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Eizo CB-01 User Manual
Package Contents
User’s Manual
Check that all of the following items are contained in the package.
If any of these items are missing, contact your local EIZO
SDI Converter Bracket
Thank you very much for choosing an EIZO product. Please read
this User’s Manual carefully before using this product in order to
familiarize yourself with safe and effective usage.
Please retain this User’s Manual for future reference.
Mounting bracket A
For information regarding compatibility of the CG3145 and
SDI-HDMI converter, please refer to our website
HDMI cable
Mounting bracket B
User's Manual
(this document)
Dedicated converter power cable
• Only the following SDI-HDMI converter can be attached to this
product. Attaching any other converter to this product may lead
to the converter falling, which may result in injury or equipment
• AJA Video Systems, Inc. manufactured Hi5-4K-Plus
• Use the monitor in a landscape display orientation when using
this product. The converter cannot be used when the monitor is
oriented in portrait display.
• This product can only be attached to certain models of the
ColorEdge CG3145-BSBK (base stand model (fixed stand model)).
Serial numbers of compatible models (S/N):
- 3xxxxxxx and on
- 2xxxxxxx, a portion of the previous models
(For details, contact your local EIZO representative.)
• Retain the metal cover that was removed to allow installation.
• Be sure to use the screws that were attached to the
monitor as the screws for installing the converter, and
tighten them completely
Install them securely following the instructions in this manual.
If not sufficiently attached, the converter may come off, which
may result in injury or equipment damage.
• Do not disassemble or modify the cable or power plug
Doing so may cause malfunction.
• Re-tighten the screws regularly
If the screws become loose, the converter may fall, which may
result in injury or equipment damage.
• Take care not to pinch your fingers between the converter
and the mounting brackets during installation
Mounting bracket B: 73 g
100 mm × 100 mm
Dedicated converter
power cable
USB Type-A, or DC power connector
for converter: 55 cm
HDMI cable
HDMI to HDMI: 50 cm
Dispose of this product according to the regulations issued by
your local authority.
153 Shimokashiwano, Hakusan, Ishikawa 924-8566 Japan
Copyright © 2019 EIZO Corporation. All rights reserved.
Dimension of
installation holes
• Outline Dimensions (unit: mm)
Left: mounting bracket A Right: mounting bracket B
5 20
Mounting bracket A: 108 g
Inquiries regarding this product should be made to your local
EIZO representative.
1st Edition-April, 2019 Printed in Japan.
Installation Procedure
1. Before installing the converter, remove
the metal cover on the back of the
(The screws will be re-used during
2. Align the holes in mounting bracket A with the
lower two of the four holes on the back of the
monitor. Then, attach the bracket A by placing
two of the screws that were removed in step 1
into the holes and securing them tightly.
3. Place the converter on the installation panel of
mounting bracket A with the SDI input terminals
facing to the left.
4. Align the holes in mounting bracket B
with the remaining two holes on the
back of the monitor. While pressing on
top of the converter with the bracket B,
place the remaining two screws that
were removed in step 1 into the holes
and secure them tightly.
bracket B
bracket A
Screws (M4 x 6)
Metal cover
Connecting the Dedicated Converter Power Cable
1. Select
using the control button on the front of the
monitor to display the “Preferences” menu.
3. Insert the USB plug into the USB CHARGE port on the
4. While paying attention to the shape of the socket, insert
the power connector into the power jack on the right side
of the converter and tighten the lock ring.
2. Set “USB CHARGE Port” to “Charging Only”.
Lock ring
The converter will not work if connected to an
unspecified USB port. Turn the main power off on
the back of the monitor, reconnect to the correct
port, and then turn the main power on again.
Connecting the Signal Cables
● Connecting the SDI cable
Connect the SDI signal cables to the SDI input connectors on
the left side of the converter.
● Connecting the HDMI cable
Connect the HDMI connector on the back of the monitor to the
HDMI connector on the right side of the converter with the
HDMI cable.
* The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and
the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI
Licensing, LLC in the United States and other countries.
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