5 Quick Questions Answered About Male Organ Size and Intimacy. Hint: The Answers Are Better Than You Think!

5 Quick Questions Answered About Male Organ Size and Intimacy. Hint: The Answers Are Better Than You Think!
5 Quick Questions Answered About Male Organ
Size and Intimacy. Hint: The Answers Are Better
Than You Think!
If there is one universal for all men, it has to center around male organ size.
Boys start comparing Johnsons basically from the moment they can talk,
well into collecting Social Security. It’s natural, then, that men have a
slightly skewed notion of how male organ size affects their intimate life.
Let’s answer 5 of the most fundamental questions out there about male
organ size and intimacy.
Question #1: What is the average male organ size?
The average male organ size is about 5.6 inches hard.
Question #2: How does male organ size affect sensual pleasure?
For most men who fall in the middle, pretty much anything goes, and there
aren’t a lot of limits when it comes to positions. For men on either end of the
spectrum, positions become more important to both feel sensation and also
to not injure a partner. Hear this now and loud: a big member does not mean
a man is good in bed. At all. There’s a lot more to intimacy than male organ
size, like emotional connection, physical attraction, foreplay, talking of all
kinds, et cetera. So, in short, every man can always increase his Casanova
status if he wants to take the time and effort.
The most attractive trait as lauded by men and women alike in every poll
you see is confidence, and for a good reason. No one wants to be with
someone who isn’t sure they find themselves attractive, alluring, or worthy,
so if there is any one thing to work on first—it’s your head game. The head
on top of your neck, to be specific.
Question #3: How can men with members on the smaller size increase
Optimize your options! Focus a bit more on oral, and don’t be scared to mix
in some adult toys. Maybe try a member extender to give yourself an extra 1
to 3 inches. Also, be smart about positions; anything that increases the
likelihood of slipping out should be ditched in favor of partner on top or
missionary-esque positions.
Question #4: How can men with members on the larger size increase
Guys with big weens have just as many issues as dudes rocking a Fiat.
Basically, a man with a bigger sausage should let his partner control the
depth of penetration, no matter where it’s going. Creme is also a must to
keep things slippery and slidey and moving easily. If you need to "feel"
more, try a member sleeve. They give you stimulation at the base of the
member while not making your partner take in as much.
Question #5: How can a man feel good about his member and sensual
prowess no matter his size?
Feeling a little insecure about size? Ask yourself why. Is it what you’re
watching and seeing out in society such as in adult literature, enhancement
advertisements, and everyday television and film, or is it something closer to
home? Do you feel like your partner doesn’t seem that excited about your
man meat, or is their reception less than that of actors (key word here,
actors) in adult films? Is stuff from your adolescence popping up, such as
comparisons in the locker room? Is it the lack of pleasure you or your
partner is feeling? Realize that most men’s inadequacies around male organ
size are emotional, and that takes work on one’s self, usually with the help
of a trusted counselor or friend.
Also, recognize that a good lover and sensual pleasure have little to nothing
to do with male organ size. What a man should do is take a real interest in
his partner, take his time, and communicate. Talking is seductive, and
enjoying the moment is even more so. Take some time with kissing and
foreplay and guaranteed, your member is going to get more fanfare anytime
it rears its head!
One thing a man can control today is how he takes care of his member. Does
it look bumpy and dry with scraggly pubic hairs like a foreclosed home’s
front lawn? If so, it’s time to make a change that can give you an immediate
boost in confidence. Make sure your he-hygiene is on point with a proper
member health care regimen. Wash the big guy with a mild cleanser and
warm water and be thorough about it! Rinse well and air dry. Trim up the
grounds to welcome visitors. Finish the process off daily with a specially
formulated member health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) that’s
full of member superpower nutrients like essentials vitamins and amino
acids to strengthen and defend the skin. They also boost blood flow and
promote healthy tissue maintenance, as well as keep the member fresh and
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