TOA HY-W05 User manual

TOA HY-W05 User manual
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The HY-W05 bracket is designed exclusively for mounting TOA" s SR-F05 speaker system to the wall.
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Instruction Manual
- When mounting the wall bracket to the wall, drive bolts into a steel frame behind the wall or directly
into the concrete surface.
- Confirm that the wall is heavy-duty enough to support the total weight of the load before mounting.
- The HY-W05 is designed for indoor use. Do not use it outdoors.
- Failure to follow the mounting instructions in this manual will cause accidents because the excessive
force can be applied to both the bracket and speaker.
- TOA takes no responsibility for the fall of the speaker or other accidents due to inadequate strength
of the mounting place or improper mounting method.
- Tighten each bolt and nut securely. In addition, check to confirm they are free from any looseness
after installation completion.
- Never loosen any bolts and nuts other than those for angle adjustment.
- The HY-W05 bracket cannot be mounted to the ceiling.
Unit:mm (in. )
120(4.72”) A. 340(13.39 ” ) Angle Adjustment Range
Ro | A 300(11.81”) 7 - Vertical direction
Ao oY FT E | Up : Up to 90°
_ ` 7 | Down : Up to 90°
Ilo ol > CE |
2 = Z TT - Horizontal direction
< : 2
=| [oso] = 2 > Left : Up to 180°
2 | i TO 7 | Ч Right: Up to 180°
| pas CC \
= 1h o 360° in total
ес ‹ 90 (3.54 ”) ( )
; EZ — —
> Accessories
> a - Instruction manual
7 - Hexagon bolt(M5 Xx 25sems)
Zr TU 1 evene 8
E _ _ | 3 t — 00080
| | | J
] J
316012447) | | 24209.537) _
60 | ne
Wall fixing hole distance
(2.367) (2.367)
1. Remove eight screws located on both sides (four screws on each side) of the speaker (SR—F05).
2.Mount the speaker bracket to the speaker.
Align the holes of the speaker mounting plate with the holes exposed on each side in Step 1,
then tighten a hexagon bolt (M5x25 sems) at each hole.
A. Be sure to use all eight holes (four holes on each side) to attach the mounting plate to the
speaker, and tighten each bolt securely.
B. Do not loosen an axial screw (M8x20) under any circumstances.
3.Remove a safety bolt of the wall bracket.
4. With the notched face down, mount the wall bracket to the wall by inserting bolts into six fixing holes.
(No bolt for wall mounting is supplied. Arrange for M8 or W5/16” bolts locally.)
Be sure to tighten each of six bolts to mount the bracket to the wall.
5.Fit the speaker bracket s fixing nut in the notch of the wall bracket. (In this case, a plain washer 24
must be located under the notch, i.e. next above a horizontal angle adjustment screw.)
6.Reinsert the safety bolt in the wall bracket and tighten its nut securely.
7.Determine the speaker’ s horizontal position and tighten a horizontal angle adjustment nut.
8. Determine the speaker’ s vertical position, then tighten a vertical angle adjustment nut.
Wall bracket
Wall mounting hole
Plain washer 8
Plain washer 8--—.. _
Safety bolt (M8x70) - >
A0 =. E
— .
Horaizonal angle adjustment nut M24 ve
28° | Notch
Speaker bracket
Fixing nut
Plain washer 24
Axial bolt (M8x20)
<Precaution> Never loosen this bolt. ~__
Vertical angle adjustment bolt —— oe
Hexagon bolt (M5x25 sems)- —
Speaker mounting plate
TOA Corporation
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