Worcester Greenstar 12-32 Heatslave II Combi Internal ErP (30.07.2018-onwards) Operating instructions

Worcester Greenstar 12-32 Heatslave II Combi Internal ErP  (30.07.2018-onwards) Operating instructions
User Instructions
Floor standing oil fired condensing boiler conventional flue and room sealed flue
12/18, 18/25 & 25/32
For sealed central heating systems with mains fed domestic hot water
For use with Kerosene (Class C2) only.
6 72
6 720 821682 (2018/04)
05 2
User instructions & customer care guide
Please read these instructions carefully before operating
your boiler.
These instructions are applicable to the Worcester,
Bosch Group boiler model(s) stated on the front cover of this
manual only and must not be used with any other make or
model of boiler.
The instructions apply in mainland UK only and should be
followed except for any statutory obligation.
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Explanation of symbols . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Safety precautions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
General Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Energy efficiency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Servicing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
User caution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Using your boiler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Operating the boiler . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
3.2.1 Switching the boiler on/off . . . . . . . .
3.2.2 Setting central heating temperature .
3.2.3 Controlling central heating . . . . . . . . .
3.2.4 Setting the hot water temperature . .
3.2.5 Domestic hot water (DHW) . . . . . . . .
3.2.6 Eco mode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
3.2.7 Frost protection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
3.2.8 System pressure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Maintenance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Fault finding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Maintaining your boiler . . . . . . . . . . 10
Servicing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
General information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Ventilation information . . . . . . . . . . 11
General notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Energy saving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Tips on energy saving
Guarantee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Fault or breakdown . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Guarantee registration . . . . . . . . . . .
Your guarantee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
If you are in any doubt contact the Worcester, Bosch Group
technical support.
This boiler must be installed by a competent person, e.g. an
OFTEC registered engineer, failure to install correctly could
lead to prosecution.
Please leave this guide, the installation instructions and
the completed checklist with the user.
A checklist and service interval record can be
found at the rear of the Installation,
Commissioning and Servicing Instruction
Seasonal Efficiency for Domestic Boilers in
the United Kingdom.
Oil Firing Technical Association for the
Petroleum Industry.
Dedicated to heating comfort
Thank you for purchasing a Greenstar oil fired condensing
boiler from Worcester, Bosch Group. The company prides itself
on manufacturing boilers to the strictest quality control
standards throughout every stage of production.
Worcester, Bosch Group has led the field in innovative boiler
design and performance for more than 50 years. This heritage
means all products are of exceptional quality and proven
The condensing range in particular, is extremely energy
efficient, converting more of the fuel consumed into heat
offering you economical running costs and value for money.
It sits in ErP heating efficiency, band A, at the top of the energy
rated boilers available.
There is also the assurance of our no-nonsense parts and
labour guarantee - backed up by an optional servicing and
maintenance contract to keep your boiler operating at peak
condition and efficiency.
To find out more about Worcester, Bosch Group, log onto
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Key to symbols and safety instructions
Key to symbols and safety instructions
Key to symbols
Safety instructions in this document are
framed and identified by a
warning triangle which is printed on a grey
A step in an action sequence
A sequence of defined actions or steps carried out in order to
complete a task.
▶ Action
▶ Next action
▶ etc.
A reference to a related part in the document or to other
related documents.
To refer the reader to a specific figure/table/section within the
The following keywords are defined and can be used in this
• NOTICE indicates a situation that could result in damage to
property or equipment.
• CAUTION indicates a situation that could result in minor to
medium injury.
• WARNING indicates a situation that could result in severe
injury or death.
• DANGER indicates a situation that will result in severe
injury or death.
 e.g. figure 1.
Important information
This symbol indicates important information
where there is no risk to people or property.
Additional symbols
a numbered step in an action sequence
a step in an action sequence
a reference to a related part in the document or to
other related documents
a reference number to identify or refer to a part or
a list entry
a list entry (second level)
Table 1
Examples of additional symbols used
A numbered step in an action sequence
A sequence of numbered steps or actions carried out in a
specific order to complete a task.
1. First action
2. Second action
3. Third action
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
A reference number to identify or refer to a part or item.
In a related figure, items or parts identified by a sequential
List entries, first and second levels
• A single component/item
• A component/list, made up of multiple parts/items.
– Sub component or sublist of main component/list.
– etc.
Safety instructions
These operating instructions are intended for the user of the
heating system.
▶ Read any operating instructions (boiler, heating controls,
etc.) carefully before operation and keep them.
▶ Observe the safety instructions and warnings.
Oil fumes or leaks from the appliance
If you smell oil fumes, observe the following rules.
Extinguish any naked flames
Isolate the electrical supply
Isolate the fuel supply to the boiler
Open windows and doors
Rectify the fault
Health and safety
The appliance contains no asbestos and no substances have
been used in the construction process that contravene the
COSHH Regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to
Health Regulations 1998). Where applicable, the CE mark
indicates compliance with relative EU Directives.
Combustion air/room air
The air in the installation room must be free of combustible or
chemically aggressive substances.
▶ Do not use or store combustible or explosive materials
(paper, propellants, thinners, paints, etc.) within the
vicinity of the appliance.
General Information
Safety of electrical devices for
domestic use and similar purposes:
The following requirements apply in
accordance with EN 60335-1 in order to
prevent hazards from occurring when
using electrical appliances:
“This appliance can be used by children
of 8 years and older, as well as by people
with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lacking in
experience and knowledge, if they are
supervised and have been given
instruction in the safe use of the
appliance and understand the resulting
dangers. Children shall not play with the
appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance must not be performed by
children without supervision.”
“If the power cable is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer, its
customer service department or a
similarly qualified person, so that risks
are avoided.”
General Information
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency information is given in the Installation,
Commissioning and Servicing Instructions supplied with the
The Service Checklist can be found at the rear of the boiler’s
installation instructions. It will be required in the event of any
guarantee work and may be required by the local Building
Control Inspector.
▶ Have the boiler serviced regularly by a competent, OFTEC
registered engineer.
▶ Ensure that the service engineer completes the Service
Record, at the rear of the Installation, Commissioning and
Servicing Instruction manual, after each service.
▶ Have any work carried out only by a competent, OFTEC
registered engineer.
▶ Always use original spares, to help maintain the efficiency,
safety and reliability of the appliance.
User caution
It is forbidden for any interference with the appliance other
than those actions allowed in this document.
CAUTION: Incorrect use
▶ Any incorrect use can result in danger to
the householder.
Intended use
This appliance must only be used as a heat appliance in a sealed
hot water heating system for domestic purposes.
Any misuse or unauthorised modifications to the appliance,
flue or associated accessories and heating system will
invalidate the guarantee.
Do not modify the appliance or flue system in any way.
Worcester, Bosch Group accepts no liability arising from any
such actions. This does not affect your statutory rights.
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Using your boiler
Using your boiler
6 720 805 211-01.1TL
Fig. 1
Spanner/return button
Reset button
ECO button
Boiler LCD display
Central heating temperature control
Scroll up button
OK - Select/confirmation button
Scroll down button
Demand/fault indicator (blue)
Position for optional programmer
Hot water, heat store, temperature control
Diagnostic port (service engineer)
System pressure gauge
Burner service mode button (service engineer)
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Using your boiler
Display symbols
Screen display
All possible screen symbols (including
greyed out symbols)
All possible screen symbols are displayed
briefly during start up. The greyed out
symbols are not required for the
operation of this appliance.
Numerical display
Displays a temperature setting or boiler
status code.
Text display
Displays ECO or Alert code
Hot water
Displays during a hot water demand and
when the heat store is reheating.
Central heating
Displays during central heating demand.
Displays during a fault condition with
diagnostic and status code.
Service mode
Displays when in the service menus.
Centigrade indication
Displays next to temperature reading.
Confirms a manual change.
Weather Compensation
Displays only if Weather Compensation
sensor is fitted and is active.
Operating the boiler
3.2.1 Switching the boiler on/off
▶ To switch on the boiler; turn on the water, oil and electricity
supply to the boiler.
▶ Check the programmer/timer is correctly configured and is
set to ON.
▶ Set the room thermostat to the desired setting.
▶ Open and set thermostatic radiator valves as required.
▶ Turn the boiler controls to the required setting.
▶ To switch off the boiler; turn the programmer/timer to OFF
for heating and hot water.
3.2.2 Setting central heating temperature
1. Turn the central heating temperature control knob to the
desired flow temperature between 50 and 82°C, this will
be indicated on the digital display. This is not the room
temperature but the flow temperature through the
2. The radiator symbol will be displayed to confirm that the a
central heating setting is being changed.
3. The value is displayed during this process, press ok to
exit or after five seconds of inactivity the boiler display will
return to the default screen.
6 720 805 211-02.1TL
Fig. 2
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Using your boiler
3.2.3 Controlling central heating
▶ Set the programmer/timer to the correct time with the
required ON/OFF periods.
▶ Turn the room thermostat to the temperature required.
▶ Set the thermostatic radiator valves to achieve the
required temperature for each room.
When reheating the heat store the controls will reclaim heat
from the boiler for the tank, this means that the pump will run
(and the blue light will be on) for some time after the burner has
turned off whilst heat reclaiming takes place.
WARNING: Scalding hazard
Care should be taken when using slow running
taps and showers.
Turning the central heating off during the summer
▶ Turn your programmer/timer to the off position.
▶ Please refer to the programmer/timer manufacturer's
3.2.4 Setting the hot water temperature
The hot water temperature control knob sets the temperature
of the heat store. A high setting will give a higher hot water
temperature and greater quantities of hot water.
1. Turn the hot water temperature control knob to the desired
level between 1 and 8, this will be shown on the digital
2. The tap symbol will be displayed to confirm that the hot
water setting is being changed.
3. The value is displayed during this process, press ok to
exit or after five seconds of inactivity the boiler display will
return to the default screen.
▶ In some circumstances, the combination
of low water flow rate and high setting of
the hot water control thermostat can result
in very hot water.
3.2.6 Eco mode
Domestic hot water eco mode
Eco mode is an energy saving feature which alters the cycling
function of the burner for heating the heat store tank. In normal
operation the burner will fire more frequently between
demands in order to maintain a stored temperature close to the
hot water set point you have entered. In Eco mode, the burner
fires less frequently between demands meaning that the heat
store temperature is maintained at a lower average level, but
the tank set point remains the same.
By selecting Eco mode you will be using less energy as the tank
is allowed to cool a little more before reheating to the set point.
6 720 805 211-03.1TL
Selecting Eco mode
1. Press and hold eco for at least four seconds to enter the
energy saving Eco mode, when Eco mode is active, “Eco”
will be displayed.
Fig. 3
3.2.5 Domestic hot water (DHW)
The GREENSTAR HEATSLAVE II is microprocessor controlled
and at low DHW flow rates (washing hands etc), the burner will
not fire up immediately when the tap is opened as the heat
store will meet the demand, but at high flow rates (filling a bath
for example) the burner will fire up to boost the heat store and
meet the demand.
If DHW is OFF on the programmer, the appliance will still supply
DHW using heat stored in the tank, but it will not reheat the
tank, therefore the amount of water available is limited but is
adequate for washing up, filling basins etc.
We recommend that DHW is timed off overnight and when the
home is unoccupied to save energy. The timer should be set for
at least half an hour before normal hot water demands are
expected to reheat the heat store.
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
6 720 805 211-04.1TL
Fig. 4
Exit eco mode
▶ To exit Eco mode, press and hold
seconds, “Eco” will disappear
for at least four
Using your boiler
3.2.7 Frost protection
▶ The boiler has built in frost protection to protect the boiler,
the boiler must have power for this to operate.
▶ If you are leaving the property unoccupied during cold
weather, please leave your programmer on constant and
your room thermostat set to around 10 to 15°C.
▶ If the temperature within the boiler falls below 8°C the
pump will run to circulate water and prevent the system
▶ If the temperature within the boiler falls below 4.5°C the
boiler will fire immediately, bringing the boiler temperature
up to 12°C to avoid the possibility of the system freezing.
▶ This process will be repeated until such time that the boiler
temperature does not drop below 4.5°C.
3.2.8 System pressure
This boiler is fitted to a sealed heating system which is prepressurised. Your installer will advise you of the minimum and
maximum pressure indicated on the pressure gauge.
▶ Check regularly that the pressure is maintained.
Filling loop
If the sealed system pressure within your system drops to
below 0.5 bar (shown on the pressure gauge) you will need to
increase the pressure to ensure your boiler continues to run
without problems.
Your installer should have informed you where
to find the filling system and instructed you in
its use.
Once the external filling loop has been located, follow the
instructions for re-pressurising the system.
1. Unscrew blanking cap.
2. Attach the hose to the valves, screw on hand-tight.
3. Turn the handle/screwdriver slot through 90° to open
4. The handle/screwdriver slot will be in line with the valves.
5. When the pressure reaches between the 1 and 1.5 bar
marks (zone A), turn the handles/screwdriver slots back,
through 90°, to close the valves.
6. The handle/screwdriver slot will be at 90° to the valves.
7. Remove the hose and replace the blanking caps.
6 720 805 211-06.1TL
Fig. 5
Optimum system pressure when your boiler is cold (area A) and
the pump is off. The indicated pressure will change as the pump
switches on, for more accurate readings check pressure when
the pump is not running.
▶ If the pressure gauge reads less than 1 bar then the system
requires re-charging.
– Check for leaks on heating system (pipe work and
radiator valves).
6 720 805 211-06.1TL
Fig. 6
▶ Contact your installer or maintenance engineer if a
permanent significant decrease or increase in pressure is
indicated on the pressure gauge.
– Constantly having to re-pressuring the heating system
should be investigated as the concentration of inhibitor
in the system will be reduced; this can result in
corrosion within the heating system.
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Flashing fault code Three figure number
Boiler alert state
Should a fault develop with this boiler (or the system), the
boiler will enter into a fault condition:
1. A fault condition is indicated by a flashing blue operation/
fault light and a triangular alert symbol on the display. A
flashing fault code is also displayed, see figure 7.
This type of fault can often be cleared by pressing the Reset
button reset .
Fault codes 9F and 855
▶ This is a burner lockout condition, press the
Reset button to restart the burner
▶ If the burner fails to fire and fault 9F 855 is
displayed again, check the oil supply to the
▶ If you try more than five times to reset the
boiler and fail, no more resets can be
attempted and the fault code 9F 856 will be
displayed, call Worcester, Bosch Group for
assistance, quoting the fault codes, contact
details are on the back page.
Boiler reset
1. Press the Reset button
on the fascia to clear the fault.
▶ Reset and a tick
symbol will be briefly displayed.
▶ If the reset was successful the boiler will return to normal
▶ If the reset was not successful then the fault code will be
displayed again, and the blue operation/fault light will
continue to flash.
▶ Make a note of these fault codes, in the table below
as an example see figure 7, fault codes E5 and 218.
▶ Contact Worcester, Bosch Group for assistance and quote
any fault codes displayed.
e.g. E5
e.g. 218
Boiler stops with no fault code
In most cases these fault conditions will clear automatically
when the associated fault clears e.g. waiting for an area of the
boiler to cool down.
If the boiler fails to automatically reset itself after a period of
30mins, call Worcester, Bosch Group, contact details are on
the back page of this manual.
You must have the boiler regularly serviced by a competent,
qualified OFTEC registered engineer using approved spares, to
help maintain the economy, safety and reliability of the boiler.
The boiler should be serviced once each year after installation
unless the installation conditions and usage demand more
frequent services.
The service engineer must complete the Service
Record in the checklist after each service.
The completed checklist will be required in the
event of any warranty work and may be required
by the local Building Control Inspector.
The checklist and service interval record can be
found at the rear of the Installation,
Commissioning and Servicing Instructions.
6 720 805 211-05.1TL
Fig. 7
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Fault finding
Boiler stops working, blue light and
warning triangle flashing and fault
code displayed
Internal error
Press the Reset button and the boiler should
restart, if not call Worcester, Bosch Group,
quoting fault codes
Boiler stops with no fault codes
Possible overheat
Wait 30 minutes for boiler to cool
Boiler stops working, blue light and
warning triangle flashing and fault
codes 9F 855 are displayed
Burner lockout
Press the Reset button to restart the burner.
If the burner fails to fire and fault 9F 855 is
displayed again, check the oil level in the tank
Fault codes 9F 856
More than 5 attempts at a reset
Call Worcester, Bosch Group, quoting fault codes
during Burner lockout fault 9F 855,
no more reset attempts can be made.
Desired room temperature is not
Thermostatic radiator valve(s) set
too low
Increase thermostatic radiator valve setting(s)
Room thermostat set too low
Increase room thermostat setting
Temperature control for CH flow on
boiler set too low
Increase CH flow temperature control setting
Air trapped in heating system
Bleed radiators and recharge heating system
Desired room temperature exceeded
by large amount
Radiators are too hot
Turn down thermostatic radiator valves/room
Room temperature rises instead of
Clock is incorrectly set
Check setting
No display or display unit does not
Momentary power failure
Switch off boiler at master switch, wait 30
seconds then switch on again
Hot water temperature too low
System pressure low
Hot water temperature set too low
Check setting
Hot water not in timed period on the
Check programmer settings
Leak within the heating system
Check system for obvious leaks
Maintaining your boiler
Your new boiler represents a long term investment in a reliable,
high quality product.
In order to realise its maximum working life and to ensure it
continues to operate at peak efficiency and performance, it is
essential that servicing and maintenance checks are performed
at least once a year by an OFTEC engineer or other suitably
qualified person.
If you would like to know more about servicing options from
Worcester, Bosch Group, please visit worcester-bosch.co.uk.
Please tick the appropriate box on your warranty registration
card for further details of the Worcester, Bosch Group Service
When your boiler requires servicing please contact a
Worcester, Bosch Group contact centre (see inside front cover
for details).
In addition to the service contract we are pleased to offer a oneoff annual service or breakdown call out for your boiler.
Maintenance tips
Regularly check the oil level in the tank. Running the tank empty
or low can lead to damage to the burner.
Do not obstruct the flue outlet or the air inlet.
Use in hard water areas
In exceptionally hard water areas a device to prevent scale
formation may be fitted. Installation of a scale inhibitor
assembly should be in accordance with the requirements of the
local water company. An isolating valve should be fitted to
allow for servicing.
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
General information
General information
Ventilation information
Boiler location
** The boiler can be installed under a worktop as long as the
following conditions are met:
The worktop above the boiler is easily removable for
There is at least 10mm clearance above the boiler.
The front of the boiler is not enclosed.
Air vents must be functional at all times and the air supply must
not be restricted or contaminated.
The boiler clearances must meet the minimum shown below for
servicing and venting purposes.
* If this clearance is less than 75mm the flue 'knock-out' panel
sections must be removed to improve air circulation and
Do not place clothes or objects to hinder the air circulation
required by the boiler.
Servicing clearances
a non-combustible partition around the boiler. Refer to the
installation manual for minimum vent sizes.
General notes
To get the best from your boiler. please read these instructions
Central heating systems
During the first few hours of operation of the central heating
system, check that all radiators are being heated at an even
rate. If the top of a radiator is at a lower temperature than the
bottom then it should be vented by releasing air through the
venting screw at the top of the radiator. Ask your installer to
show you how this is done. Repeated venting will reduce the
quantity of water in the system and this must be replenished for
safe and satisfactory operation of the boiler.
When excessive venting or water leaks are found in the system
you must contact a service engineer to inspect the installation
and rectify any fault.
Only use additives compatible with the boiler and system. Use
of incompatible additives can cause damage and will invalidate
the boiler guarantee.
Condensate drain
This is a condensing boiler and the terminal will, at times give
out a plume of water vapour. This is quite normal.
The boiler also produces quantities of condensate which is
discharged regularly via a pipe to the disposal point. This pipe
must not be blocked or altered in any way.
Clearances - Service
Your installer will have provided adequate space around the
boiler for safety and servicing access.
Do not restrict this space with the addition of cupboards,
shelves etc. next to the boiler.
Room thermostat
A room temperature controller must be fitted to control the
central heating. Refer to instructions supplied with the
thermostat for information on siting and setting.
6 720 805 211-08.1TL
Fig. 8
Conventional flue boilers require an adequate supply of fresh
air which must be delivered to the boiler for combustion
purposes through a permanent inlet, such as an air brick, into
the area where the boiler is situated.
If a cupboard or compartment which is to be used for storage or
airing is built around the boiler after installation there must be
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Thermostatic radiator valves
It is recommended that this type of valve is fitted to all but one
of the radiators (or at least those in the sleeping
accommodation). The remaining radiator, which must be
where the room thermostat is located, should be un-controlled
and must be left open.
Oil supply
This appliance is for use with 28sec kerosene only. Running the
oil tank empty or low may result in damage to the burner.
Energy saving
Energy saving
Tips on energy saving
Room thermostats
Reducing the setting of the room thermostat by 1°C can reduce
fuel consumption by up to 10%.
New control systems
Upgrade your heating control system with the latest equipment
available. The minimum level of control for a heating system is
a programmer, interlocking room thermostat and thermostatic
radiator valves.
More often than not radiators will be sited underneath a
window, so the warm air from the radiator heats the colder
incoming air from the window.
The performance of the radiator will be affected if the curtains
are allowed to drape over the radiator or shelves are fitted
above it.
The positioning of furniture and tables in front of the radiator
should also be avoided.
It is advisable to manually adjust all radiator valves every 2-3
months to prevent them from sticking. It is also important that
the plastic tops of all valves are always in position and not
cracked or damaged to help prevent accidents. Care should be
taken when vacuum cleaning carpets to avoid damage to valves
and pipework.
Roof insulation
Around 30% of the heat loss from a property is through the
roof. Replace any old insulation with new insulation, preferably
to a minimum thickness of 200mm.
Window frames
Single glazed windows, particularly those with steel frames,
can lose a great deal of heat.
Consideration should be given to replacement with PVCu or
wooden framed double glazed units.
Lined curtains, or heavier full length curtains can provide
excellent insulation. However, always ensure that the curtains
do not drape over radiators.
Try to ensure that draughts around doors, windows, letter
boxes and keyholes etc., are reduced by using a suitable
draught excluder.
▶ Do not block or seal any air vents that are
installed to ensure the central heating
boiler (or other appliance) operate safely.
The heating system and the outputs of the radiators have been
carefully selected by your installer. The temperature
obtainable in any given room is dependent on all radiators
being operated at the same time. If you decide to turn off
radiators in unused rooms, spare bedrooms etc., you may
experience slightly lower room temperatures in rooms adjacent
to unheated rooms.
Heating economically
The boiler is designed to provide a high level of comfort while
keeping oil consumption and the resulting environmental effect
as low as possible.
The central heating control on the boiler should be set as low as
possible while still maintaining a comfortable room
The temperature of each room can be set individually using the
thermostatic radiator valves (except the primary room with the
room thermostat).
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Fault or breakdown
This boiler is supported in mainland UK by Worcester,
Bosch Group, part of Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.
Specialist trained, Worcester, Bosch Group Service Engineers
are available to attend in the unlikely event that a breakdown
occurs on this boiler.
No charge will be made for parts and/or labour providing
▶ A boiler fault is found and the boiler has been installed
within the guarantee period. Reasonable evidence of this
must be supplied on request.
A call-out charge will be made where
▶ The boiler has been installed for longer than the guarantee
-or▶ Our Field Service Engineer finds no fault with the boiler
( Note).
-or▶ Evidence cannot be provided that the first year service
inspection has been carried out.
(i.e. an entry in the service interval record found at the rear
of the boiler installation and servicing manual).
-or▶ The cause of breakdown is misuse or with other parts of
your plumbing/heating system, or with equipment not
supplied by Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.
-or▶ Before calling the help line check the central heating
system pressure. If the pressure is low then check for
obvious leaks around the heating system; repair before the
system is re-pressurised.
For further support refer to the trouble shooting tool on the
No boiler fault is found on over 30% of all
service call outs.
If in doubt contact our Technical Support
In the event of an boiler fault or breakdown please contact our
Service Department. Your service administrator will arrange
for an Engineer to call with the minimum of delay. Under normal
circumstances this will be from 1 to 3 working days (excluding
weekends) for priority breakdown situations (no hot water
and/or heating).
Invoices for attendance and repair work carried out on this
boiler by any third party will not be accepted.
Boiler data label
The data label can be found on the condensate trap bracket on
the right hand side.
To access first remove the front panel:
▶ Pull control panel drawer forwards.
▶ Undo screws [A] securing the front panel to the boiler.
▶ Lift panel off bottom ledge [B] and remove from appliance.
To replace the top panel:
▶ Rest panel on bottom ledge [B].
▶ Replace the screws [A] securing the front panel to the
▶ Push control panel drawer back into place.
(You can record this information on the inside back cover of
this manual.)
Data label
Please read this guide carefully to gain a good understanding of
the operation of your boiler. In the case of a suspected fault,
refer to the fault finding section of this guide.
Fig. 9
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Guarantee registration
You should complete and return the postpaid Guarantee
Registration Card within 30 days of installation.
Returning your card will register you as the owner of your new
boiler and will assist us in maintaining an effective and efficient
customer service by establishing a reference and permanent
record for your boiler.
This does not affect your statutory rights.
For your own records
Serial number
(See identity label inside boiler casing)
Date of installation
Installer details
Your guarantee
This boiler is guaranteed against faulty materials or
workmanship from the date of installation subject to the
following conditions:
▶ During the period of this guarantee any components of the
unit which are proved to be faulty or defective in
manufacture will be exchanged or repaired free of material
charges and free of labour charges if repaired directly by
Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.
▶ The householder may be asked to prove, when requested,
the date of installation, that the boiler was correctly
commissioned and, where appropriate, that the 12 month
service inspection has been carried out to the satisfaction
of Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.
This should be documented in the Oil Boiler
Commissioning Checklist and Service Interval Record in
the back of the Installation, Commissioning and Servicing
▶ Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd will not accept responsibility
for damage caused by faulty installation, neglect, misuse or
accidental damage and non-observance of the instructions
contained in the Installation and Users Instructions
▶ The boiler has been used only for normal domestic
purposes, for which it was designed.
▶ This guarantee applies only to equipment purchased and
installed in mainland UK.
This guarantee is given in addition to all your normal statutory
Worcester, Bosch Group is a brand name of Bosch
Thermotechnology Ltd.
Guarantee registration
Your Greenstar appliance carries a guarantee against faulty
material or manufacture subject to Terms and Conditions.
To read the full Terms and Conditions please visit us on-line at
www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/guarantee. The guarantee
registration form is available on the same page and can be
completed and submitted electronically.
Alternatively, please telephone one of our Guarantee
Registration advisors on 0330 123 2552.
Your statutory rights are not affected by the manufacturer’s
If the boiler fails to give complete satisfaction,
please make the general checks shown on the
back page this manual before calling for a
service engineer.
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
Greenstar Heatslave II ErP+ – 6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
General checks before calling a Service engineer
Check the:
1. Oil level in the tank?
2. Power to the boiler?
3. Control settings?
No boiler fault is found on over 30% of
all service call outs.
Please read the fault section of the manual before
contacting our service team.
Worcester, Bosch Group
Cotswold Way, Warndon, Worcester WR4 9SW.
Tel. 0330 123 9559
Worcester, Bosch Group is a brand name of
Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.
6 720 821 682 (2018/04)
0330 123 3366
0330 123 9339
0330 123 9779
0330 123 9119
0330 123 0166
0330 123 9669
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