Aging Male Organ Problems: 5 Issues That Happen With Age and How to Prevent Them

Aging Male Organ Problems: 5 Issues That Happen With Age and How to Prevent Them
Aging Male Organ Problems: 5 Issues That Happen
With Age and How to Prevent Them
When it comes to aging, no part of the body is spared, the member included.
Thankfully, it usually doesn’t happen overnight. Changes start to manifest
over time, and that’s good. How could that be good? Well, that incremental
time can give a man a little reminder to take better care of his Johnson to
keep it standing strong and tall into his golden years. Let’s talk about 5 male
organ problems that happen with age and how to prevent them.
Aging Male Organ Problem #1: Size
Let’s dive right in with one of the potentially more hot-button topics for men
that seems to haunt them as soon as they realized their member might be
smaller or larger than another male’s: the size of one’s member.
The hard truth is that yes, with age, the member will shrink a bit due to
decreases in blood flow and androgen production. But the good news is that
the loss is measured at about 1 centimeter to 1½ centimeters.
With age, many men carry more belly weight than they did in their youth.
This makes the member appear smaller, but great news, weight loss will
uncover those lost inches. Lose weight and gain inches!
Aging Male Organ Problem #2: Reduced Urinary Function
Having a problem turning your stream on or off? Urinary issues, whether
getting a flow going or the inability to stop it, are a direct result of prostate
health. This is a male organ problem that increases significantly with age. It
affects men in their 40s around 20 percent, while 50 to 60 percent of males
in their 60s experience this, and up to 90 percent of men over 70.
Aging Male Organ Problem #3: Sensitivity
As men age, androgen levels drop. Androgen maintains nervous tissue. Ipso
facto, when androgen decreases, so does sensitivity, making it harder to get
to the “top of the mountain.” When a hard-on is produced, it won’t be as
hard as it was in a man’s prime years.
Aging Male Organ Problem #4: Color
When you look at your favorite leather armchair, the one you’ve had for 20
years, it’s common for its patina to change over time. It’s the same with your
member. Atherosclerosis, a common problem of aging, restricts blood flow,
affecting the member. When there is less blood, the member looks lighter in
color. This does nothing to impair function. Skin can also appear more
mottled as a result of vigorous use over the years.
Aging Male Organ Problem #5: Member Dysfunction (MD)
Undoubtedly one of the best-known male organ problems, MD shows up in
around 5 percent of men in their 40s. By the time they’re 70, the number
goes up to 15 percent. A variety of issues cause MD, be they biological in
nature such as illness, psychologically inclined by issues such as stress and
depression, and relationship-related if there’s a significant conflict between
partners or just a matter of lack of skill or trust between partners.
It may seem like an easy problem to fix, right? Just pop a little blue tablet
and BAM! Boner city! However, the best way to fix it starts with a visit to
the doctor since they can best define the sort of treatment you need for your
Preventing Male Organ Problems
Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Well, good ol’ Benny knew what he was talking about. The best way to treat
male organ problems is by preventing them.
Here’s how to grow old gracefully with a member:
 Keep at or get to a healthy weight.
 Exercise multiple times each week to tone the pelvic floor muscles. It
can be as simple as walking or picking up a couple games of hoops to
keep everything moving nicely.
 Do Kegels as often as possible to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
 Avoid sitting all day! Take frequent breaks to take pressure off the
prostate that sitting causes.
 Limit alcohol consumption.
 Release seed multiple times each week to “flush” out the area and
keep infection and bacteria away.
 Use a male organ health oil (health professionals recommend Man
1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for
skin) daily to keep the member strong and vital. This oil topically
delivers male organ health helpers like vitamins A, B, C, and D, as
well as alpha lipoic acids, L-arginine, and L-carnitine. Get better
blood flow, keep bacteria at bay, and keep your member young for
decades to come.
Visit for additional information on most
common male organ health issues, tips on improving manhood sensitivity,
and what to do to maintain a healthy member. John Dugan is a professional
writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing
writer to numerous websites.
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