Pro-Ject VT-E BT Product Information

Pro-Ject VT-E BT Product Information
Wireless „Plug & Play“ turntable
R = right handed, L = left handed
MSRP: 450 € (incl. VAT)
• Instant playback with super-easy setup
• Vertical standing or optional wall mount
• Choose “r” (right-handed) or “l” (left-handed) version
• Built-in Bluetooth phono stage for wireless use
• Belt drive with silicone belt
• Record clamp for secure record fixing
• Low vibration synchronous motor & DC power supply
• 8,6” aluminium tonearm
• Ortofon OM5e cartridge, pre-mounted
• Pre-adjusted tracking force & anti-skating force
• Special mechanism for perfect tracking in vertical position
• Pre-mounted gold-plated RCA interconnect cable
Color options:
Speed: 33, 45 (manual speed change)
Drive principle: belt drive
Wow and flutter: 33: 0,29% 45: 0,27%
Speed drift: 33: 0,8% 45: 0,7%
Platter: 300mm MDF
Main platter bearing spindle: stainless steel
Tonearm: 8,6”, aluminium
Effective arm length: 218,5 mm
Overhang: 22,0mm
Effective tonearmmass: 8,0 gr
Suitable cartridge mass: 3 - 5,5g
Tracking force: 0 - 25mn (recommended for OM10 18mn)
Outputs: RCA Phono, RCA Line, Bluetooth
Bluetooth: V 3.0
Included accessory: power supply, record clamp, felt mat
Power consumption: 4,5 watts max
Dimensions (standing on table): 430 x 345 x 245mm (WxHxD)
Dimensions (mounted on wall): 430 x 345 x 245mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 2,8 kg net
Technical data and price changes reserved.
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VT-E BT R (right handed)
Audiophile “Plug & Play” turntable with
vertical set-up including wall-mount
A turntable set-up does not need to be complicated like rocket-science, our VT-E turntable proves that. This good sounding belt-driven deck offers two versions for left– and right-handed users.
The fastest possible installation process is made
possible, because it comes pre-adjusted out of the
VT-E BT L (left handed)
box. No further set-up is needed. Tracking force and
anti-skating are carefully set. The VT-E
turntable can be positioned on a table or mounted on
a wall. For further ease of use, it comes with a phono
pre- amplifier and Bluetooth transmitter. So even
a wireless solution is possible! You can use both
Bluetooth and RCA output at the same time.
VT-E BT, the world’s first wireless turntable, is
available in black, red or white high gloss colour.
Technical data and price changes reserved.
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