Huawei P20 Pro. Connect to Wi-Fi

Huawei P20 Pro. Connect to Wi-Fi
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Wi-Fi and Network
Wi-Fi+: Your Smart Connectivity Assistant
Wi-Fi+ intelligently connects to Wi-Fi networks to save mobile data consumption. When your device
detects a known or free Wi-Fi network, it will automatically turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the network.
Your device will also automatically select the optimal network in the area for the best Internet
Once you have enabled Wi-Fi+, your device will:
Automatically select and connect to the optimal network: Automatically select and connect to
Wi-Fi networks you've previously connected to, free networks, or your mobile data network,
depending on the signal strength at your current location.
You can view the connection status by checking the icons in the status bar:
icon indicates that your Phone is connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi.
icon in the bottom left of the signal bar indicates that your Phone is connected to
the Internet over mobile data.
Wi-Fi and Network
Automatically turn Wi-Fi on and off: Depending on the Wi-Fi networks you have connected to
previously, Wi-Fi will be automatically enabled or disabled in specific locations. This will prevent your
device from constantly searching for new networks.
Assess the quality of available networks: Evaluate currently available network hotspots and
prevent your device from automatically connecting to networks with no Internet connection.
Connect to Wi-Fi
Connect to a Wi-Fi network to conserve your mobile data.
To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and financial information, always exercise
caution when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.
Connect to Wi-Fi: Open
Settings, go to Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi and enable Wi-Fi. Select
the network you want to connect to. Depending on the network settings, you may have to enter a
password. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete authentication if required.
Refresh a Wi-Fi hotspot: Touch Scan to search again for available wireless networks.
Manually add a Wi-Fi hotspot: Scroll to the bottom of the menu, touch Add network…, and
follow the onscreen instructions to enter the network SSID and password.
Connect to a Wi-Fi network through WPS: In the Wi-Fi screen, go to
> Advanced Wi-Fi
settings > WPS connection. Press the WPS button on your router to establish a connection.
Wi-Fi and Network
Connecting to a WPS-enabled router over WPS allows you to quickly connect to the network without
entering a password.
Transfer Data Using Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi Direct allows you to rapidly transfer data between Huawei devices. Wi-Fi Direct is faster than
Bluetooth and does not require devices to be paired. It is better suited to transferring large files over
short distances.
Send files with Wi-Fi Direct: Open
Files, touch and hold a file you want to send, and go to
More > Share > Wi-Fi Direct. When another device is detected, touch its name to establish the
connection and begin file transfer.
Receive files with Wi-Fi direct: Enable Wi-Fi. In the Wi-Fi settings screen, touch
to enable
detection. When you receive an incoming file prompt, touch Accept to begin the transfer. The
received file will be saved under Files in the Wi-Fi Direct folder by default.
Turn Wi-Fi+ On or Off
Settings, go to Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi+, and choose to enable or disable
Wi-Fi and Network
Your Phone will automatically connect to the optimal network available after Wi-Fi+ is enabled.
Wi-Fi+ may automatically switch to your mobile data network, depending on strength of Wi-Fi+
signals in your area. Note that using mobile data to download or view videos and other large
files may incur additional data usage fees. To avoid excessive data charges, purchase an
appropriate data plan.
After Wi-Fi+ is enabled, even if Wi-Fi is disabled manually, the device may automatically switch
to a Wi-Fi network when it detects a viable Wi-Fi network you have previously connected to.
Connecting to the Internet
Connect to Wi-Fi networks effortlessly with your device.
Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel.
Touch and hold
to open the Wi-Fi settings screen.
Switch on Wi-Fi. Your device will list all available Wi-Fi networks at your location.
Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. If you select an encrypted network, you will also
need to enter the Wi-Fi password.
Connecting using mobile data
Before using mobile data, ensure that you have a data plan with your carrier to avoid incurring
excessive data charges.
Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel.
to enable mobile data.
When you don't need to access the Internet, disable mobile data to save battery power and
reduce data usage.
Share Your Mobile Network with Other Devices
Have extra mobile data at the end of the month? You can share it with your friends.
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