TOA C-CH200FH User manual

TOA C-CH200FH User manual
Notes on Cable Wiring
For details of the wiring method, please refer to the instruction manual included with the outdoor pan/tilt head.
When routing cables through the bushing
[Cross-sectional view of the bushing]
• Be sure to mount a rubber packing ring when
running a cable through the bushing.
• If a gap is created between cable and bushing,
wrap the self-adhesive butyl rubber tape around
the cable to prevent the entry of rainwater.
• Ensure the routed cable is correctly fixed by lightly
pulling it.
Camera housing
Rubber packing ring
(Install securely.)
Control cable or
coaxial cable
When using the C-PH200 Outdoor Pan/Tile Head
Route the housing cable so that it does not slack, and
house the extra length of cable in the housing.
Housing cable
Fix the housing cable in the position that does not allow extreme force
to be applied to the cable when the pan/tilt head moves vertically.
Selection of the incorrect position could cause damage to the cable,
possibly resulting in fire.
Wrong cable routing example 1
Wrong cable routing example 2
If a cable slack is too ample,
it contacts the pan/tilt head’s
rear and extreme force could
be applied to the cable while
the pan/tilt head is rotating
Cable is damaged when the pan/tilt head
rotates horizontally.
Because no appropriate slack is provided in the cable,
extreme force is applied to the cable while
the pan/tilt head is rotating vertically.
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