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TOA SR-F08 Quick start guide
2-way Passive Speaker System
SR-F04 / SR-F08
of passion compiled
into a speaker
›› Powerful, passive 2-way speaker system
›› Supported by a comprehensive range of mounting
accessories to set up the speaker system in both
fixed and mobile installations
›› The horn can be rotated 90° to be mounted either
horizontally or verticallly, depending on the application
*SR-F08 only
Best Sound Performance Out of the Box
The model SR-F04 and SR-F08 are pre-tuned with TOA's Sound Philosophy
formulated through over 80 years experience in sound engineering, which achieves
the best sound performance out of the box.
| SR-F04 Frequency Response
| SR-F08 Frequency Response
[ dB]
[ dB]
Frequency [ Hz]
Frequency [ Hz]
Hardware Design
Compact and stylish
trapezoidal enclosure
to fit in everywhere
Die-casting Aluminum
Speaker Frame to have
good stiffness and
strength-to-weight ratio
Birch Plywood
to minimize the
resonance of the
enclosure itself
Polyurea Coating to
protect the surface of
the speaker well
• Used as main speakers in small
or medium-sized auditoriums and
conference rooms
• Used as auxiliary speakers in large
music halls and houses of worship
Two high-efficiency 4 inches
(10 cm) cone-type woofers
and a compression driver
A high-efficiency 8 inches
(20 cm) cone-type woofer
and a compression driver
with a rotatable CD horn
Power Handling Capacity
Rated Impedance
Frequency Response
Crossover Frequency
2-way, passive, bass-reflex
Continuous pink noise: 120 W
Continuous program: 360 W
91 dB ( 1 W, 1 m)
65 Hz - 20 kHz
1.5 kHz
Continuous pink noise: 80 W
Continuous program: 240 W
88 dB ( 1 W, 1 m)
80 Hz - 20 kHz
3 kHz
Directivity Angle
70° Conical
Speaker Component
Low frequency: 10 cm ( 4” ) cone-type × 2
High Frequency: Compression driver fitted with CD horn
Low frequency: 20 cm ( 8” ) cone-type
High Frequency: Compression driver fitted with CD horn
Neutrik NL4MP × 2, M4 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 11 mm ( 0.43” )
Enclosure: Birch plywood, black, polyurea coating
Grille: Steel plate, black, 40% gloss, paint
165 ( W ) × 400 ( H ) × 177 ( D ) mm ( 6.5” × 15.75” × 6.97” )
Speaker mounting bracket: HY-B0801, HY-UH04, HY-UV04
Ceiling mount bracket: HY-C0801
Speaker wall mount bracket: HY-W0801, HY-WM04
Speaker stand adapter: HY-ST04
Speaker stand: ST-34B
Horizontal: 90°, Vertical: 60°
( Horn at 90° Rotation, Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 90°)
5.8 kg ( 12.79 lb )
249 ( W ) × 450 ( H ) × 243 ( D ) mm ( 9.8” × 17.72” × 9.57” )
11 kg ( 24.25 lb )
Speaker mounting bracket: HY-B0801, HY-UH08, HY-UV08
Ceiling mount bracket: HY-C0801
Speaker wall mount bracket: HY-W0801, HY-WM08
Speaker stand: ST-34B
“Made in Japan” - Reliable High Quality
Quality control in the Factory
The model SR-F04 and SR-F08 are made in TOA’s very
own factory in Japan, passing all the quality control
inspections. Since TOA Corporation was founded in 1934,
we have been ensuring that we provide reliable products
to our customers. We constantly strive to improve on our
factory operations and focus on customer satisfaction.
Compliance with Laws and Regulations
TOA is constantly carrying out tests to ensure that
products comply with various regulations and standards
around the world: safety regulations including UL, CE,
CCC, RoHS, WEEE, EN 54, SASO, and REACH; the
standards for each country; and ISO 9001.
We have been and we will always be a reliable partner.
State-of-the-Art Facilities
In order to satisfy the legal requirements and conditions of
each country, products must pass a large number of
stringent tests. By installing various kinds of testing
facilities, such as anechoic/echoic chambers and EMC
(Electromagnetic Compatibility) test chambers, and by
carrying out in-house testing, TOA has been able to
improve the quality of its products.
(1910) 833-61-10053
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