Celestron CN16 Accessory User manual

Celestron CN16 Accessory User manual
GPS Kit: Advanced GT
Hand Control
Hand Control
& Aux. Port
Bracket (2,3)
Bracket (1)
Auxiliary Port
Bracket 1: GPS Accessory
The GPS accessory slides into the
Bracket 1 pictured above. The bracket
will attach to your tripod leg as shown in
the main image.
Bracket 2 & 3: Assembled
When properly assembled, Bracket 2
and Bracket 3 should fit together as
pictured above.
Bracket 2: HC & Aux. Port
The Hand control bracket and the
Auxiliary port accessory will attach to
Bracket 2 which is pictured above.
Auxiliary Port Accessory
The Auxiliary Port Accessory is pictured
above. The Aux. Port Accessory slides
into the groove on the right side of
Bracket 2.
Bracket 3: Hand Control
Bracket 3 is the bracket that will hold
the Hand Control Bracket 3 slides on to
Bracket 2. Place hand control in bracket
as shown in main image.
Aux. Port Accessory: Final
Properly assembled, Auxiliary Port
Accessory should fit as pictured above.
Bracket 2 will attach to your tripod leg
as shown in the main image.
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