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Ground it E
Equipment base
MSRP 129 € (incl. VAT)
Support platform for many turntables or other
Prevents the transmission of vibrations
Heavy-weight MDF
Conical feet with damping ring
Height adjustable
Combinable with Cover it E and Cover it RPM
1/3 Carbon
High gloss piano finish
Material: MDF
Dimension W x H x D: 480 x 27 x 390 mm;
480 x 51 x 390 mm incl. feet
Weight: 4,1 kg
Suits following turntables: - Elemental line
- Essential line
- Debut line
- 1Xpression line
- RPM 1 and 3 Carbon
Technical data and price changes reserved.
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Vibration protection gives undisturbed music experience
Ground it E is a stable and height-adjustable platform for turntables, that will reduce negative effects of potential surface vib-rations significantly.
The use of Ground it E is very simple: Do not place
your turntable directly on surfaces such as furniture or shelves that may be vibration sensitive, but
place it on Ground it equipment bases. All Ground
it bases will improve the sonic performance, so a
pleasant, natural reproduction of vinyl music will be
possible. The playback quality of a turntable placed
on Ground it E will benefit because of improved dynamics and coherent timing. The ambient acoustic
of the recording venue will sound much clearer and
contoured, so music playback appears to be more
realistic, authentic and expressive.
Example of use: Pro-Ject RPM3 carbon
Conical feet with damping ringt
Technical data and price changes reserved.
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