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TOA M-900MK2 HH Specification
The TOA M-900MK2 Mixer Preamplifier controls and mixes
up to eight independent input signals and delivers up to
+20dBm of output power. Optional plug-in modules are
available for use with the M-900MK2 to provide a full range
of operating applications. The use of edge connectors on
the rear of the unit permits selection from a wide assortment
of TOA plug-in modules.
A remote master volume control is provided, functioning
with an external potentiometer. A two-level muting function
is available with optional modules.
The mixer preamplifier has a balanced and transformerisolated output for operation with 600-ohm or 150-ohm
Other features include a tone defeat switch and
connections for another mixer preamplifier or mixer power
amplifiers A-903MK2, A-906MK2 and A-912MK2.
1. Wide frequency response: 20 to 20,000Hz ± 1dB
2. Low distortion and noise level
3. Excellent output regulation
4. Bass and treble controls
5. Bridging input and output
6. Signal processing input and output
7. Built-in protection circuitry
8. Transformer-isolated output of 150/600 ohms
9. Full range of plug-in modules
10. Mountable in two EIA standard rack units with optional
rack mounting bracket
Frequency Response
at rated output (600-ohm load)
Output Power
8-channel mixer preamplifier
Power Bandwidth
+4dBm, +20dBm (max.)
Frequency Response
30-20,000Hz, +20dBm 0.5% THD
250-20,000Hz, + 18dBm 0.5% THD
20-20,000Hz, ± 1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
0.01% at 1kHz, rated output
Eight input ports: Every port accepts any input
One bridging input/output
Input Sensitivity/Impedance
Input port #1 to #8: 100mV/10k ohms
Bridging input/output: 100mV/3.3k ohms
Source Impedance
200 ohms with M-01/M-11/M-21/M-51/M-61 modules
(balanced Lo-Z microphone preamplifier)
50k ohms with M-03 module
(unbalanced Hi-Z microphone preamplifier).
R-01 module (mag. phono preamplifier)
220k ohms with U-01/U-11/U-21/U-61 modules
(auxiliary preamplifier)
10k ohms with B-01/B-11 modules
(bridging transformer)
600 ohms with L-01/L-11/L-41 modules (line matching
transformer), l-01 module (paging input)
600 ohms (load impedance) with T-01 module
(line output)
Main: Balanced, 150/600 ohms
Aux: Unbalanced, 10k ohms, 0dBm
Output Regulation (1kHz)
Less than 1.5dB, no load to full load
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
(Band Pass: 20-20,000Hz)
With Tone Controls Centered
Master volume min.: 90dB
Master volume max.: 77dB
Tone Controls
Bass: ± 10dB at 100Hz; Treble: ± 10dB at 10kHz
8 input gain controls
1 power ON/OFF switch
1 master gain control
1 power LED, 1 protect LED, 1 signal LED,
1 normal LED, 1 peak LED
Self-protection, with AC fuses (inside)
Input #1 to #8: Card-edge connector
Bridging, Aux output: RCA phono jack
Output: Screw-terminal strip
Mute, Remote master VR: Screw-terminal strip
AC power cord/plug: SJT, 3-prong type
AC outlet: 3-pin grounding type
1 bass tone control
1 treble tone control
1 tone defeat switch
Power Consumption
18 watts
Temperature Range
12°F to 140°F (-10°C to +60°C)
16.5”(W) x 3.9”(H) x 12.1”(D) (420 x 99.1 x 307.5mm)
(without input modules)
11.7lbs. (5.3kg)
Standard Accessories
4 volume control covers (YA-920), 7 input port covers
Other Features
Output disconnected for approx. 5 seconds after
switching power on.
Optional Accessories
Plug-in modules
(see specifications for individual modules),
Rack mounting bracket model MB-25B
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Power Output vs. Frequency
at 0.5% /0.3% THD (600-ohm load)
Architect’s and Engineer’s Specifications
The mixer preamplifier shall have eight mixer input ports and shall be
capable of operation from a 120V, 50/60Hz line. Each input port shall be
usable with microphone, phono pickup or high-level devices. The amplifier
shall meet the following performance criteria. Power output shall be +20dBm
at less than 0.5% THD from 30 to 20,000Hz and +18dBm at less than 0.3%
THD from 25 to 20,000Hz. Frequency response shall be ±1dB from 20 to
Source impedance shall be 200/50k ohms with a microphone preamplifier,
50k ohms with a mag. phono preamplifier, 220k ohms with an auxiliary
preamplifier, 10k ohms with a bridging transformer, 600 ohms with a line
matching transformer and 600 ohms with a paging input. Load impedance
shall be 150 or 600 ohms (transformer-isolated output).
Equivalent input noise shall be -126dBm with a Lo-Z microphone
preamplifier. Output noise shall be 90dB below rated output when all gain
controls are off.
TOA plug-in accessory modules designed for use with the M-900MK2 mixer
preamplifier shall utilize the latest in surface mount component technology
and include the following modules: the M Series microphone preamplifiers
available with muting, remote volume control, voice gate and compressor
options; the U Series auxiliary preamplifiers available with muting, remote
volume control and compressor options; the R-01 magnetic phono
preamplifier; the B Series bridging transformers available with muting option;
the L Series line matching transformers available with muting option; the
S Series signal generator modules, and the l-01 TOA intercom system
interface paging module. Also available shall be the T-01 module featuring
600-ohm balanced output capability, and the T-02 module featuring auxiliary
input and balanced line output for music-on-hold.
The mixer preamplifier shall be rack mounted using the TOA MB-25B rack
mounting bracket. The amplifier’s dimensions shall be 16.5”(W) x 3.9”(H) x
12.1”(D) (420 x 99.1 x 307.5mm) and its weight shall be 11.7lbs. (5.3kg).
The mixer preamplifier shall be TOA model M-900MK2.
TOA Corporation
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