Volvo V70, 2014 Late, XC70 Quick start guide

Volvo V70, 2014 Late, XC70 Quick start guide
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This folder contains a selection of the most common functions in your particular car. The owner's
manual and other manuals contain important information with all warnings and safety instructions.
The following symbols mean:
Different parts are pointed out in the overview images.
Instructions step-by-step.
It is particularly important to read the owner's manual.
Important information, warnings and safety instructions that must be read are listed on the
last page.
Options are marked with an asterisk *.
In addition, learn more about your particular car at
01 Starting and driving
04 Functions in your car
Remote control key
Climate system controls
Starting and switching off the engine
Headlamp control
Parking brake
Combined instrument panel
Keyless key system*
Infotainment system
External audio device
Buttons in the centre console
Settings in the menu system
02 Driver support in your car
Start/Stop function*
Pedestrian protection*
05 Tips
Car care
Opening all windows
Storage spaces
03 Your driving environment
Adjusting the seat
Adjusting the steering wheel
Power operated tailgate*
AUX/USB* and 12 V sockets
How does the remote control key work? 01
1 Unlocks the doors and boot lid and disarms
the alarm*.
Locks doors and boot lid and arms the alarm.
Approach light duration.
Only unlocks the boot lid.
Information* about the car.
Panic function
The remote control key can store settings
including door mirrors and driver's seat*.
What do the remote control key indicator lamps* show?
1 Green light: The car is locked.
2 Yellow light: The car is unlocked.
3 Red light: The alarm has been triggered.
Flashing alternating red light: Alarm triggered
less than 5 minutes ago.
How do I start the engine?
Press the remote control key into the ignition
Depress the clutch or brake pedal.
Briefly press the START/STOP ENGINE button and release - the engine starts.
How do I switch off the engine?
Briefly press the START/STOP ENGINE button – the engine stops.
Take the remote control key out from the
ignition switch.
How do I use the parking brake?
To apply
Depress the foot brake pedal.
Press the control PUSH LOCK/PULL
RELEASE - the combined instrument panel's
warning symbol starts to flash. Once there is a
constant glow the parking brake is applied.
Release the foot brake pedal.
To disengage
Depress the foot brake pedal.
Pull the control PUSH LOCK/PULL
How does the Keyless* key system
The key can remain in your pocket for example the
whole time.
Lock and arm the alarm (see illustration)
–– Touch the rear section of one of the outer door
Unlock and disarm the alarm
–– Grip a door handle and open the door in the
usual way or press lightly on the tailgate's
rubberised button.
How do I start the windscreen wipers
and rain sensor*?
Move the lever downward to start the windscreen
wipers and upward for a single sweep.
1 Rain sensor On/Off.
2 Regulates the sensor sensitivity or the intermittent delay.
3 Wiper, rear window - intermittent/normal.
What does BLIS do*?
Blind Spot Information System advises about
vehicles in the blind spot.
–– BLIS is activated when the engine is started and
can be deactivated/reactivated by pressing the
How do I use the Start/Stop
Manual gearbox
Stop the engine: Declutch, set the gear lever in
neutral position and release the clutch pedal.
Start the engine: Depress the clutch pedal.
Automatic gearbox
Stop the engine: Stop the car with the foot brake
and then maintain the brake pressure.
Start the engine: Release foot pressure on the foot
Illuminated button lamp indicates that the function
is active.
How does the pedestrian protection
The car has Collision Warning with Auto Brake &
Pedestrian Detection, which can warn, brake and/
or stop for vehicles and pedestrians.
The function is only an aid and does not work in all
situations – for example, it does not see pedestrians who are shorter than 80 cm or who are partially
It is important to understand this function
How do I adjust the seat?
Raise/lower the front of the seat cushion.
Raise/lower seat.
Move the seat forward/backward.
Tilt the backrest.
5 Store settings for power seat*.
6 Memory buttons for power seat.
Store setting:
Hold the button depressed to store settings while
depressing one of the memory buttons.
Seat settings can also be stored in the
remote control key*.
How do I adjust the steering wheel?
Release the catch.
Adjust the steering wheel forward/backward
and up/down.
Lock the steering wheel.
How does the sunroof* work?
Automatic maximum opening.
Manual opening.
Manual closing.
Automatic maximum closing.
Opening ventilation position.
Closing ventilation position.
How do I open and close the power
operated tailgate*?
–– Press lightly on the rubberised pressure plate
under the outside handle. Alternatively, a long
press on the lighting panel button or the remote
control button until the tailgate starts to open.
–– Press the button and the tailgate closes automatically.
The tailgate can also be opened/closed manually.
How do I regulate the temperature with
1 Turn for individual temperature in the left/
right-hand area of the passenger compartment. The screen shows the selected temperature.
Press AUTO for automatic control of air distribution and other functions. The screen shows
How do I defrost the windscreen?
Press to activate the windscreen's electric
heating* - symbol (1) in the screen illuminates.
The next press also activates maximum air
flow against the windscreen and side
windows - symbols (1) and (2) illuminate.
The next press switches off both of the functions – no symbol illuminates.
Without electric heating: Press to activate/deactivate the air flow.
How does the headlamp control's auto
mode work?
The daytime running lights automatically switch
between daytime running lights and dipped beam.
Main beam can be activated when dipped beam
is switched on. Active high beam (AHB)* that dims
and activates main beam automatically can be
used. Tunnel detection* is activated.
How is the trip computer operated?
1 OK opens the trip computer's menu, activates
the selected option and extinguishes
2 Thumbwheel scrolls between the trip computer options.
3 RESET resets data in the selected trip
computer step and goes back in the menu
How do I reset the trip meter?
Give two presses on the left-hand stalk switch
RESET button.
Angle forward trip meter T1 or T2 with the
Give a long press on RESET to reset to zero.
How does the gear shift indicator
The gear shift indicator's arrows advise when it
is appropriate to engage a higher or lower gear
in order to obtain optimum driving economy. The
illustration shows the digital* combined instrument
Analogue combined instrument panel.
How do I change the combined instrument panel's appearance?
Different themes can be selected with the digital*
combined instrument panel, such as Performance
or Eco.
To change the theme:
Press the left-hand stalk switch's OK button
when the engine is running.
Turn the lever's thumbwheel in order to select
menu option Themes.
Turn the thumbwheel to select a theme and
press OK to confirm.
The theme is stored in the remote control
How does the range/"km to empty tank"
The combined instrument panel shows an estimation of the possible driving distance based on previous driving conditions and remaining fuel quantity.
No guaranteed range remains when "" is
shown. Refuel as soon as possible. The illustration
shows the digital* combined instrument panel.
Analogue combined instrument panel.
How do I switch on and off
Infotainment system?
Give a short press to activate the system.
Give a long press (until the screen switches
off) in order to switch off.
To switch off the sound (MUTE): Give a short
press - the next press reactivates.
How do I navigate in the infotainment
Press RADIO, Media, My CAR, NAV* or
TEL* to select main source.
Press OK/MENU or the thumbwheel* in
the steering wheel to access the selected
source's main menu.
Turn TUNE or the thumbwheel to navigate in
the menus.
Press OK/MENU or the thumbwheel to make
a selection in the menus.
Briefly press EXIT to go back in the menu
system, cancel a function or delete entered
Give a long press on EXIT to go back to
normal view, or to go from normal view to the
main source view.
To go to the shortcut menu in the NAV or TEL
mode, press once on NAV or TEL. Press again to
go back to normal view.
How do I connect a Bluetooth® phone?
Press TEL* in the centre console.
Make the external device searchable/visible
via Bluetooth®.
Press OK/MENU and follow the instructions
on the screen. The device is now connected
and can be controlled from the car.
In future the phone will be connected to the car
If the connection fails.
How do I make a call?
Press TEL* in the centre console.
Enter the required number or turn the thumbwheel on the steering wheel downward in
order to access the phone book, and upward
for the call register.
Press the thumbwheel to dial.
The call is interrupted with a press on EXIT.
For more ways to make a call with the
How do I answer the phone*?
–– Press the thumbwheel to accept incoming calls.
The call is rejected/interrupted with a press on
For more ways to answer the phone.
How do I connect an external audio
Connect an external device via AUX input or
USB* port in the centre console.
Press MEDIA.
Turn TUNE to the desired audio source.
Press OK/MENU.
For other connections of an external device.
How do I set a GPS* destination?
Press NAV to start the navigation system.
Press once again on NAV and select Enter
address with OK/MENU.
Enter a search criterion/search criteria using
the "daisy wheel" or the centre console's
numeric keypad.
Then select Set single destination or Add
as waypoint and press OK/MENU.
For more information and market deviations, see
the RTI manual*.
What settings can be made in the menu
MY CAR handles many of the car's functions, e.g.
settings for clock, door mirrors and locks.
See the earlier heading "How do I navigate in the
infotainment system?" for which buttons to use.
How do I set the clock?
Navigate to Settings > System settings >
Time in MY CAR.
Press OK/MENU to activate the box for hour.
Turn TUNE in order to set the hour and press
OK/MENU to deactivate.
Turn TUNE in order to select the box for
minute and press OK/MENU. Turn TUNE in
order to set the minute and press OK/MENU
to deactivate.
Turn TUNE to select OK and press OK/
How should I wash the car??
Handwashing is gentler on the paintwork than an
automatic car wash. The paintwork is also more
sensitive when it is new. For this reason, handwashing is recommended during the first few months
with a new car.
Use clean water and a washing sponge. Remember
that dirt ad grit can scratch the paintwork.
How should I clean the leather
Leather requires regular care in order to maintain
appearance. For this reason, the leather upholstery
should be treated using the Volvo Leather Care kit
1-4 times per year. The Volvo Leather Care kit is
available for purchase from a Volvo dealer.
How do I open all windows
–– Press the remote control key's unlock button
for at least 4 seconds to open all windows
Where are the storage spaces located?
Shown here are some of the car's storage spaces.
The owner's manual shows the location of
more storage spaces.
Where are the AUX/USB* and 12 V
sockets located?
The remote control key must be at least in key position I in order for the 12 V sockets in the passenger
compartment to work. The 12 V socket* in the
cargo area is always live.
How do I start the engine?
After a cold start the idling speed is high irrespective of outside temperature. It is part of Volvo's efficient emissions system. During
cold starting, certain diesel engines have a delayed start due to preheating.
How does the Keyless* key system work?
The use of gloves may prevent the Keyless function in the door handles.
What does BLIS do*?
BLIS is a supplement - not a substitute for a safe driving style and the use of rearview and door mirrors. BLIS not work in sharp bends.
BLIS does not work when the car is reversing.
How does the pedestrian protection work*?
The function cannot detect all pedestrians in all situations and does not see, for example, partially obscured pedestrians, people in
clothing that hides their body contour or pedestrians shorter than 80 cm. The driver is always responsible that the vehicle is driven in a
correct manner and with a safety distance adapted to the speed.
How do I adjust the steering wheel?
Adjust the steering wheel (after adjusting the seat) before setting off – never while driving.
How does the sunroof* work?
Children, other passengers or objects may be trapped by the sunroof's moving parts. Always operate the sunroof with caution. Take the
remote control key with you when leaving the car.
How do I open and close the power operated tailgate?
Pay attention to the risk of crushing when opening/closing. Before opening/closing starts; check that no one is near the tailgate
since a crushing injury can have serious consequences. Always operate the tailgate with caution. Do not use power tailgate operation
under a low roof. If the system has worked continuously for a long time it is switched off to prevent overload. It can be used again after
approx. 2 minutes.
How does the range/"km to empty tank" work?
A degree of incorrect indication may occur if the driving style is changed.
How should I clean the leather upholstery*?
Some coloured clothing (e.g. jeans and suede garments) may discolour the upholstery. Never use strong solvents – they could damage
the upholstery.
Where are the AUX/USB* and 12 V sockets located?
Maximum. current take-off is 10 A (120 W) in each socket.
Learn more about your particular car at
TP 16189 (English) AT 1320. Printed in Sweden, Göteborg 2013, Copyright © 2000-2013 Volvo Car Corporation
How do I adjust the seat?
Adjust the driving position of the driver's seat correctly before setting off - never while driving. Make sure that the seat is in locked
position in order to prevent personal injury in the event of sudden braking or an accident.
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