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Eizo RP-915 User Manual
User's Manual
Panel Protector for EIZO 54 cm (21.3) inch class LCD Monitors
•• Surface of the panel protector catches the dirt (dust or finger prints) easily. Please use the enclosed gloves while installing
and removing the panel protector.
•• Please use the supplied masking tape and be careful not to scratch the LCD panel or the cabinet with the panel protector
during installation. Also please do not remove the panel protector often. It may scratch or result in damage to the LCD panel.
•• When using LCD monitor with optional panel protector, it is preferable to avoid using downwards. In this condition, the panel
protector might become bend or slip out from the monitor.
•• If using the Integrated Front Sensor after installation of a panel protector, be sure to execute correlation using RadiCS /
RadiCS LE. Refer to each User’s Manual for details.
Before installation, please remove dust and stains from the LCD panel.
Tape (blue)
1. Strip the tape from the separator and adhere it on each edge of the cabinet (on the right and left).
2. Set the panel protector into the grooves of the panel frame; the lower first (1), then the upper (2).
The panel protector has a cut to fit on the sensor. Align the cut with the sensor position when installing the panel
protector. If installed in the wrong orientation, the sensor may be damaged.
3. With the enclosed tool (Lever) set the tabs of the panel protector into the side grooves (4 tabs).
Put the lever on the tabs of the panel protector and move it toward the LCD panel to install. Position the protector
into the LCD panel tightly without leaving an opening.
4. Attach stoppers to the cabinet when installing a protection panel to the RX360.
Peel the backing paper from the stoppers and install them in 2 locations in the upper part of the cabinet, and 2
locations in the lower part of the cabinet.
5. Strip the tape from the cabinet.
Put the lever on the tabs of panel protector and move it toward the cabinet to remove.
This product comes with a special cleaning cloth designed to remove stains from the panel.
If necessary stubborn stains can be removed by moistening part of the cloth with water to enhance its cleaning power.
•• Please be sure to keep the panel protector immobilized while cleaning it. Otherwise it may scratch the surface of the
LCD panel. To hold the panel protector by hand, use gloves or a soft cloth to avoid dust or finger prints.
•• Chemicals such as alcohol and antiseptic solution may cause gloss variation, tarnishing, and fading of the cabinet or
panel, and also quality deterioration of the image.
•• Never use any solvents or chemicals, such as thinner, benzene, wax, and abrasive cleaner, which may damage the cabinet or panel.
•• The optional ScreenCleaner is recommended for cleaning the cabinet and panel surface.
Surface treatment
Dimension / Weight
Anti-Reflective Coating (Both sides) Coating strength
Less than 1 %
Light transmission
More than 95.0 %
327.4 mm (W) × 435.3 mm (H) × 1.2 mm (D) / Approx.210g
Lever (for Panel Protector), Gloves, Cleaning Cloth, User’s Manual, Masking tape 4 pieces (2
sets) , Stoppers 4 pieces
153 Shimokashiwano, Hakusan, Ishikawa 924-8566 Japan
Helmut-Grashoff-Strasse 18, 41179 Mönchengladbach, Germany
〒 924-8566
石川県白山市下柏野町 153 番地
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2nd Edition-July, 2018 Printed in Japan.
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