Fusion SG-FL88SPW 8.8" 330 WATT Coaxial Sports White Marine Speaker with LEDs Installation guide

Fusion SG-FL88SPW 8.8" 330 WATT Coaxial Sports White Marine Speaker with LEDs Installation guide
Signature Series Speakers Installation
Important Safety Information
Mounting Considerations
When mounting the speaker in an area exposed to weather or
water, you must mount the speaker on a vertical surface. If you
mount the speaker on a horizontal surface facing up, water can
gather in and around the speaker, causing damage over time.
Selecting the correct mounting location is critical to optimize the
performance of each speaker. FUSION speakers are designed
to perform in the widest possible range of mounting locations,
but the more you plan the installation, the better the speakers'
sound will be.
• For the best performance, you should mount the speakers
higher in the boat. Sound travels in the direction in which the
speakers are facing, so if you mount them in a lower location,
the sound quality and volume may not be not ideal.
• If you intend to mount the speakers outside the boat, you
must mount them in a location well above the waterline,
where they are not submerged or damaged by docks, pilings,
or other pieces of equipment. When mounted correctly, these
speakers are rated IP65 for protection from the front of the
speaker. Water exposure and damage to the rear of the
speaker voids the warranty. This includes situations when the
speakers are mounted in a sealed enclosure, especially if
they are exposed to wash down. Using an enclosure with a
port or vent exposed to the outside environment may allow
water to collect and damage the speaker.
• You should select mounting locations that enable you to hear
sound from both speakers at the same time to achieve a
sound stage effect. To achieve this effect, you should not
mount the speakers side-by-side.
• When possible, you should select mounting locations where
the area behind each speaker is enclosed.
• You must select mounting locations that provide sufficient
clearance for the mounting depth of the speakers as
specified in the product specifications.
• For better bass performance, you should select mounting
locations that provide the appropriate space behind the
speaker according to the optimum enclosure design
requirements in the specifications section. Too small an area
restricts bass, and too large an area compromises bass
performance. Also, mounting a speaker close to an open
area (where sound from the back of the speaker has a very
short path to compete with sound from the front of the
speaker) produces the least bass.
• When a speaker is not exposed to the outside environment,
you can achieve a better bass performance using an
enclosure with a ported design.
• You can reference the Thiele Small (T/S) parameters in the
specifications section when designing a custom enclosure for
the speakers.
• You should select a flat mounting surface for the best seal.
• You should protect the speaker wires from sharp objects and
always use rubber grommets when wiring through panels.
• You should select mounting locations that avoid potential
obstacles, such as fuel and hydraulic lines and wiring.
• You should protect all terminals and connections from
grounding and from each other. Failure to do so could result
in permanent damage to the audio system and void the
product warranty.
• To avoid interference with a magnetic compass, you should
not mount the speakers closer to a compass than the
compass-safe distance value listed in the product
See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the
product box for product warnings and other important
This device must be installed according to these instructions.
Disconnect the vehicle's or vessel's power supply before
beginning to install this device.
Continuous exposure to sound pressure levels over 100 dBA
may cause permanent hearing loss. The volume is typically too
loud if you cannot hear people speaking around you. Limit the
amount of time you listen at high volume. If you experience
ringing in your ears or muffled speech, stop listening and have
your hearing checked.
Always wear safety goggles, ear protection, and a dust mask
when drilling, cutting, or sanding.
When drilling or cutting, always check what is on the opposite
side of the surface.
It is strongly recommended that you have your audio system
installed by a professional installer to ensure optimum
You must read all installation instructions before beginning the
installation. If you experience difficulty during the installation, go
to www.fusionentertainment.com for product support.
What's In the Box
• 2 speakers
• 2 tinned, pre-terminated speaker wires (6 m)
• 12 Phillips stainless steel, 4.2 mm x 38 mm (8 gauge x 1.5
in.) mounting screws
• Mounting templates
• 2 grilles (Classic models only)
• 2 tinned LED connection cables (6 m) (Sports models only)
• Hex key (Sports models only)
Tools Needed
• Electric drill
• Drill bit (size varies based on surface material)
• Phillips screwdriver
• Wire strippers
• Crimping tool
• Electrical tape
• Appropriate saw or utility knife to cut surface material
• Marine sealant (optional)
NOTE: For customized installations, additional tools and
materials may be needed.
July 2019
• You must turn off the audio system before making any
connections to the source unit, amplifier, or speakers. Failure
to do so could result in permanent damage to the audio
Mounting the Speakers
Before mounting the speakers, you must choose a location
where there is enough clearance behind the mounting surface.
Refer to the side view drawings for clearance information.
Before mounting the speakers, you must choose a location
following the guidelines above.
1 Route the wires from the source to the speaker location,
away from sources of electrical interference.
2 Trim the template and make sure it fits in the selected
3 Orient the template with the FUSION logo at the bottom of
the template.
4 Secure the template to the selected location.
5 Using a drill bit appropriate for the mounting surface, drill a
hole inside the dashed line on the template to prepare the
mounting surface for cutting.
6 Using a jigsaw or rotary tool, cut the mounting surface along
the inside of the line on the template.
7 Place the speaker in the cutout to test the fit.
8 If necessary, use a file and sandpaper to refine the size of
the cutout.
9 After the speaker fits correctly in the cutout, ensure the
mounting holes on the speaker line up with the pilot holes on
the template.
10 If the mounting holes on the speaker do not line up, mark the
new hole locations.
11 Using an appropriately sized drill bit for the mounting surface
and screw type, drill the holes.
12 Remove the template from the mounting surface.
13 Connect the speaker wires while observing polarity.
14 Push the wire into a retaining clip to relieve the tension on the
15 If necessary, connect the LED wires to the Sports model
speakers (see the following section).
16 Place the speaker in the cutout.
1 Using the hex key, loosen the screws on the wiring terminals
on the back of the speaker.
2 Connect the black and red wires to the terminal according to
the preferred LED color.
Blue LED
Black to negative (-)
Red to positive (+)
White LED
Black to positive (+)
Red to negative (-)
3 Using the hex key, tighten the screws on the wiring terminals.
4 Push the wire into a retaining clip to relieve the tension on the
Connecting the LED Wires to Power
NOTE: This feature is available on only the sports model.
You must connect all 12 Vdc wiring to the LEDs to a 3 A fuse at
the power-source end of the cable. You should connect the
positive (+) power wire to a 12 Vdc power source through an
isolator switch or circuit breaker to turn the LEDs on and off. You
can use the same isolator or circuit breaker controlling the
power supply to your stereo, which allows you to turn the LEDs
and the stereo on and off at the same time.
You should use 20 AWG (0.5 mm2) or thicker wire to connect
the LEDs to the battery.
1 Route the positive power (+) and negative ground (-) wires
from the LED-wire connections to the battery.
2 Connect the negative wire to the negative (-) battery terminal.
3 Connect the positive wire to the positive (+) terminal through
a 3 A fuse and isolator switch or circuit breaker.
Attaching the Grille to the Classic Model Speakers
NOTE: This feature is available only on the Classic model
1 With the speakers mounted, hold the grille with the FUSION
logo at the bottom, or at the 6 o'clock position.
the grille counter-clockwise about 10°, so the FUSION
logo is at the 5 o'clock position.
3 Place the grille on the rim of the speaker.
4 Twist the grille clockwise to secure it.
Speaker Information
True-Marine™ Products
True-Marine products are subjected to rigorous environmental
testing under harsh marine conditions to surpass industry
guidelines for marine products.
Any product that bears the True-Marine stamp of assurance has
been designed for simplicity of use and combines advanced
marine technologies to deliver an industry leading entertainment
experience. All True-Marine products are supported by the
FUSION 3-year worldwide limited consumer warranty.
17 Secure the speaker to the mounting surface using the
included screws.
NOTE: Do not over tighten the screws, especially if the
mounting surface is not flat.
For Classic model speakers, attach the grille to the speaker
Sports Model LED Wiring
Connecting the LED Wires to the Sports Model Speakers
NOTE: This feature is available only on the Sports model
You can control the color of the LEDs by the polarity of the LED
Optional LED Voltage Regulator
You can use an LED voltage regulator (optional accessory SGVREGLED) to regulate the battery voltage supply to the LED
lights. You can use the voltage regulator if you notice the levels
of brightness changing when you are running your engine,
charging, or using battery power only. The voltage regulator can
power the LEDs on up to ten LED-compatible speakers or
subwoofers; for example four pairs of speakers and two
Registering Your Speakers
Help us better support you by completing our online registration
• Go to www.fusionentertainment.com.
• Keep the original sales receipt, or a photocopy, in a safe
Signature Series Installation Instructions
Dimension Drawings
Signature Series Side View
6.5" Speakers
7.7" Speakers
8.8" Speakers
200 mm
(7.88 in.)
220 mm
(8.69 in.)
247 mm
(9.72 in.)
156 mm
(6.13 in.)
176 mm
(6.94 in.)
202 mm
(7.95 in.)
Cleaning the Speakers
NOTE: When mounted correctly, these speakers are rated IP65
for dust and water ingress protection under normal conditions.
They are not designed to withstand high pressure water spray,
which may occur when you wash down your vessel. Failure to
carefully spray-clean the vessel may damage the product and
void the warranty.
Do not use harsh or solvent-based cleaners on the speakers.
Using such cleaners may damage the product and void the
1 Clean all salt water and salt residue from the speaker with a
Dimension 6.5" Speakers
76 mm (3.0 in.)
7.7" Speakers
8.8" Speakers
82.5 mm (3.25 in.) 102.5 mm (4.05 in.)
133 mm (5.25 in.) 153 mm (6.0 in.)
184.9 mm (7.28 in.)
A Sports model speaker is shown, but the dimensions are the
same for the Classic model speaker.
NOTE: You must allow at least 3 mm (0.15 in.) of clearance
beyond the depth of the speaker.
Sports Model Front View
damp cloth soaked in fresh water.
2 Use a mild detergent to remove a heavy buildup of salt or
Before you contact your FUSION dealer or service center, you
should perform a few simple troubleshooting steps to help
diagnose the problem.
If the FUSION speaker has been installed by a professional
installation company, you should contact the company so the
technicians can assess the problem and advise you about
possible solutions.
There is no sound coming from the speakers
• Verify that all connections from the source device and/or the
amplifier are connected correctly to the speaker terminals.
The system lacks bass or high frequencies
• Verify that the correct wire polarity is observed between the
source and speakers.
The wires should be connected positive to positive and
negative to negative.
• Verify that the speakers are attached firmly to the mounting
The audio is distorted
Dimension 6.5" Speakers
7.7" Speakers
8.8" Speakers
176 mm (6.93 in.) 196 mm (7.69 in.) 224 mm (8.8 in.)
156 mm (6.13 in.) 176 mm (6.94 in.) 202 mm (7.95 in.)
Classic Model Back View
• Verify that the source volume is not too loud for the speaker,
and reduce the volume if necessary.
• Verify that the panels surrounding the speaker on the vessel
are not rattling.
• Verify that the source device and/or the amplifier are
connected to the speaker terminals correctly.
• If the speaker is connected to an amplifier, verify that the
input level of the amplifier is matched to the output level of
the stereo. For more information, see the manual for the
The LED lights will not turn on
• Verify that all wiring connections are correct and tight.
The LEDs pulse with the bass notes of the music
• Install a FUSION LED voltage regulator (SG-VREGLED).
Signature Series Installation Instructions
6.5" Speakers 7.7" Speakers 8.8" Speakers
Max. power (Watts)
230 W
280 W
330 W
RMS power (Watts)
75 W
100 W
130 W
Efficiency (1 W/1 m) 90 dB
91 dB
91 dB
6.5" Speakers 7.7" Speakers 8.8" Speakers
Frequency response 70 Hz to
(+ 3 dB)
22 kHz
60 Hz to
22 kHz
50 Hz to
20 kHz
Min. mounting depth 79 mm
(3.11 in.)
86 mm
(3.39 in.)
105.5 mm
(4.15 in.)
Mounting diameter
136 mm
(5.35 in.)
156 mm
(6.12 in.)
188 mm
(7.4 in.)
4 ohms
LED Supply Voltage From 10.8 to 16 Vdc
(Sports Model
Speakers only)
LED Load Current at 150 mA
14.4 Vdc (Sports
Model Speakers
temperature range
From 0 to 50°C (from 32 to 122°F)
Storage temperature From -20 to 70°C (from -4 to 158°F)
Tweeter type
Silk dome
Compass-Safe Distances
All speakers contain magnets which may cause interference
with instruments on your boat. The size of the magnet used in
the speaker affects how much interference the speaker may
Interference can cause deviations and variations in the readings
of sensitive navigational equipment, such as magnetic
compasses. These deviations can cause inaccuracies or offsets
in the readings, but will not harm the equipment. To alleviate the
deviations, adjust the compass for the deviation following the
manufacturer's instructions or move the speaker away from the
navigational equipment. After moving a source of interference,
you may need to recalibrate the compass.
If you are navigating solely by a magnetic compass, use
extreme caution to place the speaker far enough away from the
compass to avoid causing deviations in the readings.
To avoid deviations to navigational equipment, position the
speakers so they are separated from the navigational equipment
by at least the distance listed in the table below.
Direction from 6.5" Speakers
7.7" Speakers
8.8" Speakers
181 cm (5.94 ft.) 193 cm (6.33 ft.) 171 cm (5.61 ft.)
198 cm (6.49 ft.) 224 cm (7.35 ft.) 171 cm (5.61 ft.)
310 cm
(10.17 ft.)
© 2014 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries
358 cm
(11.75 ft.)
412 cm
(13.52 ft.)
Direction from 6.5" Speakers
7.7" Speakers
8.8" Speakers
153 cm (5.02 ft.) 175 cm (5.74 ft.) 173 cm (5.68 ft.)
160 cm (5.24 ft.) 198 cm (6.50 ft.) 178 cm (5.84 ft.)
310 cm
(10.17 ft.)
333 cm
(10.93 ft.)
318 cm
(10.43 ft.)
Amplifier Power Rating Recommendations
6.5" Speakers
From 30 to 90 W RMS, playing music
7.7" Speakers
From 25 to 120 W RMS, playing music
8.8" Speakers
From 25 to 140 W RMS, playing music
Optimum Enclosure Recommendations
6.5" Speakers 7.7" Speakers 8.8" Speakers
Sealed enclosure
18 L (0.64 ft.3)
20 L (0.71 ft.3)
22 L (0.78 ft.3)
Ported (Vented)
enclosure volume2
25 L (0.88 ft.3)
30 L (1.06 ft.3)
35 L (1.23 ft.3)
Port diameter
76 mm (3 in.)
76 mm (3 in.)
76 mm (3 in.)
Port length
162 mm
(6.4 in.)
160 mm
(6.3 in.)
170 mm
(6.7 in.)
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Garmin , the Garmin logo, FUSION , the Fusion logo, and True-Marine™ are trademarks
of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries, registered in the USA and other countries. These
trademarks may not be used without the express permission of Garmin.
Fully filled with absorption material
Lined with absorption material
Signature Series Installation Instructions
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