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TOA C-BC704PB Specification
Combination Camera
Pendant Adapter
Flush Ceiling Mounting Bracket
Wall Mounting Bracket
Pole Mounting Bracket
10X varifocal lens included
Remote Controller
The C-CC704 is a high-resolution, indoor-use, vandal-resistant 24V AC type surveillance camera with 360° coverage, a 10X optical
zoom lens, and a high-speed camera drive for 200° horizontal rotation and vertical tilting per second. A 12X electronic zoom works in
tandem with the 10X optical zoom lens for greatly enhanced 120X zooming. The unit's privacy masking feature enables user-selected
areas in a camera's field of view to be excluded from surveillance. A route tracing function enables the traces of joystick movement to
be recorded as a route for up to 120 seconds. Eight different routes can be programmed. A tour function allows users to program up to
60 steps out of 64 preset camera positions as a tour pattern to automatically monitor the preset positions in order. This allows a
camera to continuously repeat a travel pattern as a tour, for up to 8 tour patterns. Each tour program may be replaced by a different
travel pattern that has been activated by an alarm input or timer. This alarm function enables three desired camera operations -position replay, touring and tracing -- to be programmed to activate when the camera receives an alarm input. The camera is equipped
with a maximum of four alarm inputs and each alarm input can be set to respond with a different preprogrammed camera movement
pattern. Since the camera unit is constructed of diecast aluminum alloy and its dome cover is made of polycarbonate, the C-CC704 is
highly resistant to even powerful impacts.
• High resolution: 470 TVL
• 1/4-inch CCD with a resolution of 380,000 pixels (NTSC)
• High sensitivity
Minimum Illumination:2 lx (High sensitivity mode off, 50 IRE)
0.1 lx (High sensitivity mode on, 50 IRE)
• 64 preset positions
• 120X zoom (optical 10X, electronic 12X)
• Auto-focus
• Tilt rotation range: +2° to -90°
• Pan rotation range: continuous 360°
• High speed pan/tilt: 200°/ second
• Four alarm inputs
• Dust and water-proof construction (IP66*)
*When C-BC704W or C-BC704PB is used.
• High resistance to strong impacts
• Privacy masking function (up to 8)
• Auto-pan, Auto-trace, and Auto-tour functions
• RS-485 protocol control
TOA Corporation C-CC704 1/3
ø95 (ø3.74")
Cable entry hole
46 (1.81")
(*2) The pipe receptacle thread is compatible
with NPT3/4 as specified in ANSI/ASME
B1.20.1 (The American Standard Taper
Pipe Threads).
83.6 (3.29")
Cable entry hole (*2)
(with pipe screw cover)
159 (6.26")
Top View
Remote Controller
Cable clamp
unit: mm
Rear View
ø99 (ø3.9")
ø157 (ø6.18")
65 (2.56")
56.8 (2.24")
Side View
Side View
Top View
Bottom View
112.7 (4.44")
181 (7.13")
63.3 (2.49")
Front View
323.6 (12.74")
Figure of the unit installed
Unit: mm
Power Source
Power Consumption
Video Output
Camera Control Terminal
Alarm Input
No. of Preset Positions
Automatic Operation
Image device
Number of Effective Pixels
Scanning System
Scanning Frequency
S/N ratio
Minimum Illumination
Backlight Compensation
High-Sensitivity Function
White Balance
Flicker Reduction
Electronic Zooming
24V AC 50/60Hz
RS-485 communications system (applicable protocol: Type A, Type B)
VBS 1.0V(p-p), 75Ω
RS-485 camera control connector
4 channels, no-voltage make contact input, open voltage: 5V DC,
short-circuit current; Under 8mA (settable alarm action)
Internal synchronization
8 characters (alphanumeric and symbols)
Camera, Position, Trace, Auto-pan, Tour, Sector
Auto-pan, Auto-trace (8 preset patterns (120s)), Tour (8 preset patterns)
Refresh: Starts at the preset time every week by timer settings
English, Japanese
1/4 type CCD
Horizontal: 470 lines (at center)
768 (H) x 494 (V) (380,000 pixels)
2 : 1 interlace
Horizontal: 15.734kHz, Vertical: 59.94Hz
High-sensitivity function 0FF: 2 lx (50 IRE), 0.4 lx (20 IRE)
High-sensitivity function 0N: 0.1 lx (50 IRE), 0.03 lx (20 IRE)
Slow shutter mode (64 times max.)
Automatic correction
12x zooming
Stop AF
TOA Corporation C-CC704 2/3
Effective Focal Length
Effective Angle of View
Maximum Aperture
Zoom Speed
Pan/Tilt Head
Rotating Range
Rotating Speed
Other Function
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Dust/Water Protection
f = 3.8 – 38mm (10X)
Horizontal: 50.7° (W) – 5.4° (T), Vertical: 39.1° (W) – 4.1° (T)
F 1.8 (W) – F 2.4 (T)
WIDE end to TELE end Approx. 2.1s (preset operation),
Approx. 2.1s (manual operation)
Panning: Endless 360° rotation, Tilting: +2° to –90°
Panning/Tilting: Approx. 200°/s max. (preset operation),
Approx. 200°/s max. (manual operation)
Privacy Masking (up to 8),
–10˚C to +50˚C (14°F to 122°F)
(The power needs to be continuously kept on under 0°C (32°F))
Under 90% RH (no condensation)
Indoor used
Case, decorative frame: Die-cast aluminium, light gray, paint
Dome cover: PC resin (transparent)
Camera section external diameter: ø157 × 159 (H)mm (ø6.18" × 6.26"),
Dome external diameter: ø99mm (ø3.9")
1.8kg (3.97 lb)
CD (manual (PDF)) × 1, Dome cover mounting screw (M4 × 10) × 3,
Composite cable × 1, TORX wrench × 1, Sealing tape × 1
Wall mounting bracket: C-BC704W, Pole mounting bracket: C-BC771PM,
Flush ceiling mounting bracket: C-BC704U, Pendant adapter: C-BC704PB
*1 Provided that the optional C-BC704W Wall Mounting Bracket or C-BC704PB Pendant Adapter is used in combination.
The product specified shall be a motorized speed dome camera system
designed for indoor surveillance applications. The camera system
Image device: 1/4 type CCD
Horizontal Resolution: 470 TVL (at center) NTSC
consists of a high resolution CCD camera using 1/4-inch type CCD
Signal to Noise Ratio: 50dB
imager with a motorized 10X zoom, auto-iris, auto-focus lens; electronic
12X digital zoom; a high speed, continuous 360 degree/second, pan/tilt
Minimum Illumination:
High-sensitivity function OFF: 2 lx (50 IRE), 0.4 lx (20 IRE)
High-sensitivity function ON: 0.1 lx (50 IRE), 0.03 lx (20 IRE)
mechanism; programmable privacy masking; internal CPU circuitry with
external programming via RS-485 from camera remote control unit or
RS-232 from PC with TOA camera setup software; compatible with
Pelco-D, Bosch and Panasonic protocols.
Alarm inputs: (4) Four channels shall be provided to trigger preset
selected targets.
Titling options: To facilitate camera use, various titles can be input and
Backlight compensation: ON/OFF
High-Sensitivity Function: Slow shutter mode (64 times max.)
White Balance: ATW/AWB
Flicker Reduction: Automatic correction
Electronic Zooming: 12x zooming
Auto-Focus: Stop AF
displayed on the monitor.
In addition to camera and position titles, other titles for display include:
trace title (displayed while the trace function is on), tour title (displayed
Effective Focal Length: f=3.8-38mm (10x)
Effective Angle of View: Horizontal: 50.7° (W) – 5.4° (T)
Vertical: 39.1° (W) – 4.1° (T)
when tour function is activated) and alarm title (displayed when an alarm
input is received).
Preset operation start with Timer program function: The camera shall
conveniently be set to begin operation at a preset time with a built-in
timer. The timer can be set for a specific date, day of the week or daily.
Fully automatic operation mode shift includes sensitivity boost, AGC,
normal condition and backlight compensation to smoothly transition as
lighting conditions change.
Route tracing function: The traces of joystick movement can be recorded
as a route for up to 120 seconds. (8) Eight different routes can be
Tour function: Among 64 preset positions, up to 60 steps can be
programmed as a tour pattern to automatically monitor preset points in
order. Up to (8) eight tour patterns can be programmed. Any tour
program is able to have a different travel pattern that can be activated by
an alarm input or timer.
Programmable Alarm function: Desired camera operations such as
position replay, touring and tracing can be programmed to activate when
Zooming: 10x
Maximum Aperture: F 1.8 (W) – F 2.4 (T)
Zoom Speed: WIDE end to TELE end
Approx. 2.1 sec (preset operation)
Approx. 2.1 sec (manual operation)
Rotating Range: Panning: Endless 360°
Tilting: +2° to -90°
Rotating Speed: Panning/Tilting: 200°/sec max. (preset operation),
200°/sec max. (manual operation)
Power Source: 24V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 11W
Control: RS-485
Video output: VBS 1.0V(p-p), 75Ω
the camera receives an alarm input. The camera is equipped with (4)
four alarm inputs and each alarm input can be set to respond with
different preprogrammed operation.
Dimensions: Camera section external diameter: ø157 x 159 mm (H)
(ø6.18” x 6.26”)
Dome external diameter: ø99mm (ø3.9”)
Weight: 1.8 kg (3.97 lb)
Outdoor Installation: The camera shall fully conforms to IP66 standards.
Other functions shall include 64 preset positions, automatic positional
correction (automatic positional deviation) and refresh function (slip-ring
The camera shall have flexible installation options utilizing the wide
range of mounting brackets available.
Rotating range: Panning: Endless 360° rotation,
Tilting range: +2° to -90°
Rotating speed: Panning/Tilting: 200°/sec max. (preset operation),
200°/sec max. (manual operation)
Finish: Case, decorative frame: Die-cast aluminum, light gray, paint
Dome cover: PC resin (transparent)
Operating temperature: -10° C to +50° C (14° F to +122° F)
Operating humidity: Under 90% RH (no dew condensation)
Dust/Water protection: IP66
This device complies with part 15 of FCC rules.
Safety: UL Listed
The speed dome camera shall be TOA model C-CC704.
The remote controller shall be TOA model RM-700.
The wall mounting bracket shall be TOA model C-BC704W.
The flush ceiling mounting bracket shall be TOA model C-BC704U.
The pole mounting bracket shall be TOA model C-BC771PM.
The pendant-mount adapter shall be TOA model C-BC704PB.
TOA Corporation
TOA Corporation C-CC704 3/3
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
(0906) 833-52-402-10 u
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