Barco XLD 10 Installation guide

Barco XLD 10 Installation guide
XLD (1.0 : 1)
Installation manual
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1. XLD (1.0:1) Lens Kit
1. XLD (1.0:1) LENS KIT
1.1 Contents of the XLD (1.0:1) Lens Kit
Kit contents
XLD (1.0:1) Lens.
Installation Manual.
Toraysee TM Cloth.
1.2 Lens Removal
No lens mounted !
The projector leaves the factory with no lens mounted. To protect the engine from e.g. dust, the lens gap is sealed with a foam
cover. Remove the foam cover before lens mounting.
How to remove the mounted lens
1. Support the lens with one hand. (image 1-1)
2. Move the lens lock (A) to the left to unlock the lens securing system.
3. Carefully pull the lens backwards. If the mounted lens is a zoom lens, pull carefully backwards until the connector is out of its
socket (B)
4. Take the lens out the lens block.
to unlock
to lock
Image 1-1
Lens removal
1.3 Lens installation
How to install a lens ?
1. Unlock the lens securing system by putting the lock handle to the left (A). (image 1-2)
2. Move the rear of the lens into the lens block.
Note: On the lens block a reference pin (B) is provided to center the lens. For that reason the lens body is provided with a
notch (A) which has to match the reference pin. (image 1-3)
3. Pull the handle (A) to the right to lock the lens securing system (image 1-2).
R5976818 XLD (1.0 : 1) 21/09/2004
1. XLD (1.0:1) Lens Kit
to unlock
to lock
Image 1-2
Lens mounting
Image 1-3
Lens notch matching with reference pin
1.4 Cleaning the lens
To minimize the possibility of damaging the optical coating or scratching exposed lens surface, we have developed recommendations for cleaning the lens. FIRST, we recommend you try to remove any material from
the lens by blowing it off with clean, dry deionized air. DO NOT use any liquid to clean the lenses.
R5976818 XLD (1.0 : 1) 21/09/2004
1. XLD (1.0:1) Lens Kit
Necessary tools
Toraysee TM cloth (delivered together with the lens kit). Order number : R379058.
How to clean the lens ?
Proceed as follow :
1. Always wipe lenses with a CLEAN Toraysee TM cloth.
2. Always wipe lenses in a single direction.
Warning: Do not wipe back and forwards across the lens surface as this tends to grind dirt into the coating.
3. Do not leave cleaning cloth in either an open room or lab coat pocket, as doing so can contaminate the cloth.
4. If smears occur when cleaning lenses, replace the cloth. Smears are the first indication of a dirty cloth.
Do not use fabric softener when washing the cleaning cloth or softener sheets when drying the
Do not use liquid cleaners on the cloth as doing so will contaminate the cloth.
Other lenses can also be cleaned safely with this Toraysee TM cloth.
R5976818 XLD (1.0 : 1) 21/09/2004
1. XLD (1.0:1) Lens Kit
R5976818 XLD (1.0 : 1) 21/09/2004
2. Lens Specifications
2.1 Lens Formula
Calculation of the Projector distance (PD) as function of the Screen Width (SW)
XLD (1.0:1)
PD=1.03 x SW
Due to production tolerances the real distances can differ by 2% from these calculated values.
For critical situations this should be taken into account.
2.2 Projector Distance determination
Reference for measuring the PD
Image 2-1
PD measuring
The projection distance is the distance between front projector and screen surface, measured perpendicular onto the screen.
R5976818 XLD (1.0 : 1) 21/09/2004
2. Lens Specifications
R5976818 XLD (1.0 : 1) 21/09/2004
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