Huawei P20 Pro. Smart Charging Charge Your Device Faster and Safer

Huawei P20 Pro. Smart Charging Charge Your Device Faster and Safer
User Guide
New Device
Connect to Wi-Fi: Open
Settings, go to Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi and enable Wi-Fi. Select
the network you want to connect to. Depending on the network settings, you may have to enter a
password. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete authentication if required.
Refresh a Wi-Fi hotspot: Touch Scan to search again for available wireless networks.
Manually add a Wi-Fi hotspot: Scroll to the bottom of the menu, touch Add network…, and
follow the onscreen instructions to enter the network SSID and password.
Connect to a Wi-Fi network through WPS: In the Wi-Fi screen, go to
> Advanced Wi-Fi
settings > WPS connection. Press the WPS button on your router to establish a connection.
Connecting to a WPS-enabled router over WPS allows you to quickly connect to the network without
entering a password.
Smart Charging: Charge Your Device Faster and Safer
Many people find ordinary charging too slow, but worry about the safely of fast-charging. Worry no
more: SmartCharge has you covered. SmartCharge establishes a direct connection between the Phone
and the charger and intelligently coordinates the charging voltage and current based on the battery
power of the Phone to provide a smarter, faster, and safer charge.
Make sure you are using the original charger and USB cable when charging your Phone. Using a
third-party charger or USB cable may cause repeated restarts, longer charges, overheating, and in
extreme cases, Phone battery damage or even explosion.
New Device
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