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TOA MP-1216 Specification
TOA’s MP-1216 Multi-Channel Monitor Panel is an active
device featuring aural and visual monitoring of up to sixteen
channels for any combination of speaker and line level
audio circuits. By linking two MP-1216’s up to 32 channels
may be monitored.
The unit may be located away from the equipment, allowing
remote monitoring of system levels. It requires only
standard, light gauge audio cable for connection to points
in the system to be monitored, whether they are speaker or
line level.
Each input has a separate screw terminal for each type of
input. This provides positive, hardwired, reliable
connections with no input switches to misadjust or fail.
Because of the transformer isolation and high impedance
inputs, by connecting one channel to a patch bay jack, any
audio signals in the patch bay can be safely monitored—
even mic signals (although usually only at low aural levels).
The MP-1216 is highly useful for monitoring signal levels in
any system with multiple channels of line level feeds and/or
amplification. This is particularly true when equipment
provides, at best, only clip indicators or where there is a
variety of different types of indicators-all calibrated to their
own “standard” level. This can present a very confusing
“level picture”, even to trained operators.
Each individual input channel can also be aurally monitored
through a high quality internal speaker or headphone jack.
A front panel selector switch is used to select the channel to
be monitored and an output level control adjusts the
listening volume. Beneath each channel meter is an
indicator to show the channel selected for aural monitoring.
The monitor circuit provides up to 3 watts output to the
internal speaker. When headphones of 8 ohm or higher
impedance are used, the internal speaker is automatically
A major feature of the MP-1216 is that there is a 12 segment
LED meter for EACH input. The meters are active at all
times so that all levels can be SIMULTANEOUSLY
monitored. The meters are calibrated for 0.3W to 1,200W
for 8 ohm speaker circuits and -30dB to +6dB *(ref 0.775V)
for line level circuits. Each input is bridging, transformer
isolated and can accept signals from high or low
impedance speaker or line level circuits.
Two MP-1216’s can be linked in a Master/Slave
configuration using the optional link cable and the rear
panel Link switch to select the operation mode. In this way
up to 32 channels can be monitored. The Master unit
provides the selection and control of aural monitoring for
both the Master and the Slave. When in Slave mode, the
unit’s Select switch is disabled and the LED indicator above
the selector switch is extinguished.
* 0dB = +4dBm = 1.23V RMS
Architect’s and Engineer’s Specifications
1. Simultaneous visual monitoring of up to 16 audio signals
with a 12 segment LED meter for each channel.
2. Simultaneous monitoring of 32 channels by linking two
3. Each input accepts signals at line level or from any type
of speaker circuit (low or high impedance).
4. Transformer isolated, bridging inputs do not affect
circuits to be monitored.
5. No input switches: A separate screw terminal on each
input for each input type for permanent, reliable
6. Individual aural monitoring of each channel, using an
internal speaker or the headphone jack. Indicator light
for channel being monitored.
7. Volume control and selector switch for speaker and
headphone control.
8. Back panel switch for Independent, Master or Slave
operation modes with a front panel indicator showing
the selected mode.
9. Master unit controls selection and volume for aural
monitoring of all 32 channels for linked units.
10. Calibrated meters for meaningful, relative signal level
11. Occupies only 2 rack spaces.
The device shall be a multi-channel monitor panel to provide visual and
aural monitoring of up to 16 channels of any combination of high/low
impedance speaker and line level circuits. Two units may be linked for
monitoring up to 32 channels. Nominal output level shall be 3W into the
built-in monitor speaker and a headphone jack for 8 ohm or higher
impedance headphones. Rated input levels shall be 70V, 120V AC
version (100V, 220/240V AC version) for high impedance speakers, 50V
(300W 8 ohms) for low impedance speakers and 1.23V (+4dB) for line
level. Maximum input levels for full meter reading are 100V for speaker
and 2.5V (+l0dB) for line inputs. All inputs shall be bridging, balanced
and transformer isolated.
Model No.
Nominal Input Levels
Line level
Low impedance speaker
High impedance speaker
Maximum Meter Levels
Line level
Low impedance speaker
High impedance speaker
Maximum Output Level
Operating Controls
(common to both)
Operating Control
(link SW on rear panel)
LED Indicators
(per channel)
LED Indicators
(common to both)
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
The front panel shall have a PHONES jack and internal monitor speaker.
Front panel controls and switches shall include: POWER On/Off switch;
OUTPUT level control and CHAN SELECT switch for the speaker/
headphone monitoring. Front panel indicators for each channel shall
include: a Channel Select LED below each meter to indicate the channel
being aurally monitored; a 12-point LED meter that shall be active at all
times and calibrated for 0.3W to 1200W at 8 ohms and -30dB to +6dB*
for line level signals. Also provided shall be a CHAN SELECT switch
indicator (On = switch enabled in INDEPENDENT or MASTER modes,
Off = switch disabled in SLAVE mode): a POWER On indicator.
The rear panel shall have a switch for setting the mode of operation to
INDE, MASTER or SLAVE. INDEPENDENT mode shall be for stand
alone operation: MASTER and SLAVE modes for linking two units. In this
case one unit shall be in MASTER mode, the other in SLAVE mode. The
unit in MASTER mode shall provide the aural monitoring facilities and
control of monitor Channel Selection and Level for both units.
The rear panel shall also include: four barrier strip type screw terminals
per channel (70V/100V, 8 ohm, 1.23V, Com), with protective plastic
covers to prevent accidental shorts; a fuse holder with a replaceable 1
amp (1/4 amp 220/240V) fuse with 1 spare fuse provided.
Power consumption shall be 21 watts at 120V AC (25W 220/240V AC
version). The unit shall be enclosed in a durable, black painted 1.0mm
(.04 in.) steel enclosure, mechanically reinforced by a 2.0mm (0.08 in.)
thick, black Alumirite front panel. Overall dimensions shall be 482.6W x
88.4H x 312.7D mm (19W x 3.48H x 12.31D in.). Weight shall be 5.3kg
(11.7 Ibs.). Standard E.I.A. equipment rack mounting shall be provided.
+4dB, transformer isolated
49V, transformer isolated
70V, transformer isolated
(100V 220/240V AC version)
The multi-channel monitor panel shall be the TOA MP-1216.
98V (1,200W at 8 ohms)
3W into internal speaker or 10mW into
phones jack
Select switch
Link switch
NOTE: 0dB = 0.775V RMS
* 0dB = +4dBm = 1.23V RMS
Chans 1—16
Speaker/Phone level
Unit mm(in.)
12 segment LED
Channel indicator On when selected
Ch Select
On for Master/lnde modes
Off for Slave mode
AC Mains, 50Hz/60Hz
21W (120V AC version)
25W (220/240V AC version)
Fuse: 1.0A 120V/0.25A 220/240V
482.6W x 88.4H x 312.7D mm
(19W x 3.48H x 12.31D in.)
5.3kg (11.7 lbs.)
Spare fuse: 1
Rack screws [metric] 4
YA-8 Link Cable
NOTE: 0dB = 0.775V RMS
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
TOA Corporation
Printed in Japan (311 I) 833-64-111-70
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