Toyota corolla 2018. Displaying a Bluetooth device details

Toyota corolla 2018. Displaying a Bluetooth device details
5-7. Connecting Bluetooth®
Displaying a Bluetooth® device details
You can confirm and change the registered device details.
Bluetooth® device registration status
1 Display the “Bluetooth* Setup” screen. (P. 309)
2 Select the device.
3 Select “Device Info”.
4 Following screen is displayed:
1 Device Name
2 Change connection method
3 Bluetooth Address
4 Display your telephone num-
The number may not be displayed depending on the
model of phone.
5 Compatibility profile of the
6 Restore default settings
*: Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
Changing connection method
1 Select “Connect Audio Player from”.
2 Select “Vehicle” or “Device”.
“Vehicle”: Connect Entune Audio to the portable audio player.
“Device”: Connect the portable audio player to Entune Audio
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