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Novatel FlexPak6™ Quick Start Guide
Rev 3
October 2016
This guide provides the basic information needed to set up and use your new FlexPak6. For more detailed
information on the installation and operation of your receiver, go to our web site and download the OEM6
Installation and Operation user manual at
If you purchased a SPAN® GNSS+INS capable FlexPak6, download the SPAN on
OEM6 Quick Start Guide.
If you wish to add SPAN functionality to your FlexPak6, contact your NovAtel Sales
representative or to purchase SPAN.
In addition to this Quick Start Guide, the following is provided with your FlexPak6:
1 power adapter cable
1 null modem serial cable
1 USB cable
1 I/O cable
The additional equipment listed below is required for a typical setup:
A Windows based computer with an RS-232 DB-9 or USB port
A standard 12 VDC power outlet or a 6-36 VDC power supply capable of at least 5 W
A quality GNSS antenna, such as one from NovAtel’s VEXXIS™ or Compact antenna series. Contact
your NovAtel Sales representative or for a full range of options
An antenna cable with a TNC male connector at the receiver end, such as NovAtel’s GPS-C016 model
Complete the following steps to connect and power your FlexPak6. Be sure to mount the antenna to a
secure, stable structure with an unobstructed view of the sky.
1. Using a coaxial cable, connect the antenna to the
port, which is found on the front face of the
2. Connect the USB or COM1 port on the receiver to the USB or serial port on your computer. If you are
using a USB connection, install the USB drivers available from our web site at to
3. Connect the power cable connector to the
with the red mark on the receiver’s
port. Line up the red mark on the power cable connector
port and insert power cable.
Alternative Power Source
If you use an alternative power source, the 12 V car adapter can be cut off from the power cable. The
exposed wires can then be tied to a 6-36 VDC power supply capable of at least 5 W.
Since the 12 V car adapter on the supplied adapter cable incorporates a 6 A fuse, a user supplied 6 A slow
blow fuse in a suitable holder must be used at the alternate power source to protect both the power supply
and your warranty. The car adapter is not recommended for use if your power source is greater than 12 V.
For an alternative power source:
a) Cut the 12 V car adapter from the power cable.
b) Tie the exposed wires to a 6-36 VDC supply capable of at least 5 W.
Be sure to connect the red and orange or green wires to the positive side of supply and connect
the black and brown or white wires to the negative side of supply.
c) Use a user supplied 6 A slow blow fuse at the alternate power source to protect the power supply
wiring and your warranty.
Fuse/Holder Recommendations
12 V System
BK/MDL-6-R Fuse (or equivalent)
BK/MDA-6-R Fuse (or equivalent)
BK/HFA-R-R Fuse (or equivalent)
Note: All made by Cooper/Bussmann;
available from Digikey
4. Plug in the adapter and/or turn on the power supply. The power LED will be red when the FlexPak6 is
properly powered.
Be aware that the FlexPak6 provides an output voltage on pin 4 of COM2 (POUT). This output
voltage is at the same level as the power source that you use to power the FlexPak6. To ensure
that any equipment you connect to COM2 will not be damaged, refer to the COM2 pinout in the
OEM6 Installation and Operation Guide found on our Web site at
The Ethernet ports are safety extra-low voltage (SELV) circuits only and are suitable for
connection within a building only. Do not connect them to Telephone Network Voltage (TNV)
Once installed, NovAtel Connect provides a graphical interface to establish communication, control and
monitor the operation of your NovAtel receiver.
To access and download the most current version of NovAtel Connect, go to
Establishing a New Receiver Connection
The first time you open a serial port to communicate with the receiver, complete the following:
1. Launch NovAtel Connect from the Start menu folder specified during the installation process. The
default location is Start | All Programs | NovAtel PC Software | NovAtel Connect.
2. Select New Connection from the Welcome window.
3. Enter a name for the Connection.
4. Select the Device Type to use to communicate from the drop list:
• Serial - define the COM port and connection settings
• USB - define the COM port and connection settings
• Network - select a receiver and define network settings
5. Click the OK button to save the new connection.
Detailed instructions for using NovAtel Connect are available from within the utility Help.
For serial connections, the default baud rate of 115200 is preferred and there is no handshaking.
If you have any questions or comments regarding your FlexPak6, please contact NovAtel using one of these methods:
Log a Case and Search Knowledge:
Log a Case, Search Knowledge and View Your Case History: (login access required)
Web Portal:
U.S. and Canada: 1-800-NOVATEL (1-800-668-2835)
International: +1-403-295-4900
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