TOA VP-1060B User manual

TOA VP-1060B User manual
7d TOA © Va
E PI IFIERE VP-1060B (60W)
| VP-1240B (240W)
PA-3640VB (360W)
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VR 2408
TOA Corporation
Safety precautions ...... ae 4
General description --------- eorannoopranececan aria rcoce ronca ooor ceo eona o ocao cocinera. peoteananenoe 6
Features 00000000000000800020050% 200000000000 Ut O 7.
Specifications encuecanencao pecucooboococacaacanooeocacaaces ececooccccocecocarecaoacccere ESSEN dl
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Unpacking ------- oconooscocooccrccaooracrcoacorcococancacaooeo booocotocococecocccocaracacccnas 000000000000000000002000 9.
Installation-Rack mounting OF SLACKING ---"<-"<-<<#<-<<<»sevorcorceccerenmencencencnnces ET
AC power supply connection-Rack mounting 000000000000000000000002000088 uneconercaocaoooooooicacaoanenarias 10
Grounding вееененененннееннннененнннннненнееее) eooroooooeccocananecacecancaraoecene eoccncocenaioooccancoceacaeenea $1
- 24V DC power supply --------=-========ssececrcocconacorererecococooooooacocecacoceceorecacenene. эененененннннее 11 |
о | Input connection eeeanenananns eoooooocacocroraoccaoacaceovencanocacacaracconeaecoc ore. 11-12
— Programinput | -
| Priority input В
- Output connection ++-----========eeeeeerccerenaaene nano eraneo oran oreono once. recencncnaconne. 12
Output tappings modification a
Emergency relay ........ 000200000000000000000050000000000 eocccaoocacocracconcacancansacaroeca. .......>............. $3
3-wire system wiring В
4-wire system wiring
Description, appearances, dimensions and specifications of other equipment |
| Rack mounting bracket YM-OO3LB -----==e--=-cecccccnsonarcacocccaoecanecenecanoncacaconierne eee 14
Rack mounting kit YB-121B --------=========q<.... eececorocencaaccaccaocanenacaneonacan recerca canoa. 15
Joint metal kit Y J-120B -------e-.coccocccoocaacaccrococacanocaneconeoicancoo o recooee eee recorre. ne... 16
. Stacking brackets YM-06A/YM-09A/YM-12A £500000000000000000000000000000000000008000000000000000000s 16
Connecting cables YR-1000/YR-1005/YR-1010/YR-1020 -:-:+::0+00000400000000000.00000000. 17
Blank box YF-120B -----.--...... eoooccoccconerocaceoeocenenoreoarecacrarenon eee rar eee oaeroceroocerocene 17
Block diagram соозовоетоооовововововоовее 008 0000000000000008000s000000800000000000000s08000800000s8e¢00060000000000e00 18
* Be sure to read the instructions in this section carefully before use.
* Make sure to observe the instructions in this manual as the conventions of safety symbols and messages
regarded as very important precautions are included.
* We also recommend you keep this instruction manual handy for future reference.
Safety Symbol and Message Conventions
Safety symbols and messages described below are used in this manual to prevent bodily injury and property
damage which could result from mishandling. Before operating your product, read this manual first so you are
thoroughly aware of the potential safety hazards as well as understand the safety symbols and messages.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if mishandled, could
A WARN ING result in death or serious personal injury.
When Installing the Unit
* Do not expose the unit to rain or an environment where it may be splashed by water or other liquids, as
doing so may result in fire or electric shock.
—e Use the unit only with the voltage specified on the unit. Using a voltage higher than that which is specified
- May result in fire or electric shock.
* Do not cut, kink, otherwise damage nor modify the power supply cord. In addition, avoid using the power
cord in close proximity to heaters, and never place heavy objects -- including the unit itself -- on the power
cord, as doing so may result in fire or electric shock.
* Be sure to replace the unit's terminal cover after connection completion. Because the voltage of up to 100 У
is applied to the high impedance speaker terminals, never touch these terminals to avoid electric shock.
» Avoid installing or mounting the unit in unstable locations, such as on a rickety table or a slanted surface.
Doing so may result in the unit falling down and causing personal injury and/or property damage.
* Ensure that the voltage selector is properly set to the local power voltage. Wrong settings may cause a fire
or electric shock.
When the Unit is in Use
e Should the following irregularity be found during use, immediately switch off the power, disconnect the
power supply plug from the AC outlet and contact your nearest TOA dealer. Make no further attempt to
operate the unit in this condition as this may cause fire or electric shock.
. If you detect smoke or a strange smell coming from the unit.
- If water or any metallic object gets into the unit
- If the unit falls, or the unit case breaks
- If the power supply cord is damaged (exposure of the core, disconnection, etc.)
› If it is. malfunctioning (no tone sounds.)
» To prevent .a fire or electric shock, never open nor remove the unit case as there are high voltage
components inside the unit. Refer all servicing to your nearest TOA dealer.
Do not place cups, bowls, or other containers of liquid or metallic objects on top of the unit. If they
accidentally spill into the unit, this may cause a fire or electric shock.
Do not insert nor drop metallic objects or flammable materials in the ventilation slots as this may result in fire
or electric shock.
* Do not touch a plug or antenna during thunder and lightning, as this may result in electric shock.
Indicates a potentially hazardous: situation which, if mishandled, could
/ \ CAUTI ON result in moderate or minor personal injury, and/or property damage.
. When installing the Unit
* Never plug in nor remove the power supply plug with wet hands, as doing so may cause electric shock.
* When unplugging the power supply cord, be sure to grasp the power supply plug; never pull on the cord
itself. Operating the unit with a damaged power supply cord may cause a fire or electric shock.
_ e When moving the unit, be sure to remove its power supply cord from the wall outlet. Moving the unit with the
power cord connected to the: outlet may cause damage to the power cord, resulting in fire or electric shock.
When removing the power cord, be sure to hoid its plug to pull.
* Do not block the upper panel ventilation slots in the unit's cover. Doing so may cause heat to build up inside
the unit and result in fire.
- » Avoid installing the unit in humid or dusty locations, in locations exposed to the direct sunlight, near the.
heaters, or in locations generating sooty smoke or steam as doing otherwise may result in fire or electric
* install the unit only in stable locations, and make appropriate arrangements to prevent it from falling down or
~ rolling cross the floor. If it falls down or moves, this may cause personal injury and/or property damage.
~» When unpacking or moving the unit, be sure to handle it with two-or more persons. Falling or dropping the
unit may cause personal injury and/or property damage.
‘When the Unit is in Use
* Do not place heavy objects on the unit as this may cause it to fall or break which may result in personal
injury and/or property damage. In addition, the object itself may fall off and cause injury and/or damage.
« Do not operate the unit for an extended period of time with the sound distorting. This is an indication of a
malfunction, which in turn can cause heat to generate and result in a fire.
e Contact your TOA dealer as to the cleaning. If dust is allowed to accumulate in the unit over a long period of
time, a fire or damage to the unit may result.
* if dust accumulates on the power supply plug or in the wall AC outlet, a fire may result. Clean it periodically.
In addition, insert the plug in the wall outlet securely.
* Switch off the power, and unplug the power supply plug from the AC outlet for safety purposes when
cleaning or leaving the unit unused for 10 days or more. A fire or electric shock may result.
The TOA V-1 000 Series Amplifier № is an | epoch- making system of modular construction with various programming -
functions to meet wide applications i in commercial fields.
PA-3640VB/360W) which feature high performance and quality.
The ampliñers VP- 1060B and VP-1 120B are half a 19” rack.
By using the V-1000 series, these power amplifiers can make various sound systems, from simple to large,
which are needed in shops, hotels, supermarkets etc. The Spin DIN connectors are used for PROGRAM INPUT
Feeding a control signal to the PRIORITY INPUT allows the PRIORITY signal to take precedence of the
PROGRAM INPUT signals. In this case, when the priority circuit is activated, the red LED on the amplifier front
panel glows. Each input has a cascade input for parallel connection by an optional 5-pin DIN connection cable.
Both low impedance output (4 ohms) except for the VP-1240B and PA-3640VB and high impedance outputs are
available. The wiring is preset at 50V line and 100V line when the amplifier is shipped from factory. By changing
the wiring of transformer inside the equipment, outputs of 4 ohms and 70V line are obtainable. |
| Al has “the power amplifiers of 4 differerit wattages (VP-1060B/60W, VP-1120B/120W, VP-1 240B/240W and”
‚The amplifiers are provided with a relay contact for emergency paging which can be distributed through 3-wite : |
or 4-wire system wiring that requires the DC power supply.
—- The amplifiers are designed for operation on either AC Mains or 24V DC.
The VP-1060B, VP-1120B and VP-1240B can be used as a rack mounting type with the help of Rack mounting
bracket YM-003LB and Rack mounting kit YB-121B, accessories for the V-1000 Series, and the PA-3640VB is
exclusively used for rack mounting. Also an optional Fault Detection Circuit YA-1000A can be built in to check
out faults of power amplifiers and speaker lines.
To make the best of the V-1000 series in achieving the most satisfactory sound systems, please read this
operating instructions carefully.
оо м О о AWN
4-wire system wiring that requires the DC power supply.
100V line when the amplifier is shipped from factory.
10. - An optional Fault Detection Circuit YA-1000A can be mounted.
- - ‘11. Designed for operation on either AC Mains or 24V DC. |
12. The VP-1060B, VP-1120B and VP-1240B can be used as desk-tôp or rack mounting type, and the
— “PA-3640VB is exclusively used for rack mounting.
- 13. VP-1060B and VP-1120B are 1/2 19” wide and require an optional mounting bracket, a mounting kit
and/or a joint metal kit for the rack mounting.
Rated output: 6OW r.m.s., 120W r.m.s., 240W r.m.s, and 360W r.m.s.
Wide frequency range from 40Hz to 16kHz + 2dB (except PA-3640VB)
- Low distortion of less than 1 % (at 1kHz, rated output) (except PA-3640VB)
Inputs : 1 PROGRAM input and 1 PRIORITY input
Operation of the PRIORITY INPUT mutes PROGRAM INPUT.
Mute level can be controlled by means of the semi-fixed volume control on the printed circuit board.
When thie PRIORITY input is activated, the red LED on the front panel glows.
— A relay contact of the output terminal board allows emergency paging to be distributed through 3-wire of
Low impedance output (4 ohms) except for the VP-1240B and PA-3640VB and high impedance outputs
(50V, 70V and 100V line) aré provided on the output transformer. Wiring is preset at 50V line and:
* The design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
| Models VP-1060B VP-1120B VP-1240B PA-3640VB
Output Power 60 W RMS 120 W RMS 240 W RMS 360 W RMS
Frequency 40 Hz — 16 kHz +2 dB (at 1/3 rated output) 40 Hz — 16 kHz +3 dB
|Response (at 1/3 rated output) |
| Distortion (at rated Less than 1% Lessthan2% |
output f = 1 kHz) (at 230 — 240 V AC) | -
Less than 5%
| (at 220 V AC)
Inputs 2 Program Inputs (Parallel) 0 dB 100 kQ (Balanced)
2 Priority Inputs (Parallel) 0 dB 100 kQ (Balanced)
S/N Better than 80 dB
Indicators Green LED Lamp for Power Indicator
Red LED Lamp for Priority Indicator |
— | Outputs and Load 100 V/167 Q 100 V/83 Q 100 V/42 Q 100 V/27.8 Q
| Impedance (70 V/83 Q) (70 V/42 Q) (70 V/2t Q) (70 V/13.9 Q)
50 V/42Q 50 V/21 Q 50 V/10 Q 50 V/6.9 Q
т (4 9) (4 Q)
Power Consumption 200 VA 350 VA 650 VA ‚780 МА
“| Power Requirement VDE type: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz; 24 V DC 220 — 240 V AC,
| Others; 220 — 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz; 24 V DC 50/60 Hz; 24 V DC
Dimensions W = 216.0 mm W = 433.5 mm W=483.0mm
D = 340.0 mm D = 340.0 mm D = 316.0 mm
| H= 144.0 mm H= 144.0 mm H=177.0 mm
| Weight 8.5 kg | 10.0 kg 20.1 kg 22.2 kg
Finish Black '
| Notes
* Electrical properties given in the above specifications were measured at 230 V AC power supply.
\7 Front view
Rear view
.VP-1060B, VP-1120B
& ©
| Y Front view wa
Front view — Rear view
`` @ DCFüse Holder - Priority Input 5P DIN Socket
6 ACFuseHolder . — O Program Input 5P DIN Socket
(3) Power Switch - ® 10P Terminal
O Program Volume Control @ Earth Terminal
O) Priority Volume Control @ AC Inlet
Priority Indicator ® Port for YA-1000A
[email protected] Power Indicator - (Fault detection module)
— PAS000VB
© © D ©
O i ; - | ol
O o Ó O
PL ]°
Front view
EEC 5 Pp a
— o
æ-- MS ©
1 ; [|
| | | Rear view
® DC Füse Holder (O) Earth Terminal
@ AC Fuse Holder | {D Priority Input 5P DIN Socket
O) Priority Volume Control Ш @ Priority Output 5P DIN Socket
Program Volume Control | @ Program Input 5P DIN Socket
O) Priority Indicator —. | (9 Program Output 5P DIN Socket
Power Indicator Y Port for YA-1000A {
— 7. eP Terminals | ~~ (Fault detection module)
O AC Inlet |
Upon receipt of your equipment, please check no damage occurred in transit. If any, please declare. it to the |
‘ransportälion company, telling the type of damage, the date and the waybill number.
INSTALLATION-Rack Mounting or Stacking
The PA-3640VB requires rio Rack Mounting Brackets because itis designed exclusively for rack mount use.
The VP-1060B, VP-1120B and VP-1240B are designed for desk-top use. They can however: be used in
systems (stacked or 19” mounted). 19” rack mounting is realized by means of Joint metal kit YJ- 120B and Rack
| ‘mounting bracket YM-003LB which allow for mounting 2 pieces of 1/2 19” units (VP- 1060B/VP- 1 1208) in a 19”
Ш 3u space or Ráck mounting bracket YM-003LB (VP-1240B).
Incase the odd Aúiriber of 1 /2 19” units has to be rack-mounted, one Rack mounting bracket. YB-1 218 wi be a ©
fitted in the last supporting chassis. At last, you can also stack amplifiers using Stacking brackets YM-06A/ EE
| YM-OSAY M-12A for fastening.
Perforated Panel (optional)
If two or more amplifiers are mounted in an equipment rack,
space should be provided between the units for ventilation.
‘The Perforated Panel is recommended for this purpose.
The PA-3640VB | is a permanently connected apparatus having no power on/off switch on itself. Its power cord
and also the VP. amplifier power cords in the same rack should be connected to the Switched AC power outiets
| of thie Juriction Panel such as the JP-0410, so that you can control the power on/off of the entire amplifier rack.
— For the power line of the rack system, ALL-Pole Mains Switch with a contact separation of at least 3 mm in each
pole should be incorporated in the electrical installation of the building.
* Chassis are grounded via power cord or separate cable directly ona ground terminal.
Thé unit will also operate from an external 24V DC source with negative as ground. Power connections are
made on the DC screw terminal on the rear panel (see diagram). In case AC power fails, transfer to be is
| automatic, instantaneous and silent.
DC power supply | is not operated by the mains switch (an external DC switch has to be provided. )
24V 8A PA - 6 | | | PA — =f
— + м сом № сом 50V 100V | | | NO COM NC COM 50V 100V
422187 Q | 6.8027.8Q
24V 18.5A
VP-1060B, VP-1120B and VP-12408
Note : Using the length of cord and its cross-sectional area, make calculations so that voltage drop does not
exceed the range from 1 to 2 volts.
| VP/PA power amplifiers are equipped with 5 pin DIN sockets. Each input receives 2 sockets which makes
; parallel cabling of several amplifiers’ inputs possible by means of standard cords.
+24V DC
Program Input : < | —
1-3: Balanced modulation 1V 100kQ Ih A
2 : Ground 5 — La 3
4 : +24V DC out to external accessories | a
Priority Input : y > .
1-3 ‘Balanced modulation 1V 100kQ
2 : Ground = b> == FF “es
4 : +24V DC out to external accessories - NY
5 : Priority remote control by grounding 5 My —
(contact between pin 2 and pin 5)
Note : Total permissible current of program and priority inputs | per amplifier at Pin 4 should not be exceeded Ш
тах. 500тА.
Thea +
Priority input overrides program input. Muting level can be , adjusted by means of potentiometer: Operation of
priority input is singnalled on Front panel by a red LED and activates RY1 relay (see emergency relay). -
In case several amplifiers’ inputs are connected in parallel, electrical grounds are connected on. two
points of each amplifier in parallel which may involve interferences (hum) to use standard 5 pin DIN
cable, a jumper is provided on the output screw terminal on the rear panel which normally links electrical
- ground to chassis ground (earth). In case of trouble, remove the jumpers on all amplifiers of the system.
but one. Thus, all chassis connected to the earth with their main cords will be linked to the electrical |
ground « of the whole e system at only one point.
| Note :
Р. С. В
VP-1060B, VP-1120B and VP-12408)
- Loudspeaker’ s output connections are done on a screw terminal protected with a nylon cover, on the rear panel
- of the amplifier. Two outputs are available : 50V and 100V (floating). You may proceed a modification to give
access to 70V and 4 ohms tappings.
Output Tappings Modification Connection Example (VP-1060B)
24V 8A
_ 00 &М8А PA — 7
"The output terminals for speaker connection
. are preset at 50V and 100V line when the unit
“is supplied from factory.
If you need the 4 ohms output or 70V line, are
wire the terminals of the output transformer
from 50V line or 100V line to the 4 ohms
terminal or 70V line. The chart shows an
‘example of the change in connection made on
— + NO COM NC COM 50V100V
the power amplifier VP-1060B from SOV line X stands for cut
— to 70V line. eee … stands for change in connection
Load Inipedances Unit : Ohms
| VP-1060B | VP-1120B VP-1240B . | PA-3640VB
100V 167 83 42 27.8
70V 83 | 41 21 13.9
50V. 42 21 10 69
49 4 4 | — —
~ Each amplifier is equipped with one relay (RY1) activated by the PRIORITY input control Which inverter (NO/NC
contacts) is available on the rear panel screw terminal. This relay allows for two possible mountings for о |
emergency levels restored in case of emergency call broadcast with loudspeakers fitted with attenuators. -
— 3-Wire System Wiring
Level can be restored in loudspeakers using a third emergency lead connected from attentiator to amplifier.
— 24V 8A > — 7
— + NO COM NC COM 50V100V
— 420167 Q
100V (HOT)
4-Wire System Wiring
Remote control of local priority relays.
Relay contact capacity is less than 2.5 ampere (110V AC or 24V DC).
24V 8A A m OL
— + NOCOM NC COM 50V100V
420107 @ |
|, 100V (HOT) —
= a,
(+) (-)
The TOA Rack Mounting Bracket YM-003LB is a ‘pair г (ей and fight) brackets for use with the following models о
when mounting in a standard 19” rack is desirable. Models VP-1 0608, VP-1 120B and VP-1240B.
. Appearance and Dimensions
Unit : mm
reall — rl — rd
pe re > <
CU — > и
| Rack mounting plate (Black plats) | | Ш 2 pes.
| Binding head screw (M4 X 16, Chrome plated) 6 pcs.
| Binding head self tapping screw (5 X 12, Black plated) _ | 4pcs.
The TOA Rack Mounting Kit YB- 121B is a bracket for use with the following models when mounting na
| standard 19” rack is desirable.
Models VP-1 060B and VP-1120B.
| Appearance
a. Rack mounting plate (Black plated) — a a 1 pce.
© | Side plate (Chrome plated) i | 1 pce.
© | Front panel (Black plated) | 1 pce.
@ | Joint plate (Chrome plated) | 1pce.
€ | Flat head self tapping screw (3 x 8, Chrome plated) 4 pes.
© | Binding head screw (M4 x 16, Chrome plated) . — | 6pcs.
O | Oval head self tapping screw (3 X 8, Black plated) | 8 pes.
® Binding head self tapping screw (5 x 12, Black plated) 4 pcs.
© | Fiberwasher ___ o . 4 pos.
Unit : mm |
285; | Si ;
~ í $ } . .
mE > =
o Ÿ : OL
des e
Rack mounting bracket Side plate | | Front panel Joint plate
"The TOA Joint Metal Kit YJ-120B-is a kit for use with the following models.
Models VP-1060B and VP-1120B.
Appearancé and Dimensions
18 ii | — F7
7 LS a == 7
ari 110 | 1065 | 110
47110 1085 MO |
1 -
| $ a i , Note : Usethe screws of VP amplifiers when
@ 90000007 joining VP amplifiers with the YJ-120B.
© | Joint plate (Chrome plated) 1 pce. |
® | Rear holding bracket (Chrome plated) | | 1pce. | |
The TOA Stacking Brackets YM-06A, YM-09A and YM-12A are pairs (left and right) of brackets for stacking up
to four amplifiers. I
Appearance TT A A
т Cll al
y uN м
af o
a |i y |: wl
à 8 g
wo A в = 3 ` |
| Ld 3
Ht of | и
| +14 =,
Ss | x | ,
st o o
Ou + . Y = ||
o YM-06A YM-09A YM-12A
Dimensions 273 x
Finish Dark
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
CONNECTING CABLES YR-1000/YR-1005/YR-1010/YR-1020
The TOA Connecting Cables YR-1000, YR-1005, YR-1010 and YR- 1020 are designed for use as connections
- between Mixer Preamplifier outputs and Power Amplifier inputs or for strapping parallel inputs of Power
Amplifiers to each other. The Connecting Cable YR-1000 is used for connecting interface modules.
Model | YR-1000 YR-1005 | YR-1010 | YR-1020
Five Cables Two Cables
70cm 50cm 100cm
. *Speécifications are subject to change without notice.
7 The TOA Blank Box YF-120B is a half 19” size universal enclosure designed for the installation of
"components or controls. This Blank Box can be mounted easily in a cabinet rack with the Rack Mounting Kit
‚| УВ-121 В.
Appearance 133 | 3235 |
Г | |
Specifications | |
“ J | WJ
[Dimensions | 133(H) X 216(W) X 323.5(D)mm Bl |
| Weight | | 25kg — | — |
| Finish | Black _ | | |
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
AO¥Z — 022: | ещо
AOYZ —~ 082: BAOY9E-Vd
o Di vw0o0s AbZ
T— 7 14 17-7
o ---- > ! HOLIMS
LAY Lp---440 |
TH an Y
" J чары Î
U 400 L/9gpo
U X001/9P0
TOA Corporation
Printed in Japan
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