TOA TS-901 User manual

TOA TS-901 User manual
Chairman units
Delegate units
TS-801, TS-901
TS-802, TS-902
Thank you for purchasing TOA's Chairman Units and Delegate Units.
Please carefully follow the instructions in this manual to ensure long, trouble-free use of your
• Before installation or use, be sure to carefully read all the instructions in this section for
correct and safe operation.
• Be sure to follow all the precautionary instructions in this section, which contain important
warnings and/or cautions regarding safety.
• After reading, keep this manual handy for future reference.
a potentially hazardous situation which, if mishandled,
WARNING Indicates
could result in death or serious personal injury.
When Installing the Unit
• Do not expose the unit to rain or an environment where it may be splashed by water or other
liquids, as doing so may result in fire or electric shock.
• Use the unit only with the voltage specified on the unit. Using a voltage higher than that which
is specified may result in fire or electric shock.
• Do not cut, kink, otherwise damage nor modify the power supply cord. In addition, avoid
using the power cord in close proximity to heaters, and never place heavy objects -- including
the unit itself -- on the power cord, as doing so may result in fire or electric shock.
• Avoid installing or mounting the unit in unstable locations, such as on a rickety table or a
slanted surface. Doing so may result in the unit falling down and causing personal injury and/
or property damage.
When the Unit is in Use
• Should the following irregularity be found during use, immediately switch off the power,
disconnect the power supply plug from the AC outlet and contact your nearest TOA dealer.
Make no further attempt to operate the unit in this condition as this may cause fire or electric
· If you detect smoke or a strange smell coming from the unit.
· If water or any metallic object gets into the unit
· If the unit falls, or the unit case breaks
· If the power supply cord is damaged (exposure of the core, disconnection, etc.)
· If it is malfunctioning (no tone sounds.)
• To prevent a fire or electric shock, never open nor remove the unit case as there are high
voltage components inside the unit. Refer all servicing to your nearest TOA dealer.
• Do not place cups, bowls, or other containers of liquid or metallic objects on top of the unit. If
they accidentally spill into the unit, this may cause a fire or electric shock.
• Do not insert nor drop metallic objects or flammable materials in the ventilation slots of the
unit's cover, as this may result in fire or electric shock.
• Do not touch a plug during thunder and lightning, as this may result in electric shock.
• ‌To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if mishandled, could
result in moderate or minor personal injury, and/or property damage.
When Installing the Unit
• Never plug in nor remove the power supply plug with wet hands, as doing so may cause
electric shock.
• When unplugging the power supply cord, be sure to grasp the power supply plug; never pull
on the cord itself. Operating the unit with a damaged power supply cord may cause a fire or
electric shock.
• When moving the unit, be sure to remove its power supply cord from the wall outlet. Moving
the unit with the power cord connected to the outlet may cause damage to the power cord,
resulting in fire or electric shock. When removing the power cord, be sure to hold its plug to
• Do not block the ventilation slots in the unit's cover. Doing so may cause heat to build up
inside the unit and result in fire.
• Avoid installing the unit in humid or dusty locations, in locations exposed to the direct sunlight,
near the heaters, or in locations generating sooty smoke or steam as doing otherwise may
result in fire or electric shock.
• Replace the battery only with the TOA BP-900. Using a battery other than designated may
cause it to explode. When you discard batteries, please contact the local dealer from whom
you bought.
When the Unit is in Use
• Do not place heavy objects on the unit as this may cause it to fall or break which may result
in personal injury and/or property damage. In addition, the object itself may fall off and cause
injury and/or damage.
• Make sure that the volume control is set to minimum position before power is switched on.
Loud noise produced at high volume when power is switched on can impair hearing.
• Use the dedicated AC adapter AD-0910 for the unit. Note that the use of other adapter may
cause a fire.
• When the unit is not in use for 10 days or more, or when the AC power is used for operating
the unit, be sure to take the batteries out of the unit because battery leakage may cause a
fire, personal injury, or contamination of environment.
• If dust accumulates on the power supply plug or in the wall AC outlet, a fire may result. Clean
it periodically. In addition, insert the plug in the wall outlet securely.
• Switch off the power, and unplug the power supply plug from the AC outlet for safety purposes
when cleaning or leaving the unit unused for 10 days or more. Doing otherwise may cause a
fire or electric shock.
The TS-801 and TS-901 Chairman units, and the TS-802 and TS-902 Delegate units are designed
for use in the TOA infrared conference systems.
These units provide wireless communication via the Infrared Transmitter/Receiver unit
connected to the Central unit.
Two types of dedicated microphones are made available for the Chairman and Delegate units as
optional products: the TS-903 standard type and the TS-904 long type.
• Since the Chairman units and the Delegate units require no wiring, they permit easy
installation based on a free layout.
• Up to 192 TS-801/802/901/902 units and TS-911/912 wired conference units connectable to the
• Up to 96 TS-901 and TS-902 units connectable to the TS-900.
• Up to 64 TS-801 and TS-802 units connectable to the TS-800.
• Both TS-901 and TS-902 units equipped with Voting and base/translation language selection
functions and TS-801 and TS-802 units designed primarily for speaking and monitoring can be
freely used. In the case of the TS-801 and TS-802 units, they can monitor the base language
• Priority Speech key to take precedence over Delegate units.
• Status after priority speech, Priority Chime ON/OFF function, and priority speech key operation
mode settable by a DIP switch.
• The TS-901 is equipped with a voting function enabled by the DIP switch setting.
• Chairman and Delegate units microphones are attached via XLR connectors that permit easy
detachment for more space-saving convenience in storage.
• Two types of Chairman and Delegate units microphones are made available and freely
interchangeable: Standard type and Long type.
5. Specification
Model No.
Power Source
7.4 V DC (battery), 9 V DC (AC adapter)
(supplied from the optional BP-900 battery or AD-0910 AC adapter)
Current Consumption
Max. 270 mA
870 nm (AM: Brightness modulation)
Modulation Method
Frequency modulation
Carrier Frequency
Audio channel 1:
7.35 MHz
Audio channel 1: 7.35 MHz
Audio channel 2:
8.10 MHz
Audio channel 2: 8.10 MHz
Audio channel 3:
8.55 MHz
Audio channel 3: 8.55 MHz
Audio channel 4:
9.15 MHz
Audio channel 4: 9.15 MHz
Control channel:
6.45 MHz
Control channel: 6.45 MHz
Base language channel:
1.95 MHz
Audio channel:
1.95 MHz
Translation language channel: 2.25 MHz
Acceptance Angle
Vertical: 90°, Horizontal: 120°
Emission Angle
Vertical: 90°, Horizontal: 120°
Covering Range
7 m or 22.97 ft (radius)
Microphone terminal: XLR-4-31 type (dedicated for connecting the optional
TS-903 or TS-904)
Monitor speaker: 8 Ω, 0.2 W Headphone:
ø3.5 mm mini jack (3P: monaural) x 2
LED Indicator
Speech indicator (flashes when the unit is out of communications range),
Infrared Emitter/Detector
This is a class A product.
In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the
user may be required to take adequate measures.
Battery Life
Power indicator (flashes when the unit is out of communications range or
when the battery level is low)
Voting status indicators 1 – 3
Approx. 10 hours (when the fully-charged BP-900 battery is used with "During
speech" to "Standby" ratio of 1:2)
Monitor volume control, Headphone volume control
Priority speech function
Priority speech function
Voting function
Monitor selector switch (MAIN/SUB)
Operating Temperature
0 to 40 ºC (32 to 104 ºF)
Operating Humidity
90 %RH or less (no condensation)
Top Panel: ABS resin, gray metallic, paint, semi-gloss
210 (w) x 68.6 (h) x 152 (d) mm (8.27" x 2.7" x 5.98")
630 g (1.39 lb)
640 g (1.41 lb)
Note: The design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
• Optional products
TS-903, TS-904 (Select either one.)
Lithium-ion battery: BP-900
AC adapter:
Traceability Information for Europe
Authorized representative:
TOA Corporation
TOA Electronics Europe GmbH
7-2-1, Minatojima-Nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo,
Suederstrasse 282, 20537 Hamburg,
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