Meade Series 6000 APO Refractor Owner Manual

Meade Series 6000 APO Refractor Owner Manual
S ERI ES 6000 AP O
80mm, 115mm & 130mm
Never use a Meade® Telescope to look at the Sun! Looking
at or near the Sun will cause instant and irreversible damage
to your eye. Eye damage is often painless, so there is no
warning to the observer that damage has occurred until it is
too late. Do not point the telescope or its finder at or near
the Sun. Do not look through the telescope or its finder as
it is moving. Children should always have adult supervision
while observing.
The Meade Series 6000 ED APO are true three-element
apochromatic refractors that are virtually free of chromatic
aberration (color fringing), providing pinpoint star images.
A Series 6000 ED APO is the ideal companion for your
larger Advanced Coma-Free Cassegrain, or Newtonian
scope. Mounted piggyback to the larger telescope, a
Series 6000 ED APO is the ideal wide-field photography
scope when guided by the primary instrument and doubles
as a guide scope for the primary telescope. It also makes
an ideal lightweight and portable scope for flawless images
day or night.
• FAST FOCAL RATIO: At f/6 (80mm), f/7 (115mm) and f/7
(130mm), the focal ratio of these scopes is ideal for wide
field astrophotography.
• PREMIUM ED GLASS: Meade uses premium Extremely
Low Dispersion glass. This specialized glass is crafted to
achieve a very small change in refractive index across the
entire visual light spectrum. This makes the Series 6000
ED APO the perfect choice for a fast, high performance
optical design.
fully multicoated lenses ensure the highest possible light
transmission maximizing image brightness in minimum
exposure time, therefore allowing more images to be taken
in an evening.
• TRUE APOCHROMATIC TRIPLET: A true triplet optical
design guarantees the textbook color correction you expect
from a premium APO.
(Features Contued)
• DEW SHIELD/SUN SHADE: An essential accessory built
in to the design for your convenience.
PINION FOCUSER: Critical for fine photography this
superior focuser gives the operator the ability to smoothly
and accurately achieve perfect focus. Fine and super
fine focusing speeds of 10:1 reduction. Accepts standard
48mm threaded accessories.
DRAW TUBE: Easily repeat critical focus points.
on a wide variety of Meade and non-Meade German Equatorial
Mounts. Mounting bolts (not included) are standard M6x1.0
• Dedicated optional photographic focal reducer/field flatteners.
Using the Focuser Assembly:
Insert a diagonal into the focuser assembly and use the
locking ring to tighten the diagonal in place. To focus the
telescope, turn the fine focuser wheels in or out.
If you have a 2 inch eyepiece, remove the 1.25” eyepiece
holder from the diagonal assembly by loosening the holder
thumbscrew. Slide the 2 inch eyepiece into the holder and
tighten with the eyepiece thumb screw.
The focuser’s has a locking knob located on the bottom of
focuser housing. Once tighten the focuser drawtube will
lock into place.
If you have a question concerning use of the Meade
SERIES 6000 ED APO REFRACTOR, call the Meade
Instruments Consumer Service Department at (800) 6263233. Department hours are 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Pacific
Time, Monday through Friday.
Meade Limited Warranty
Every Meade telescope and telescope accessory is
warranted by Meade Instruments Corp (“Meade”) to
be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a
period of ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase
in the U.S.A. and Canada. Meade will repair or replace a
product, or part thereof, found by Meade to be defective,
provided the defective part is returned to Meade, freightprepaid, with proof of purchase. This warranty applies
to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable.
Meade products purchased outside North America are not
included in this warranty, but are covered under separate
warranties issued by Meade international distributors. RGA
Number Required: Prior to the return of any product or
part, a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number must
be obtained from Meade by writing, or calling (800) 6263233. Each returned part or product must include a written
statement detailing the nature of the claimed defect, as
well as the owner’s name, address, and phone number.
This warranty is not valid in cases where the product has
been abused or mishandled, where unauthorized repairs
have been attempted or performed, or where depreciation
of the product is due to normal wear-and-tear. Meade
specifically disclaims special, indirect, or consequential
damages or lost profit which may result from a breach
of this warranty. Any implied warranties which cannot be
disclaimed are hereby limited to a term of one year from
the date of original retail purchase. This warranty gives you
specific rights. You may have other rights which vary from
state to state. Meade reserves the right to change product
specifications or to discontinue products without notice.
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