Barco Spare lamp for XLM H25 Installation guide

Barco Spare lamp for XLM H25 Installation guide
Lamp Kit
Installation manual
For XLM series
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1. Safety warnings
1.1 Safety warnings during installation
Who may install
The installation must be performed by authorized technical personnel only.
Authorized technical personnel: persons having appropriate technical training and experience necessary to be aware of hazards to
which they are exposed in performing a task and of measures to minimize the danger to themselves or other persons.
Caution risk of electric shock
Before attempting to remove any of the projector’s covers, the projector has to be turned off and disconnected from the wall outlet
to minimize the risk of electric shock.
Caution on head
Before starting with the replacement of the lamp unit, always let cool down the projector after operation in order to reduce the heat
on parts in the light path and to avoid burns.
Warning eye damage
Eye damage may result from direct viewing the light produced by the lamp used in this equipment. Always turn off lamp before
opening cover.
1.2 Product care
Installation Kit
The Kit R9852410 is designed for use ONLY with the BARCO XLM H25 series projectors.
Replacement parts
When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician has used original Barco replacement parts or authorized replacement parts which have the same characteristics as the Barco original part.
Unauthorized substitutions may result in degraded performance and reliability, fire, electric shock or other hazards. Unauthorized
substitutions may void warranty.
Under no circumstances are Barco parts repairable by anyone other than Barco.
R5976793 LAMP KIT 07/07/2004
1. Safety warnings
R5976793 LAMP KIT 07/07/2004
2. Introduction
2.1 Content of the kit
Content of the kit
The kit contains a XENON projection lamp mounted in a housing together with the reflector.
Image 2-1
Complete lamp unit
R5976793 LAMP KIT 07/07/2004
2. Introduction
R5976793 LAMP KIT 07/07/2004
3. Removing the old lamp
3.1 Access to the lamp unit
What has to be done ?
To access the lamp unit, a side panel has to be removed.
Necessary tools
Nut driver 10mm
Flat screwdriver 5mm
How to remove ?
1. Unplug the projector from the wall outlet.
2. On the input side of the projector, remove the side by turning the 3 quarter turn fastener studs a quarter turn counterclockwise.
(image 3-1)
3. Pull the top side of the cover out of its spring locks and take of the cover.
Image 3-1
Removing side cover
3.2 Removing the lamp unit
How to remove ?
1. Loosen both spring lock screws (A) by turning counterclockwise. (image 3-2)
2. Take the lamp unit by both handles (H1, H2) and pull it backwards until it is out of its grooves.
3. Take the lamp unit out of the projector.
R5976793 LAMP KIT 07/07/2004
3. Removing the old lamp
Image 3-2
Lamp casing removal
WARNING: Never attempt to disassemble the lamp from its housing or to dispose of it other than by returning
it to Barco. Due to its high internal pressure, the lamp may explode in either hot or cold state.
R5976793 LAMP KIT 07/07/2004
4. Mounting a new lamp unit
4.1 Inserting the lamp unit
Necessary tools
Flat screwdriver 5mm
How to insert ?
1. Take the new lamp unit by both handles out of the shipping box.
2. Place the lamp unit on the optical base plate.
3. Line up the lamp unit guides with the guides on the optical base and push the unit forward until it slides fully into the projector.
Both center pins (A) must match both center holes (B). (image 4-1)
If the center pins match the holes, the safety switch (C) will be activated (lamp ignition is possible).
4. Secure the correct position by turning in both spring lock screws (A). (image 4-2)
Image 4-1
Lamp insertion
Image 4-2
Lamp mounting
Cooling circuit check
While the cover is open, check the manometer. The manometer is situated on the top right of the lamp house compartment.
The pressure should be ± 1 bar. When lower than 0.5 bar, a corrective action should be taken by qualified service personnel.
R5976793 LAMP KIT 07/07/2004
4. Mounting a new lamp unit
Image 4-3
Cooling liquid pressure
4.2 Optical Z-axis alignment
What has to be done after operating the lamp ?
After the lamp has been operated for many run times, a decrease of light output will be observed. An optical realignment of the lamp
to the z-axis will compensate the decrease in light output.
How to re-align ?
1. Put a lightmeter in the center of the screen.
2. Put a full white image on.
E.g. Enter the menu structure and go to Installation → Internal patterns → Full white.
3. Remove the 4 nuts of the lamp cover and take off this cover. (image 4-4)
4. Carefully turn nut (A) clockwise, using a nutdriver 10mm or wrench 10mm, for maximum light fall on the screen. (image 4-5)
When over that maximum, turn a little bit counterclockwise to reach the maximum light output again.
5. Turn now nut B and C, without using any force, until they are close to the lamp foot.
Note: If you force nut B and C, the light output will be over its maximum.
6. Put the lamp cover back on its place with the 4 nuts.
Image 4-4
Lamp cover
R5976793 LAMP KIT 07/07/2004
4. Mounting a new lamp unit
Image 4-5
Lamp detail
4.3 Closing the projector cabinet
How to close ?
1. Hook on the side cover. (image 4-6)
2. Pull the cover towards the projector.
3. Close the 3 quarter turn fastener studs by turning a quarter turn clockwise.
Image 4-6
Removing side cover
R5976793 LAMP KIT 07/07/2004
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