TOA C-PH200 User manual

TOA C-PH200 User manual
The C—PH200 is a rainproof and dustproof motorized pan/tilt head designed for both indoor
and outdoor applications. Mounted with a camera housing containing television camera and
zoom lens, etc., the C—PH200 pan/tilt head can be rotated vertically and horizontally by
remote control, thus greatly extending the camera's range of surveillance capability.
Power Source 24 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 46 VA
Input/Output Lines Video signal: Applicable cable diameter: 94 — #8 mm
Screw terminal for 3C-2V or 5C-2V
Power control: Applicable cable diameter: #13 — 218 mm
M3 screw terminal (12 P) with free terminal screw X 2
Output line: Connected to the housing using dedicated cable
Rotation Angle Tilt: —70° to +20” 15
Pan: Over 340° (automatic reverse), 350° +5" (manual operation)
Operation Speed Tilt: 3£0.57s (50 Hz), 3.6'£0.6°/s (60 Hz)
(No load) Pan: 6'+0.57/s (50 Hz), 7.72+0.67s (60 Hz)
Rated Time Tilt: 15 min, Pan: Continuous
Auto—Pan Life 5,000 hours or 200,000 reverse operations
Load Rating 11 kg (upright installation), 10 kg (indoor suspension)
Waterproof/Dustproof [P54
Capability (Waterproof capability only applies to upright installation.)
Wind Pressure Operable at average wind velocity of 40 m/s or less.
Not destructed at maximum wind velocity of 60 m/s (provided the unit is
installed at a height of 15 m above the ground and C-CH200 Series camera
housings are mounted)
Application [Indoors and outdoors (except seaside and industrial districts where the unit is
subject to corrosion, and heights that expose the unit to strong wind pressure )+*
Operating Temperature | —10°C to +50'C (standard specifications and not frozen)
Operating Humidity 30% to 90% RH
Finish Die—cast aluminum and anti—corrosion aluminum plate, off-white, powder coating
Dimensions 190 (W) X 282 (H) X 313 (D) mm
Weight 10.2 kg
Applicable Model Camera housing: C—CH200 series, C—CH100 series
Option Wall mounting bracket: C—BC200K
x Because a waterproof function is disabled, unit cannot be installed in a suspended position outdoors.
BAPPEARANCE с 168 Housing mounting hole
12 15 120 A hole) 168 4—8 10
‚© 70 142 for M8 bolt
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(SCALE: 1/2) A 2-7X80
259 housing mounting hole
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Ne Po (for suspension)
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10 |, 180
Side View &
moe NT XQ <
Front View Rear View
03G TOA Corporation DWG No: GC—04YA1
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