Sensual Tips: Make Morning Sensual Activity a Thing

Sensual Tips: Make Morning Sensual Activity a Thing
Sensual Tips: Make Morning Sensual
Activity a Thing
The alarm goes off and it’s time to rise and shine. And for many men, the
keyword in that sentence is rise, as they often greet the morning with a keen
tumescence. (Morning wood, as that is known, is by the way an indicator of
good male organ health.) Too often that morning tumescence goes to waste,
as a guy has to hurry to shower, get dressed and make his way to work. But
for guys waking up with someone else in bed, it’s worth finding time to
make morning sensual activity a real thing – on weekends if not on
workdays. The following sensual tips talk about this in greater detail.
 It uses resources wisely. Often, people are at their most energetic
after waking from a good night’s sleep, making them more receptive
to and potentially more “tuned into” sensual experiences than they
would be at other times. Besides, male hormone levels tend to be
higher upon waking, as evidenced by that previously mentioned
morning wood. As long as that tumescence is there – or not far from
coming about – why waste it? Women also tend to be more relaxed
after a good night’s sleep, making their bodies more receptive to
sensual arousal as well.
 Prepare properly for it. One of the things that can kill a morning
sensual activity mood is too much preparation – feeling that a shower
is needed, and hair must be combed, and certainly teeth need to be
brushed. All of this can add significant time and kill the morning
sensual activity mood. Wise sensual tips experts encourage people to
revel in their partner’s “bedhead” and to keep a little mouthwash or
breath mints at bedside for a quick breath freshener that won’t delay
things too long. If one or both partners have serious breath issues,
consider engaging in sensual activities that don’t require mouth-tomouth contact, such as oral sensual activity or mutual self-pleasuring.
 Oh, the light. Couples used to having sensual activity in the dark at
night may find all that morning sunlight a bit strange – especially if
they feel sensitive about what they perceive as any physical flaws that
the veil of night helps disguise. Learning to trust that a partner values
a person despite their imperfections is key to any relationship, so
morning sensual activity can actually help strengthen a relationship by
exposing a person to a little sunlight.
 Be on the same page. Sometimes one partner may be all frisky and
ready to romp and the other isn’t. As with any sensual encounter,
there needs to be agreement about this. Consent on both parts is
essential, no matter how aroused a partner may feel.
 Don’t even look at the phone. With cell phones a ubiquitous part of
life, it’s not unusual for a person to check their phones upon
awakening. If morning sensual activity is in the cards, avoid this
temptation. Nothing will ruin the mood more quickly than trying to
cuddle while wondering just what the hell jack meant by that email or
why Gi9na hasn’t responded to your text yet.
 Consider timing. It’s nice to choose a day when there are no
immediate demands so that a couple can take as long as they want in
bed. But there can also be great fun and excitement in “racing against
the clock,” having a quickie because the couple knows they have to be
finished in 10 (or however many) minutes.
Sensual tips for morning sensual activity also assume that a man is already
watching his male organ health, especially by regularly applying a first class
male organ health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil,
which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best oils will
contain a combination of moisturizers, such as shea butter and vitamin E, to
make sure manhood skin is supple and smooth. The selected oil should also
benefit from a powerful antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, to help
prevent oxidative damage from weakening the skin.
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