Bosch PRA326B92X/01, Gas Hob, PRA326B92X/02, PRA326B92X Installation Instructions

Bosch PRA326B92X/01, Gas Hob, PRA326B92X/02, PRA326B92X Installation Instructions
Put these instructions in a safe
place for future reference
Attention! According to the Gas
Safety Regulations of Hong
Kong, any gas installation works
including the installation of
appliances and connection
tubing, must be undertaken by
registered gas installers who are
registered for that appropriate
classes and be employed by
registered gas contractors.
Read the appliance’s instructions
before installing and using.
The graphics in these Assembly
instructions are given as a guide
The manufacturer is exempt
all liability if this manual’s
requirements are not complied
Safety instructions
Use approved gas tubing
bearing EMSD approval marking
(example : 機電工程署批准EMSD
connection to appliances, or
other appropriate methods
accepted by EMSD.
spillage of food and liquid once
the burner assembly cooled
Turn off the gas
appliance immediately if
abnormal noise propagates
from the gas appliance and
contact an authorized person
for inspection.
Do not use oversized
utensils for cooking.
Do not impact the glass
surface with hard objects or
place heavy objects on the
glass surface.
The installation engineer has
to respect the standards and
the specifications of the gas
and electricity providers.
Before you begin, turn off
theappliance’s electricity and
gas supply.
This appliance has been
designed for home use only, not
for commercial or professional
use. This appliance cannot be
installed on yachts or in
When installing built-in gas hob
on top of stove cabinet, please
check that there is provision for
ventilation at the cabinet to
ensure proper operation of the
gas hob.
The warranty will only be valid if
the appliance is used for the
purpose for which it was designed.
Before installing, you need to
check that local distribution
conditions (gas type and pressure)
and the appliance’s adjustment are
compatible. The appliance’s
adjustment conditions are written
on the label or the specifications
plate. This appliance can only be
installed in a well-ventilated place
in accordance with existing
regulations and ventilation
specifications. The appliance must
not be connected to a combustion
product evacuation device.
Do not store any flammable
materials, sprays or pressurized
containers inside the stove
The supply cable must be
attached to the unit to prevent it
from touching hot parts of the
oven or hob.
The panel of this built-in hob is
made of ceramic glass which is
safer than normal glass for this
application. However, the
following safety precautions for
using built-in hob with glass top
panel should also be noted in
order to prevent the glass top
panel from breaking:
Clean the burner
assembly frequently to maintain
a clear gas passage on the
flame distributor. Clean and tidy
up the flame distributor after
Appliances with electrical
supply must be earthed.
HK Town Gas connection
External Gas Governor Beckley
2300 or Elitre EL-130 should be
installed. The operating gas
pressure is 12.5 mbar
Do not tamper with the
appliance’s interior. If necessary,
call our Technical Assistance
Before installing
This appliance is class 3 type,
according to the EN 30-1-1
regulations for gas appliances:
built- in appliance.
These individual appliances can be
combined with other identical
appliances and/or with conventional
hobs of the same make, using the
joint accessory.
See the catalogue for details. The
units next to the appliance must be
made of non-flammable materials.
The laminated covering and glue
for adhering it must be heat
This appliance cannot be installed
above fridges, washing machines,
dishwashers or similar.
An oven must have a power cooling
fan to install a hob above it.
Check the oven’s dimensions in its
installation manual.
If an extractor fan is installed, you
must follow the installation manual’s
instructions, always keeping a
minimum distance of 650 mm to the
Preparing of kitchen unit
(fig. 1-2)
Make an appropriate size cut in the
work surface.
If there is no oven below the hob,
place a non-flammable separator
(e.g. metal or plywood) 10 mm from
the bottom of the hob. This will prevent access to the base of the hob.
On wood work surfaces, varnish the
cutting surfaces with special glue.
This protects them from moisture
which could collect under the work
Installation of appliance
The clips and the adhesive seal
(underside of the hob) are factoryfitted: do not under any
circumstances remove them. The
seal ensures that the entire work
surface will be watertight, and
prevents water seepage.
In order to fit the appliance into the
kitchen unit, first place the hob in
the correct position then loosen
each of the clips so that they all turn
freely (it is not necessary to
completely undo them).
Insert and centre the hob.
Press the sides of the hob until it is
supported around its entire perimeter.
Turn the clips and tighten them fully.
Fig. 3.
To complete the installation, the
burner covers must be fitted
onto their corresponding rings.
In addition, the pan supports
must also be located in their
correct places.
Removal of hob
Turn off the appliance’s
electricity and gas supply.
Unscrew the clips and proceed
in the reverse order to
Warning! If any connection is
handled, check the seal.
Danger of leaks.
The manufacturer is not liable for
any connection leaking, after being
Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH
Carl-Wery-Straße 34
81739 München
1032xxx – 02.2018
Electrical connection
Check that the voltage and power of
the appliance are compatible with
the electrical installation.
The hobs are supplied with a power
cable with a wall socket plug.
Provide an omnipolar cut-off switch
with a minimum contact separation
of 3 mm (except for plug connections,
if the user has access to it).
Appliances with plugs must only
be connected to sockets that have
earth wires correctly installed.
This appliance is type “Y”: the
supply cable can only be
by the Technical Assistance
Service and not by the user. The
cable type and minimum crosssection
(3 x 0.75 mm²) must be respected.
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