dj
bLrseky esa yk;k tkuk pkfg,A
25 The appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are aged from 8 years and
above and supervised.
;g midj.k 8 o"kZ vkSj mlls Åij ds cPps rFkk os lHkh yksx tks de 'kkjhfjd] laosnu ;k ekufld {kerk
ds gksa] ;k ftudk vuqHko ;k Kku de gks] bLrseky dj ldrs gSa ;fn ,sls lHkh yksxksa dks midj.k ds lqjf{kr
rjhds ls mi;ksx ds lEcU/k esa fujh{k.k ;k funsZ’k fn;k tk;s vkSj gksus okys [krjksa dks le>k;k tk;sA
midj.k dh lQkbZ vkSj j[k&j[kko cPpksa ds }kjk ugha dh tk ldrh tc rd fd os 8 o"kZ ;k mlls vf/kd
ds u gks tk,a vkSj ns[kHkky u dh tk;sA
26 Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
vksou ds lehi cPpksa ds lkFk ges'kk dksbZ cM+k O;fDr gks tks mUgsa blds lkFk [ksyus ;k NsM+NkM+ djus ls
euk djsA
27 LED Lamp power rating is 2.6W.
,y0bZ0Mh0 ySEi dh ikoj jsfVax 2.6W gSA
28 If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly
qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
vxj ikoj dksMZ [kjkc gS rks oks ,d fuekZrk }kjk ;k lfoZl ,tsaV ;k blh rjg ds fdlh dq'ky O;fä }kjk
gh cnyh tkuh pkfg,A
29 The appliance is not intended to be operate by means of an external timer or separate remote-control
midj.k dks fdlh Hkh ckgjh VkbZej o vyx fjeksV dUVªksy flLVe ls vkijsV djus ds fy, ugha cuk;k
x;k gSA
30 The contents of feeding bottles and baby food jars shall be stirred or shaken and the temperature checked
before consumption in order to avoid burns.
blesa j[kus ls igys cPps ds nw/k dh cksrysa vkSj [kkus dk tkj ds vUnj ds lkeku dks fgyk vo’; ysa vkSj
bls f[kykus ls igys bldk rkieku vo’; ns[k ysa rkfd cPps dk eqag u tysA
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS / lqj{kk lko/kkfu;k¡ 9
 Use exclusive 230V socket with earth.
;k rks vfFkaZx dk ç;ksx djsa ;k fQj vfFkZax ds lkFk 230 oksYV l‚dsV dk bLrseky djsaA
 Do not bend power cord forcefully or break.
ikoj dkMZ dks rkdr ds lkFk u >qdk,a ojuk og VwV ldrh gSA
 Do not pull out power cord.
ikoj dkMZ dks gVk,aa ughaA
 Do not use several power plug in one socket at the same time.
,d gh l‚dsV esa ,d gh le; dbZ ikoj dkMZ~l dk bLrseky u djsaA
 Do not plug in or pull out power cord with wet hand.
xhys gkFkksa ls ikoj dkMZ dks u rks yxk,a u gh gVk,aA
 Do not spray water inside and outside of microwave oven.
ekbØksoso vksou ds Hkhrj vkSj ckgj ikuh ds NhaVsa u ekjsaA
 Plug out power cord during cleaning or maintenance of set.
ejEer vkSj lQkbZ ds le; ikoj dkMZ fudkyuk u HkwysaA
 Do not heat up the food more than necessary.
[kkus dks t+#jr ls T;knk xje u djsaA
 Do not use microwave oven other than cooking or sterilization such as
cloth drying etc.
[kkuk cukus ;k xje djus ds flok vksou dk dksbZ vkSj bLrseky u djsa tSls diM+s+ lq[kkuk] vkfnA
 Do not insert pin or steel wire etc. into inside/out side of case.
blds Hkhrj@ckgj dgha Hkh dksbZ fiu ;k yksgs dk rkj vkfn u ?kqlk,aA
 Please be careful during taking the food since high temp. water or soup
may overflow to cause burn.
[kkus dks ckgj fudkyrs le; —i;k lko/kkuh cjrsa D;ksafd xje ikuh vFkok lwi vkfn rjy inkFkZ mcy
dj ;k Nyd dj vkidks tyk ldrs gSaA
 Do not plug in power cord when socket hole is loose or plug is damaged.
tc Iyx [kjkc gks ;k ikoj l‚dsV <hyk gks rks bls Bhd djus ls igys blesa ikoj dkMZ u yxk,aA
 Do not use oven while some foreign material is attached on the door.
tc Hkh vksou ds njokt+s ij dksbZ pht+ vM+h ;k j[kh gks] vksou dks pkyw u djsaA
 Do not place the water container on the set.
bl ij ikuh dk HkxkSuk dHkh u j[ksaA
 Do not place heavy things on the set & do not cover the set with cloth while
bLrseky djrs le; vksou ds Åij dHkh Hkh Hkkjh oLrq,a u j[ksa u gh bls diM+s ls <dsaA
 Do not install the set in the damp space or water sputtering area.
xhys ;k ikuh ds cgko okys {ks= esa vksou dks dHkh u j[ksaA
 Do not let children hang onto oven door.
cPpksa dks vksou ds njoktksa ij yVdus ls jksdsaA
 Do not heat the unpeeled fruit or bottle with lid.
<Ddu okyh cksry vkSj fcuk fNyk Qy dHkh blds vUnj j[k dj xeZ u djsaA
 Do not hold food or accessories as soon as cooking is over.
xeZ gks tkus ;k [kkuk cu tkus ds rqjar ckn vksou ls [kkuk ;k crZu ckgj u fudkysaA
 Plug out oven if it is not used for long duration.
vxj vksou dks vf/kd nsj rd bLrseky esa u ykuk gks rks [kkyh le; esa bldh ikoj dkMZ fLop ls
fudky dj j[ksaA
10 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS / lqj{kk lko/kkfu;k¡
 Install microwave oven in the well ventilated, flat place.
ekbØksoso vksou dks vPNh goknkj vkSj lery txg ij j[ksaA
There is danger of blast if covered bottle, sealed food, egg, and chestnut etc.
are cooked inside oven.
vksou ds Hkhrj <Ddu yxh cksry] vaMk] lhYM [kk| inkFkZ ;k psLVuV j[k dj mls pykus ls foLQksV gks ldrk gSA
Dial knob to be rotated for selecting Auto cook menu and Time setting.
vkWVks dqd esU;w vkSj Vkbe lsfVax dk p;u djus ds fy, Mk;y ukWc dks ?kqek;saA
Fig. A Release
dh fLFkfr
Fig. B Pressed
Note:1) Usually dial knob comes in release condition but in case, if dial knob
is in pressed condition as shown in Fig. B Press dial knob at center as
shown on right side to come back to release condition as shown in Fig. A .
vkerkSj ij Mk;y ukWc fjyht dh fLFkfr esa vkrk gS] ysfdu vxj Mk;y ukWc
nck, tkus dh fLFkfr esa gS] tSlk fd fp=k ch- esa n'kkZ;k x;k gSA okil fjyht
fLFkfr esa vkus ds fy, Mk;y ukWc dks nck,a tSlk fd nkb± vksj fp=k ,- esa n'kkZ;k
x;k gSA
2) Also this dial knob to be used in release condition only .
blds vykok bl Mk;y ukWc dk mi;ksx fjyht dh fLFkfr esa gh fd;k tkrk gSA
ncs gksus
dh fLFkfr
BEFORE USE / bLrseky ds igys 11
BEFORE USE / bLrseky ds igys
Unpacking & Installing / [kksyuk vkSj yxkuk
bu nks i`"Bksa ij fn, x, cqfu;knh rjhdksa dk dne nj dne bLrseky djds cgqr 'kh?kz vkidks irk py tk,xk fd
vkidk vksou fdruk vPNk py jgk gSA Ñi;k ^^vksou dks dgka j[ksa** blds funsZ'kksa ij fo'ks"k /;ku nsaA yxkus ls igys
bldh iSfdax [kksyrs le; bl ckr dk /;ku j[ksa fd vki blds iSfdax okys lkjs ca/ku vkSj bldh ,Dlsljht+ dks iwjh
rjg ls [kksy ysaA bls Hkh Bhd ls ns[k ysa fd ykus ys tkus esa vkids vksou esa dgha dksbZ VwV&QwV rks ugha gqbZA
vius vksou dh vu&iSfdax ds ckn bls lery lrg ij j[ksaA
143 of
and side
viuh ilan fd lery txg ij vksou dks j[ksa tgka ÅapkbZ
de ls de 85 lsaVhehVj gksuh pkfg, vkSj lkFk gh blds
Åij 20 lsaVhehVj ls vf/kd dk LFkku gks vkSj ihNs vkSj lkbM esa 10 lsaVhehVj ls vf/kd LFkku gks rkfd <ax ls gok
vk ldsA
blds lkeus de ls de 8 lsaVhehVj ls vf/kd dk LFkku gksuk pkfg, rkfd blesa lkeus ls /kDdk u yx ldsA
NOTE / /;ku jgs
O;kolkf;d dSVfjax ds mís'; ls bu dk;ksaZ gsrq bl vksou dk
bLrseky u djsaA
12 BEFORE USE / bLrseky ds igys
Press the STOP/Cancel button, and press the START/Select/+30seconds button
one time to set 30 seconds of cooking time.
STOP/Cancel cVu dks nck,a vkSj START/Select/+30seconds dks fQj ,d ckj
nck,a vkSj rhl lsdaM dk le; lSV djsaA
If oven gets overheated the display will be turned o for safety purpose, give it some time to cool and then operate.
vksou vf/kd xje gksus ij fMLIys lqj{kk dh otg ls can gks tk,xk] bls dqN nsj BaMk djds fQj dke djsaA
BEFORE USE / bLrseky ds igys 13
Milk Pasteurization Kit*
Caution : Do not operate Multicook tawa + Rack empty (without food) in combi mode.
lko/kkuh% eYVh&dqd ros dks [kkyh jSd ds lkFk dksEch&eksM esa bLrseky u djsaA
lko/kkuh% lkFk okys lHkh midj.kksa dks dqfdax&xkbM ds vuqlkj gh vksijsV djsaA
Note :
• In case of Auto Cook / Manual cool results may vary according to ingredients, ambient temperature,
customer know-how and major electric supply condition.
vkWVks dqd @ eSuqvy dqd ds ifj.kke lkexzh] O;kid rkieku] xzkgd dh lw>cw> vkSj izeq[k fctyh dh vkiwfrZ ds vuqlkj
fHké gks ldrs gSaA
• Please prefer Auto Cook menu as recommended to get better results.
csgrj ifj.kke izkIr djus ds fy, flQkfj'k ds vuqlkj vkWVks dqd eSsU;w dks izkFkfedrk nsaA
*To be used in ‘Pasteurize Milk’ function only, Do not use in manual cook.
** Use these accessories in auto cook only. Do not use in manual Combi mode.
Cook Mode
For setting different modes.
For Micro
For Grill
For Convection
For Grill Combination
For Convection Combination
Charcoal / Indian Cuisine
Check the recipe manual
Healthy Heart
Check the recipe manual
Indian Roti Basket / Ghee
Check the recipe manual
Diet Fry / Low Calorie
Check the recipe manual
Kids’/ Pasteurize Milk
Check the recipe manual
Dial (More / Less)
STOP / Cancel
Smart Diagnosis
BEFORE USE / bLrseky ds igys 17
fofHkUu eksM lsV djus ds fy,A
ekbdzks ds fy,A
fxzy ds fy,A
duosD'ku ds fy,A
fxzy dEfcus'ku ds fy,A
duosD'ku dEfcus'ku ds fy,A
MkbV ÝkbZ yks dSyksjh
fdM~l ik'pqjkbt+~ feYd
18 HOW TO USE / dSls bLrseky djsa
Child Lock / pkbYM
fuEufyf[kr mnkgj.k esa vki ns[ksaxs fd pkbYM y‚d dSls
1 Press STOP/Cancel
LV‚i@dSUly dks nck,aA
+30seconds / +30lsdsaMl
fn, x, mnkgj.k esa vkidks fn[kk;k tk,xk fd 2
feuV~l dk Vkbe lsV djds fdl rjg vki [kkuk cukus
ds fy, 900 okV ikWoj dk bLrseky dj ldrs gSaA
1 Press STOP/Cancel
LV‚i@dSUly dks nck,aA
LV‚i@dSUly dks nck dj j[ksa tc rd fd
^^,y0vks0lh0** yx u tk, vkSj ,y0vks0lh0 chi
ds lkFk lkeus u vk tk,A
vc ^^pkbYM y‚d** lsV gks pqdk gSA
vc dksbZ Hkh cVu nckus ls ,y0vks0lh0 fMLIys ij
vk dj crk,xh fd ^^pkbYM y‚DM** yxk gqvk gS]
vc dqN ugha fd;k tk ldrkA
START/ Select /+30seconds
pkj ckj LVkVZ@lsysDV@$30lsdsaMl nck dj
900 okV ikWoj ij 2 feuV dk Vkbe lsV djsaA
vkids }kjk pkSFkh ckj cVu nckus ls igys gh vksou
pyuk 'kq: gks tk,xkA
START /Select /+30seconds
pkbYM y‚d dks LFkfxr djus ds fy, LV‚i/dSUly
dks nckdj idMs j[kas tc rd fd ^^,y0vks0lh0**
xk;c u gks tk, vkjS tc vkidks chi dh vkokt+ luqkbZ
iMs+ rks vki le> yas fd pkbYM y‚d gV x;k gAS
LVkVZ @lsysDV@$30lsdsaMl dh dqfdax ds le;
;fn vki pkgsa rks Vkbe lsfVax dks c<+k dj vf/kdre
99 feuV 59 lsdaM~l dj ldrs gSa ij blds fy,
vkidks Mk;y djuk iM+sxkA
NOTE / uksV
NOTE / uksV
START /Select /+30seconds
vkids vksou esa ,d lqj{kk O;oLFkk miyC/k djkbZ
xbZ gS tks fd vksou ds vdLekr~ pkyw gks tkus dh
fn'kk esa mldks jksdus dk dk;Z djrh gSA ,d ckj
pkbYM y‚d yx x;k rks vki dksbZ Hkh cVu
nck,a] dksbZ QdZ ugha iMs+xkA
/Select /+30seconds
LVkVZ @lsysDV@$30lsdsaMl dqfdax dh
O;oLFkk }kjk vki 30 lsdaM~l dh gkbZ ikoj
dqfdax dj ldrs gSa ftlds fy, vkidks LVkVZ@
lsysDV@$30lsdsaMl cVu nckuk gksxkA
HOW TO USE / dSls bLrseky djsa 19
HOW TO USE / fdl
rjg bLrseky djsa
Micro Power Cooking /
ekbØks ikoj dqfdax
Press COOK MODE & Turning Dial will select
different power levels.
fuEufyf[kr mnkgj.k esa vkidks fn[kk;k tk,xk fd 720
okV ikoj dk ç;ksx djds vki fdl rjg 5 feuV~ esa
dksbZ Hkkstu rS;kj dj ldrs gSaA
1 Press STOP/Cancel
LV‚i@dSUlsy dks nck,aA
2 Select Cook Mode.
Mk;y dk p;u djasA rc ;s fpUg vkidks fn[kkbZ
3 Turn DIAL until display shows “720W”.
START /Select /+30seconds
Mk;y dks ?kqek,sa tc rd fd ^720 okV~* dk fpUg
fn[kkbZ u nsus yxsA
rc ikoj lqfuf'pr djus ds fy, LVkVZ@lsysDV@$30
lsdsaMl nck,aA
4 Turn DIAL until display shows “5:00”.
/Select /+30seconds
Mk;y dks ?kqek,sa tc rd fd ^^5%00^^ dk fpUg fn[kkbZ
u nsus yxsA rc LVkVZ@lsysDV@$30lsdsaMl
20 HOW TO USE / dSls bLrseky djsa
Micro Power Level / ekbØks
ikoj ysoy
;g vksou 5 ikoj ysoYl okyk gS rkfd vkidks Hkkstu fuekZ.k gsrq vf/kdre fofo/krk vkSj fu;a=.k miyC/k gksrk gSA
uhps dh lkj.kh esa dqN O;atu vkSj bl vksou esa muds fuekZ.k gsrq fu/kkZfjr ikoj ysoy çnf'kZr fd;s x, gSa%
ikoj ysoy
900 okV
ikuh mckyuk
czkmu chQ dk dhek
eqxsZ] eNyh vkSj lfCt;ksa ds VqdM+ksa dks idkuk
dVk gqvk dksey ekal
720 okV
iw.kZr;k nqckjk xeZ djuk
Hkquk gqvk ekal vkSj eqxsZ
e'k:e vkSj 'ksyfQ'k idkuk
iuhj vkSj vaMs&;qä Hkkstuksa dk fuekZ.k
540 okV
csd gq, dsd vkSj LdksUl
vaMksa dks rS;kj djuk
dLVMZ cukuk
pkoy vkSj lwi cukuk
de e/;e
360 okV
 iw.kZ Fkkfoax
 eD[ku vkSj p‚dysV
 dqN de dksey ekal dks idkuk
,dne de
180 okV
 eD[ku vkSj pht+ dks uje djuk
 vkblØhe dks uje djuk
 vkVs esa [kehj mBkuk
e/;e mPp
ekbØksoso lqjf{kr IysV/
ekbØksoso lqjf{kr dVksjk/
ekbØksoso lqjf{kr dkap dk
HOW TO USE / dSls bLrseky djsa 21
Grill Cooking / fxzy
uhps fn, mnkgj.k esa vkidks fn[kk;k tk,xk fd vki
fxzy dk bLrseky djds dqN fdLe dk Hkkstu fuekZ.k 12
feuV esa dSls dj ldrs gSaA
ges'kk nLrkus igu dj vksou esa j[kk [kkuk vkSj
lg&midj.k gVkb;s D;ksafd ;s nksuksa gh cgqr xeZ
gks ldrs gSaA
LV‚i@dSUly dks nck,aA
2 Select Cook Mode twice.
Press Cook mode untill display shows ‘Grill’
The following indication is displayed.
dqd eksM dks pqusA
uhps fn;k x;k fpUg vkidks fn[kkbZ nsxk%
dqd eksM dks nck dj fxzy dks fuf'pr djsaA
uhps fn;k x;k fpUg vkidks fn[kkbZ nsxk%
3 Turn DIAL until display shows “12:00”.
Mk;y dks ?kqek dj çrh{kk djsa tc rd fd vkidks
^^12%00** fn[kkbZ u nsus yxsA
CAUTION / lko/kkuh
/Select /+30Seconds
LVkVZ@lsysDV@$30lsdsaMl nck,aA
NOTE / uksV
This feature will allow you to brown and crispy food
For the best result use the following
 bl O;oLFkk ds }kjk vki Hkwjk vkSj
dqjdqjk Hkkstu rqjar rS;kj dj
gkbZ jSd
 lqfo/kkvksa dk loksZÙke ykHk ysus gsrq —i;k
fuEufyf[kr lk/kuksa dk mi;ksx djsaA
22 HOW TO USE / dSls bLrseky djsa
Grill Combi Cooking / fxzy&dkWEch
uhps fn, x, mnkgj.k esa vkidks fn[kk;k tk;sxk fd
vius vksou dks fdl rjg ls çksxzke djsa rkfd 360
ekbØks ikoj okV vkSj fxzy dk bLrseky djds 25
feuVl esa Hkkstu fuekZ.k djsaA
1 Press STOP/Cancel
LV‚i@dSUly dks nck,aA
2 Press Cook Mode until display shows GC-1.
dqd eksM dks nck,¡ tc rc fd vkidks fMLIys esa
ßth0lh0&1Þ fn[kkbZ u nsus yxsA
3 Turn DIAL until display shows “GC-3”.
NOTE / uksV
Mk;y dks ?kqek,sa tc rd fd vkidks fMLIys esa
^^th0lh0&3^* u fn[kkbZ nsus yxsA
rc LVkVZ @lSyDV@$30lsdsaMl nck,a vkSj
ikoj lqfuf'pr djsaA
This feature will allow you to brown and crispy
food quickly.
4 Turn DIAL until display shows “25:00”.
Press START/Select/+30seconds.
Mk;y dks ?kqek,sa tc rd fd vkidks fMLIys esa
^^25%00** u fn[kkbZ nsus yxsA
LVkVZ@lSyDV@$30lsdsaMl nck,A
 vkids vksou esa d‚fEcus'ku dqfdax dh lqfo/kk
miyC/k gS ftlls fd vki ghVj vkSj
ekbØksoso ds ek/;e ls Hkkstu rS;kj dj ldsaA
bldk vkerkSj ij ;g vFkZ gksrk gS fd vki
de le; esa viuk Hkkstu idk ldrs gSaA
 vki fxzy d‚Ech eksM esa rhu rjg ds ekbØks
ikoj ysoy lsV dj ldrs gSa ¼GC-1:180 okV]
GC-2:270 okV vkSj GC-3:360 okV½A
 bl lqfo/kk }kjk vki Hkwjk vkSj dqjdqjk
[kkuk rqjar rS;kj dj ldrs gSaA
HOW TO USE / dSls bLrseky djsa 23
Convection Preheat / dUosD'ku
NOTE / uksV
uhps fn, mnkgj.k esa vkidks fn[kk;k tk,xk fd fdl
rjg ls 200 lsaVhxzsM rkieku ij vius vksou dks çh&ghV
1 Press STOP/Cancel
LV‚i@dSUly dks nck,aA
2 Press COOK MODE until display show ‘180°C’.
dqd eksM dks nck,¡ tc rc fd vkidks fMLIys esa
ß180°CÞ fn[kkbZ u nsus yxsA
rc vkidks fuEufyf[kr fpUg fn[kkbZ nsxk%
3 Turn DIAL until display shows “200ºC”.
Select /+30seconds
Mk;y ?kqek dj ^^2000C** vkus dh çrh{kk djsaA
LVkVZ @lSyDV@$30lsdsaMl nck,a vkSj rkieku
dks lqfuf'pr dhft;sA
 dUosD'ku vksou esa rkieku dk {ks= 400C ls
ysdj 100-2300C rd gksrk gSA
 vksou esa 400C ij QeZUVs'ku dh lqfo/kk Hkh
gksrh gSA vkidks vksou dks BaMk gksus dk bart+kj
djuk pkfg, D;ksafd ;fn vksou dk rkieku
40 C ls vf/kd gS rks vki QeZUVs'ku dh bl
lqfo/kk dk ykHk ugha ys ldrsA
 vkidk vksou pqus x, rkieku ij vkus esa dqN
feuV dk le; ysxkA
 lgh rkieku ij vkdj vkidks bldh tkudkjh
ds fy, chi dh vkokt+ lqukbZ nsxhA
 rc vki Hkkstu vksou ds Hkhrj j[k dj viuh
dqfdax 'kq: dj ldrs gSaA
4 Press Start/Select/+30seconds again Preheating will start & shows 60°C in display.
The Temperature on the display will then rise to reflect
the actual cavity temp.
LVkVZ @lSyDV@$30lsdsaMl fQj ls nck,aA
çh&ghV pkyw gks tk,xk vkSj vkidks fMLIys ij
fn[ksxk "PREHEAT"A
24 HOW TO USE / dSls bLrseky djsa
Convection Cooking / dUosD'ku
CAUTION / lko/kkuh
dUosD'ku dqfdax ds nkSjku esVy Vªs vkSj esVy jSd dk
mi;ksx vo'; pkfg,A
uhps fn, mnkgj.k esa vkidks fn[kk;k tk,xk fd 50
feuV esa 2300C rkieku ij Hkkstu dSls rS;kj djsaA
1 Press STOP/Cancel
LV‚i@dSUly dks nck,aA
ges'kk vksou ls [kkuk fudkyrs le; vkSj
,Dlsljht+ dks gVkrs le; nLrkus igus j[ksa
D;ksafd ;s nksuksa gh dkQh xeZ gks ldrs gSaA
NOTE / uksV
2 Press COOK MODE until display ‘180°C’.
dqd eksM dks nck,¡ tc rc fd vkidks fMLIys esa ß180°CÞ
fn[kkbZ u nsus yxsA
rc vkidks ;g fpUg fn[ksxk%
3 Turn DIAL until display shows “230ºC”.
/ Select /+30seconds
Mk;y ?kqek dj ^^2300C** vkus dh çrh{kk djsaA
LVkVZ@lSyDV@$30lsdsaMl nck,a vkSj rkieku
dks lqfuf'pr dhft;sA
4 Turn DIAL until display shows “50:00”.
Mk;y dks ?kqek,sa tc rd fd vkidks ^50%00%* fn[kkbZ
u nsus yxsA
Select /+30seconds.
LVkVZ/lSyDV@$30lsdsaMl nck,aA
by turning the
vxj vki rkieku ugha pqusxs vkidk
yks jSd
vksou vius vki gh ^1800C* ij pyk
tk,xkA Mk;y ds ek/;e ls dqfdax dk rkieku
ifjofrZr fd;k tk ldrk gSA
loksZÙke ifj.kke gsrq fuEufyf[kr
,Dlsljht+ dks mi;ksx esa yk,aA
HOW TO USE / dSls bLrseky djsa 25
Convection Combi Cooking / dUosD'ku
dkWEch dqfdax
/Select /+30seconds
LVkVZ lsysDV/+30lsdsaMl cVu nck,aA
uhps fn, mnkgj.k esa vkidks crk;k tk,xk fd fdl rjg
vki vius vksou dks 270 okV {kerk ij 25 feuV~l ds le;
esa dUosD'ku rkieku 200 C ij dSls çksxzke dj ldrs gSaA
1 Press STOP/Cancel
LV‚i@dSUly dks nck,aA
CAUTION / lko/kkuh
2 Press Cook Mode until display shows CC-1.
dqd eksM dks nck,¡ tc rc fd vkidks fMLIys esa
ßlh0lh0&1Þ fn[kkbZ u nsus yxsA
rc fuEufyf[kr fpUg vkidks fn[kkbZ nsxk%
ges'kk vksou ds Hkhrj ls [kkus dks vkSj
,Dlsljht+ dks fudkyrs le; nLrkus igfu,
D;ksafd ;s nksuksa gh dkQh xeZ gks ldrs gSaA
NOTE / uksV
You can set three kinds of micro power level CC-1: 180W,
CC-2: 270W, and CC-3: 360)
3 Turn DIAL until display shows CC-2.
/Select /+30seconds
Mk;y dks ?kqek,sa tc rc fd vkidks fMLIys esa
ßlh0lh0&1Þ fn[kkbZ u nsus yxsA
LVkVZ @lSyDV@$30lsdsaMl nck,a vkSj ikoj dks
lqfuf'pr dhft;sA
4 Turn DIAL until display shows “200ºC”.
/Select /+30seconds
Mk;y dks ?kqek,sa tc rd fd fMLIys esa '200 C' u vk
LVkVZ@lSyDV@$30lsdsaMl nck,a vkSj rkieku dks
lqfuf'pr dhft;sA
5 Press Start Turn DIAL until display shows “25:00”.
Mk;y dks ?kqek,sa tc rd fd fMLIys esa ^^25%00^* u vk
vki rhu rjg ds ekbØks ikoj ysoy lsV dj
ldrs gSa ¼CC-1:180 okV] CC-2 :270 okV vkSj
CC-3: 360 okV½A
26 HOW TO USE / dSls bLrseky djsa
More Or Less Cooking / T;knk
;k de dqfdax
fn, x, mngkj.k esa vkidks crk;k tk,xk dh NksVh vkSj cM+h
dqfdaXl ds fy, çhlsV ^dqd* çksxzke dks fdl rjg cnysaA
1 Press STOP/Cancel
LV‚i@dSUly dks nck,aA
vko';drkuqlkj çhlsV dqd çksxzke dks lsV dj nhft;sA
[kkus dk otu r; dhft;sA
/Select /+30seconds
Turn DIAL.
LVkVZ@lSyDV@$30lsdsaMl nck,aA
Mk;y dks ?kqek,saA
dqfdax dk Vkbe de ;k T+;knk gks tk,xkA
NOTE / uksV
Do not increase of decrease the time during defrost
mode. It may affect the performance of defrost mode.
Û vxj çhlsV dqd dk bLrseky djds vkidk [kkuk
vf/kd ;k de idsxk rks vki Mk;y ?kqek dj le;
dks de ;k vf/kd dj ldrs gSaA
Û fdlh Hkh le; Mk;y ds }kjk vki dqfdax dh le;
lhek dks de ;k vf/kd dj ldrs gSa ¼flQZ fMÝ‚LV
eksM dks NksM+dj½A
Û fMQz kLV eksM bLrseky djus ds nkSjku le; de ;k
vf/kd uk djsaA blls fMQz kLV eksM dsh ijQkWesZUl ij
vlj iM+ ldrk gSA
TO CLEAN YOUR OVEN /vkids vksou dh lQkbZ 27
To Clean Your Oven / vius
vksou dks lkQ djuk
The multicook tawa (model specific) can be washed by hand or
in the dishwasher.
vksou ds Hkhrjh fgLls dks lkQ+ j[ksa
[kkus ds VqdM+s ;k rjy inkFkksaZ ds NhaVs nhokjksa ij vkSj lhy rFkk njoktksa ds chp dh lrg ij fpid tkrs gSaA ,d
xhys diM+s ls bldks rqjar lkQ+ djuk vko';d gSA ;s [kkus ds NksVs VqdM+s vkSj rjy inkFkksaZ dh cwans ekbØksoso dh
ÅtkZ dks vo'kksf"kr dj ysrs gSa vkSj bl rjg [kkuk cuus dk le; yack gks ldrk gSA njokt+s vkSj [kkapksa ds chp fxjs
gq, bu [kkus ds VqdM+ksa dks xhys diM+s ls lkQ+ djsaA VkbZV lhy ds fy, ;g lQkbZ j[kuh cgqr t#jh gSA rSyh; NhaVksa
dks gVkus ds fy, lkcqu ls Hkhxk gqvk diM+k bLrseky djsa vkSj mlds ckn mls /kks dj lq[kk ysaA dBksj fMVjtsaV dk
bLrseky u djsaA eYVhdqd rok ¼ekWMy fo'ks"k½ dks gkFkksa ls ;k fM'kok'kj esas /kks;k tk ldrk gSA
vksou dk ckgjh fgLlk lkQ+ j[ksa
lkcqu vkSj lkQ+ ikuh ls blds ckgjh fgLlksa dks lkQ+ djsa vkSj eqyk;e diM+s ;k isij V‚oy ls bls iksaN dj lq[kk,aA
vksou ds Hkhrj blds dke djus okys fgLlksa dks VwV&QwV ls cpkus ds fy, ikuh dks gok vkus okys jkLrksa ij tek u
gksus nsaA daVªksy iSuy dks lkQ+ djus ds fy, njokt+k [kqyk gh j[ksa rkfd dgha xyrh ls vksou pkyw u gks tk,A fQj
bls ,d xhys diM+s ls lkQ+ djds lw[ks diM+s ls iksaN nsaA lQkbZ ds ckn STOP/Cancel cVu nck,aA
vxj njokt+as ds ckgj ;k Hkhrj Hkki bdëh gks tk, rks ,d eqyk;e diM+s ls iSuy dks iksaN nsaA cgqr ueh gks tkus ij
vksou ds lapkyu ds dkj.k ,slk gks ldrk gS ;g dksbZ vksou dh [kjkch ugha gSA
njokt+s vkSj mudh lhy lkQ j[kh tkuh pkfg,A xeZ lkcqu okyk ikuh ysdj iwjh rjg ls /kks,a vkSj fQj lq[kk,aA
LVhy vkSj IykfLVd ds uqdhys iSM~l vkSj Dyhfuax ikmMj dk bLrseky uk djsaA xhys diM+s ls fu;fer :i ls iksaNus ls
vki /kkrq ds fgLlksa dks Bhd j[k ldrs gSaA
LVhe DyhulZ dk ç;ksx u djsaA
START/+30 Seconds
xhys diM+s ls daVªksy iSuy dks lkQ djrs le; ;k daVªksy Xykl dks lkQ djus ds fy, Lizs djrs le; vius vksou
dks fctyh ds lkWdsV ls vyx djsaA vxj vki ,slk ugha djrs gSa rks START/+30 Seconds cVu dks Nwus ek= ls ;g
LVkVZ gks ldrk gSA
28 USING THE SMART DIAGNOSIS FUNCTION / LekVZ Mk¸xukWfll~ QD’kau dk mi;ksx djuk
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / iz’u vkSj mÙkj 29
LED amp
30 TWO RECIPES / nks O;atu fof/k;k¡
Press START/Select/+30seconds.
Press START/Select/+30seconds once without papad.
After beep, place the papad at the centre and press START/Select/+30seconds.
Åij fn[kk, x, fp=k ds vuqlkj Xykl Vªs ds chp esa dPpk ikiM+
TWO RECIPES / nks O;atu fof/k;k¡ 31
POP CORN : Place the pop corn bag to the glass tray properly as
instructed on packing. Use START/Select/+30seconds to set 3~4 minutes
or set time as instructed on the packet. Remove the bag after
poping sound has stopped. Take care that bag corners do not touch
sides while rotating.
Note : Attend poping process carefully. Do not overheat as it may
cause fire.
ds funsZ'ku vuqlkjA START/Select/+30seconds nck dj rhu ls pkj feuV
dk Vkbe lsV dj nsa ;k fQj iSdsV ds funsZ'ku vuqlkjA chi dh
vkokt+ ds can gks tkus ij vki ikWidkWuZ~l dk csx ckgj fudky ysaA
/;ku j[ksa fd cSx ds dksus nhokjksa ls u Vdjk,¡A
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