TOA CR-131N User manual

TOA CR-131N User manual
7d TOA Assembling. Method of CR-131N
Note. : M3X6
_ L : Length in mm
| | | 4 | sm - D : Diameter in mm
Ema Metric system
How to use Plastic Cable Ties
All cables and cords from the installed equipment should be placed along the
Wiring Duct welded to the rear side of the side panel and tied together with
Plastic Cable Ties.
Wiring Frames
Plastic Cable Tie
Put Plastic Cable Tie through the hole,
No. Description Quantity
M Top 1
@ Bottom 1
® Side Panels 2
(9) Rear Panel 1
©) Plastic Feet 4
® Plastic Cable Ties 12
7 Hexagon Head Bolts M8X20
Steel Zinc Plated 8
Lock Washers M8 8
©) Flat Washers M8 8
(O Binding Head Screws M4 X15
Steel Zinc Plated 4
(7 Panel Fixing Taptite Screws 4
(2 Fibre Washers 4
I TOA TOA Corporation
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