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TOA E-07S User manual
Attention: This module has been designed for use with TOA 900 Series
Mixer/Amplifiers. Use with any other equipment may result in damage
to the module.
Module General Information
The E-07S module provides the proper equalization for TOA model HB-1/FB-100
subwoofers. It is designed to be installed in TOA 900 Series modular mixers and
amplifiers (MK2 or A series) and derives its power from that unit. Audio signals are routed
from the internal bus line to the module output after low pass filtering.
Materials Provided
The E-07S is supplied with this instruction sheet, a 3-pole removable terminal block and
two securing screws.
1. Make sure that the power switch on the mixer or amplifier is off.
2. Select a port on the amplifier for the module. If there is a blank cover over the port,
remove it.
When using the A-900A or M-900A Series, insert the module into Port 5 or 6 since the
audio signal bus lines are only connected to these two ports. (Note that the module
cannot be used in the A-901A.)
3. Taking care in handling to avoid static damage to the E-07S, insert the module fully
into the selected port and secure with the screws provided.
4. Connect the module output to the input terminal of the expansion amplifier for the subwoofer. To convert the expansion amplifier input to balanced type, install a balanced
input module in the amplifier.
5. Switch on the mixer or mixer/amplifier and check for proper signal flow through the
Note that the front panel volume control for the input port in which the E-07S module is
installed has no effect.
Power Requirement :
Filter Specifications
LPF (–12 dB/oct.)
fc = 100 Hz
Q = 1.0
24 VDC, 35 mA
86 dB
95 g
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