Enforcer SD-997A-GBQ Installation Manual

Enforcer SD-997A-GBQ Installation Manual
Electric Deadbolt Installation Manual
Operation voltage
12/24 VDC
12/24 VDC
Current draw Standby 330mA@12VDC/205mA@24VDC
Status sensor
SPDT, 250mA @ 12VDC (NO/NC/COM)
Adjustable delay timer
0/3/5/9 secs.
0/2.5/5/9 secs.
Weight (approx.)
2-lbs,5-oz (1kg)
1-lb,13-oz (0.8kg)
Possible cause:
Deadbolt does not activate
when the door closes.
The sensor in the lock body
is too far from the magnet
in the strike plate.
Deadbolt may not be
properly going into the
deadbolt hole in the door.
• Try adjusting the strike plate, lock body position, or shims.
How to reset unit.
For any other problems
• Make sure the deadbolt is going into the hole and not hitting the
strike plate. If not, you must reposition the strike plate.
• If the deadbolt is going into the hole, it may be hitting the bottom of
the hole (if it is in a wooden door). In this case, drill a deeper hole.
• When testing, if necessary, reset the unit by grounding the orange
wire momentarily.
• Replace the unit, and test again. A problem unit can also be substituted
for a working unit in another door frame to see if it works there.
Optional Mounting Brackets Available for SD-997B Series :
Surface-Mount Bracket
“U” Bracket
• Mount the deadbolt
and strike plate on
the door jamb instead
of in the door frame.
• Mount the deadbolt
and strike plate on
glass doors.
Electric Deadbolt
SD-997B series shown
Fig. 1 - Possible Mounting Locations
Important - For vertical mounting of SD-997B series only, wires must come out
the top of the unit.
• Adds concealed deadbolt security to most wood or hollow metal
doors, with the convenience of electrical operation.
• Stainless steel bolt, 5/8” diameter, 5/8” throw.
• SD-997A-GBQ – Fail-secure operation (locks if power is lost).
• SD-997B Series – Fail-safe operation (unlocks if power is lost).
• Magnetic switch senses door position for positive locking.
• Attempts to relock multiple times if the door is not closed
properly (SD-997A-GBQ & SD-997B-GBQ only).
• Door open/close monitor (NO/C/NC).
• Adjustable door lock delay timer - see Specifications.
• Use with an optional digital keypad for high security without a key.
• Easily connects to SECO-LARM’s Digital Access Keypad.
• Suitable for office-type applications.
• Optional mounting brackets available.
• Shallow design for use with most metal door jambs.
• Powered by a solenoid.
• Stainless steel for strength and long life.
3/ “
For single door
For double doors
Mounting Location
Can be mounted opposite the door hinges, or on the header or
on top of the door away from the hinges. Mounting on the bottom
of the door is not recommended because of the possibility of dirt
and dust buildup. (see fig. 1)
/ “(16mm) Throw
For single door
5 8
21/4“ (57.5mm)
3/ “
1/ “
WARRANTY: This SECO-LARM product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship while used in normal service
for a period of one (1) year from the date of sale to the original consumer customer. SECO-LARM’s obligation is limited to the repair
or replacement of any defective part if the unit is returned, transportation prepaid, to SECO-LARM.
This Warranty is void if damage is caused by or attributed to acts of God, physical or electrical misuse or abuse, neglect, repair, or
alteration, improper or abnormal usage, or faulty installation, or if for any other reason SECO-LARM determines that such equipment
is not operating properly as a result of causes other than defects in material and workmanship.
The sole obligation of SECO-LARM, and the purchaser’s exclusive remedy, shall be limited to replacement or repair only, at SECO-LARM’s
option. In no event shall SECO-LARM be liable for any special, collateral, incidental, or consequential personal or property damages of any
kind to the purchaser or anyone else.
NOTICE: The information and specifications printed in this manual are current at the time of publication. However, the
SECO-LARM policy is one of continual development and improvement. For this reason, SECO-LARM reserves the right to change
specifications without notice. SECO-LARM is also not responsible for misprints or typographical errors.
Copyright © 2015 SECO-LARM U.S.A., Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced or copied, in whole or in part,
without the written permission of SECO-LARM.
16842 Millikan Avenue, Irvine, CA 92606 Website: www.seco-larm.com
Tel: 800-662-0800 / 949-261-2999 Fax: 949-261-7326 E-mail: sales@seco-larm.com
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SD-997A-GBQ - Fail-Secure,12/24VDC
SD-997BQ - Fail-Safe,12VDC
SD-997B-GBQ - Fail-Safe,12/24VDC
SECO-LARM Electric Deadbolts are designed for hollow
metal door frames. They are not recommended for
wooden door frames. However, door can be wood or metal.
Deadbolt activates when
the door is closed, but
does not lock the door.
Installation Manual
63/8“ (162mm)
SD-997B series
*Note: Original measurements
taken in millimeters. Inches are
closest 1/16” approximation.
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Electric Deadbolt Installation Manual
Fig. 2 - Parts List:
SD-997A-GBQ Also Includes:
Lock body x 1
Plate x 1
cylinder x 1
Mounting tabs
(large) x 2
Mounting tabs
(small) x 2
Faceplate x 1
Oval cylinder
plate x 2
connector x 1
Keys x 3
connector x 1
• Templates x 4
• Mounting screws
Fig. 3 - Aligning
1. Determine where the deadbolt will be mounted (see fig. 1).
2. Tape the templates to the door frame and door (see fig. 3)
A. Align the templates so that the deadbolt of the lock body template
Lock body template
is centered on the deadbolt hole of the strike plate template.
B. Make sure to leave enough room at the ends of the lock body
and strike plate templates for mounting the mounting tabs.
3. Door frame cut (see fig. 4)
A. Cut out the space for the lock body.
Strike plate template
B. Test the fit. The lock body should fit snugly inside the space.
C. Drill two 5mm screw holes as shown on the template.
4 . Door cut and mount. (see fig. 4)
A. For wood doors:
1) Use a chisel to knock out a 3mm (1/8-inch) deep space as
shown on the template.
2) Drill the magnet hole, 12mm (1/2”) wide by 6mm (1/4”) deep.
3) Use four wood screws to mount the strike plate in the
chiseled space. The magnet should fit in the magnet hole.
4) Use a drill to drill out the deadbolt hole to a depth of 16mm (5/8”).
B. For hollow metal doors:
1) Cut out the space for the strike plate.
2) Drill two screw holes for each of the two mounting tabs.
3) Use screws to fix the mounting tabs inside the hollow metal door.
4) Use screws to fix the strike plate to the mounting tabs.
Line up these marks
5. Door jamb cut and mount (see fig. 4)
IMPORTANT – Push all the wires into the door frame. If space
A. Cut out the space for the face of the lock body.
is a problem, cut away part of the dust catcher inside the
B. Drill one 5mm hole for each of the two mounting tabs.
frame, or carefully chip away part of the drywall, being careful
C. Use screws to fix the mounting tabs inside the door jamb.
not to damage the wall.
D. SD-997A-GBQ only: Insert the lock/unlock cylinder (see fig. 5).
F. Set the door lock delay timer (see fig. 8). This is the
E. Connect the wires, and insulate them (see fig. 7):
time it takes the deadbolt to automatically lock after
1) Red – Power input (+)
the door is closed.
2) Brown – Power input (-)
NOTE: For SD-997A-GBQ & SD-997B-GBQ only – The
3) Orange – Control wire (ground to release bolt)
deadbolt automatically relocks 4 seconds after an
4) Green – Door monitor, COM
optional external push button (egress button) is
5) Yellow – Door monitor, N.C. (active when door closed)
pressed, if the door was not opened.
6) Blue – Door monitor, N.O. (active when door open)
The lock body has a sensor mechanism
IMPORTANT – Correct polarity of the red and brown wires is
wherein it can detect if the strike plate is in
critical. Incorrect polarity will burn out the solenoid !
close proximity (such as when the door is
closed). If the door was closed but somehow
the strike plate was not aligned properly, the
* Connect to an alarm control panel or warning device to show if
door monitor indicator may indicate that the
the door is open or closed.
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door is closed but the deadbolt remains unlock. During this time 6. For SD-997A-GBQ only (see figs. 5 and 6)
the lock body may attempt multiple times to relock the door and
Because the SD-997A-GBQ offers fail-secure operation, the door
if it fails, it will stop to prevent the solenoid from burning out.
locks if power to the unit is cut. For such a situation, a separate
manual lock/unlock cylinder is provided for manual operation.
However if the lock body and the strike plate are too far apart,
A. Insert the cylinder as shown in Fig. 5, and secure it to the
the lock body will not attempt to lock the door and the deadbolt
lock body with the provided long screw. Turning the key or the
will not throw out.
manual knob will unlock the SD-997A-GBQ manually.
IMPORTANT – The lock body and strike plate must be properly
B. Two separate templates are included for drilling holes in the
aligned and next to each other in order for the product to
door frame for the key and manual knob.
function properly.
C. A separate 3-pin connector for the SD-997A-GBQ can be
G. Pull the vinyl covering off the faceplate, and place the faceplate over the
connected to an alarm panel or annunciator to alert when
face of the lock body. Use screws to fix the faceplate and lock body to
the door is locked or unlocked.
the mounting tabs.
Fig. 7 - Wiring
Fig. 4 - Door and Frame Cuts
Door frame
Max. 50mm
Card reader button
or keypad
SD-997A-GBQ/SD-997B series
See fig. 8
Brown wire
Red wire
Green wire - door monitor, COM
Blue wire - door monitor, N.O. (active when door open)
Yellow wire - door monitor, N.C. (active when door closed)
Purple wire - active if door is locked (N.C.)
Gray wire - manual lock/unlock (COM)
Black wire - active if door is unlocked (N.O.)
*See separate
Fig. 5 - Manual Lock/Unlock Cylinder
(SD-997A-GBQ only):
Note: If cylinder is used,
max. depth of door
frame is 50mm.
Electric Deadbolt Installation Manual
IMPORTANT – Do not cut wires before the plug as warranty
will be voided.
Fig. 8 - Setting Door Lock Delay Timer
Screw to secure
cylinder to lock body
SD-997BQ /
Fig. 6 - Installation of Manual Lock/Unlock Cylinder (SD-997A-GBQ only):
Installation at side of door
Drill hole
for lock
Installation at top of door
Drill hole
for lock
Drill hole for lock
Drill hole for lock
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