Pro-Ject Juke Box E HiFi Set Product Information

Pro-Ject Juke Box E HiFi Set Product Information
Juke Box E HiFi Set
All-in-one HiFi stereo set
High gloss colour options:
MSRP 799 € (incl. VAT)
• Instant playback with super-easy setup
• Bluetooth and 1 line input
• High contrast display on top
• Line record output
• Gold plated sockets
• Pre-adjusted tracking force & anti-skating force
• Ortofon OM5e cartridge, pre-mounted
• 8,6” aluminium tonearm with sapphire bearings
• Belt drive with silicone belt
• Low vibration synchronous motor & DC power supply
• Special feet for effective decoupling
• Acrylic lid included
• IR remote control included
• Speaker cables and Banana plugs included
• Colour options: HG Black, HG White, HG Red
Set includes:
Juke Box E, Speaker Box 5, Speaker cables, Banana plugs, Damp it
Power output
2 x 50 Watt (4 Ohm)
Speakers, Line Out (fix), Phono
Bluetooth, 1x Line (analogue)
33, 45 (manual speed change)
belt drive
300mm plywood with feltmat
Main bearing
stainless steel in bronze
8.6” aluminium
Supplied accessories
Power supply, dust cover,
remote control, speaker
Power consumption
150W max
Dimensions (Juke Box E)
415 x 118 x 334mm (WxHxD)
Dimensions (Speaker Box 5)
160 x 255 x 210mm (WxHxD)
Weight (Juke Box E)
5 kg netto
Weight (Speaker Box 5)
4.2 kg netto
Technical and prices changes reserved.
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All-in-one systems: The problem
Juke Box E HiFi Set: The solution
There are countless all-in-one systems on the market,
partly with built-in speakers. They have proven to be
widely popular, though are absolutely not suitable for
real HiFi fans. Due to the produced soundwaves the
tonearm and cartridge are directly affected by vibrations at the tracking process. This results in disturbed
and bad sound. Since the built-in speakers are very
close to each other, it is impossible to create a true
stereo triangle. Now the customer misses out on a
real two-channel experience.
On top these models are made of bad build-quality
and have very lightweight housings made of plastic.
Exactly that should be avoided! For optimum decoupling a turntable has to be heavy and standing on a solid surface.
A better alternative would be a turntable with active
speakers, unfortunately the distance between the
speakers is limited and doesn‘t offer a real stereo
The only true solution to this request is our Juke Box
E. It offers built-in pre and power-amplifier, which
allows you to place the speakers far away from each
other to minimize the possibility of acoustic feedback
and to create a real analogue stereo experience.
With Juke Box E we want to show all vinyl enthusiasts
and growing audiophiles, how easy and great a music
experience from a modern record player can be!
Paired with our Speaker Box 5, the audiophile priceperformance speaker per-se, we’re offering high
quality sound and a true stereo feeling!
Technical and prices changes reserved.
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Symbolic photo only, for optimum placement guideline of speakers please see the footnote*
Speaker Box 5: Audiophile compact
Juke Box E: One-Box Solution
Speaker Box 5 is an audiophile 2-way monitor speaker
With the its full range of analogue and digital
using bass reflex system. It is acoustically optimized
inputs, Juke Box E becomes one of the most versatile
for clear bass. The bass reflex port is located at the
offerings on the market. A turntable, a preamplifier, a
speaker‘s rear. The rigid housing is available in
power amplifier and a Bluetooth receiver as a good
exclusive high gloss options. With unparalleled price-
looking and audiophile one-box-solution!
aficionados. The perfect partner for Juke Box E!
The Line output even lets you relay the signal to a fur-
With its compact dimensions and elegent looks
Speaker Box 5 effortlessly fits in every interior.
amplifier, such as the Head Box S2, to become an
even completer setup. For further convenience an
infrared remote control is included!
*To perfectly enjoy a stereo image it is necessary to respect the following rule:
If the speakers are two meters apart from each other, the listener should sit at a maximum position of three meters,
but no further. For longer distances please use this 2:3 rule.
Technical and prices changes reserved.
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