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TOA HY-0871CL User manual
Please follow the instructions in this manual to obtain the optimum results from this unit.
We also recommend that you keep this manual handy for future reference.
• Be sure to read the instructions in this section carefully
before use.
• Make sure to observe the instructions in this manual as
the conventions of safety symbols and messages
regarded as very important precautions are included.
• We also recommend you keep this instruction manual
handy for future reference.
The HY-0871CL Speaker Mounting Bracket is specially
designed for mounting TOA's ES-0871 Speaker System to
a wall or ceiling.
Angle adjustment
slot C
Bracket R
Bracket L
Safety Symbol and Message Conventions
Safety symbols and messages described below are used
in this manual to prevent bodily injury and property
damage which could result from mishandling. Before
operating your product, read this manual first so you are
thoroughly aware of the potential safety hazards as well as
understand the safety symbols and messages.
Indicates a potentially hazardous
situation which, if mishandled, could
result in death or serious personal
Angle adjustment slot B
Temporaryfixing slot
Angle adjustment slot A
1. Mount both Brackets L and R to a ceiling or wall using
four bolts for each bracket.
Ceiling or wall mounting dimension (Unit: mm)
• When installing brackets as shown in Figure 1
• Owing to the speaker's size and weight, be sure that at
least two persons are available to install the speaker.
Failure to do so could result in personal injury.
• Use nuts and bolts (not supplied with the unit) that are
appropriate for the ceiling's or wall's structure and
composition. If the ceiling or wall cannot withstand the
weight of both the speaker and bracket, the speaker may
fall, resulting in material damage and possible personal
• When mounting the speaker to a wall, ensure that the
entrance of the bracket's temporary-fixing slot is facing
upward. If not installed facing up, the speaker may fall
off, resulting in personal injury.
• Tighten each nut and bolt securely. Ensure that the HY0871CL has no loose joints after installation to prevent
accidents that could result in personal injury.
• Do not hang down from the bracket, as the speaker
system and bracket could fall, resulting in personal injury.
• When installing brackets as shown in Figure 2
Figure 2
• Install the unit only in a location that can structurally
support the weight of the unit and the mounting bracket.
Doing otherwise may result in the speaker falling down
and causing personal injury and/or property damage.
Figure 1
2. Out of four screws located on each of the speaker's top
and bottom panels, remove the following three (six in
total) from each panel.
Nut A (one each on top
and bottom panels)
Nut B (one each on top
and bottom panels)
Nut C (one each on top
and bottom panels)
Do not remove this screw.
(This nut is not used.)
3. Run the bolt through its spring washer and plain washer,
and temporarily install it in Nut A on each speaker panel
as shown below. (In this case, do not fully tighten the
bolt but leave a gap of 4 to 5 mm between plain washer
and speaker panel to permit the bracket to be inserted.)
6. Remove bolts from Nut A (two places). Move the
speaker again, and install a plain washer, a spring
washer and a hexagon bolt in Nuts A and C.
• Wall mounting
• Ceiling mounting
Nut C
Temporarily-installed bolt with 4-5 mm
its spring and plain washers
Nut A
Nut B
Plain washer
Nut A (one each on top
and bottom panels)
Spring washer
Hexagon bolt
Note : Do not leave hexagon bolts excessively loose
when installing them temporarily.
Nut B
Nut A
Nut C
Note : When removing the hexagon bolt from Nut A,
ensure another hexagon bolt is installed securely
in Nut B, and support the speaker while removing
the bolt.
7. Adjust the speaker angle, then tighten all hexagon bolts
• Vertical wall mounting
• Horizontal wall mounting
4. Fit the two temporarily-installed bolts into the temporaryfixing slot of both Brackets L and R.
• Wall mounting
• Ceiling mounting
Temporary-fixing slot
Temporary-fixing slot
Adjustable Speaker Mounting Angle Range
• Ceiling mounting
Adjustable angle range differs
depending on the bracket's slot
or hole to use.
Maximum 509
Temporary-fixing slot
Downward facing
angle of 15°- 75°
Temporary-fixing slot
5. Move the speaker to install hexagon bolts in Nut B (two
• Ceiling mounting
Temporaryfixing slot
• Wall mounting
Nut A
Nut A
Nut B
Angle adjustment
slot B
Angle adjustment
slot B
Nut B
Downward facing
angle 45°
Downward facing
angle 45°
Unit: mm
Temporaryfixing slot
Rolled steel plate, paint, black, semi-mat
5.5 kg
Note : The design and specifications are subject to change
without notice for improvement.
• Accessories
Hexagon bolt W3/8" ............................................. 6
Spring washer (W3/8") ........................................ 6
Plain washer (W3/8") ........................................... 6
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