Bosch Dishwasher. Filters. Spray arms

Bosch Dishwasher. Filters. Spray arms
Cleaning and maintenance
Spray arms
The filters 1R keep large foreign
objects in the rinsing water away from
the pump. These foreign objects may
occasionally block the filters.
The filter system consists of a coarse
filter, a flat fine filter and a microfilter.
1. After each washing cycle check the
filters for residue.
2. Unscrew filter cylinder as illustrated
and take out filter system.
Limescale and contaminants in the
rinsing water may block nozzles and
bearings on the spray arms 1: and
1. Check outlet nozzles on the spray
arms for blockages.
2. Unscrew the upper spray arm 1:.
3. Remove the lower spray arm 1B
4. Clean spray arms under running
5. Re-engage or screw on spray arms.
3. Remove any residue and clean filters
under running water.
4. Re-install filter system in reverse
sequence and ensure that the arrow
marks are opposite each other after
closing the filter system.
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