Geemarc WAKE 'N' SHAKE LIGHT User guide

Geemarc WAKE 'N' SHAKE LIGHT User guide
2. Intended use
The Wake-up Light wakes you from sleep in a gentle and natural manner. The LED
light gradually becomes brighter like a rising sun, allowing your eyes to slowly become
accustomed to the light conditions and your body to gently prepare itself for waking up.
The light intensity can be set to your personal preferences. Along with the simulated
sunrise, you can set an acoustic alarm to help you wake up. Choose between the
radio, a beep or five natural sounds or you can select shaker vibration. The Wake-up
Light provides a rested and pleasant start to your day.
3. Device functions:
 Clock display
 Wake-up function with simulated
sunrises and alarm
 Two alarms selection Simulated
 Radio
5 natural sounds
Shaker vibrations Goodnight function
LED light can be used as a lamp
Mood light function.
USB Smart Phone charger.
MP3 Input.
 The device is only intended for the purpose described in these instructions for use.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage resulting from improper or careless use.
4. Initial use
!!! Please refer to our website: for an up to date user
guide, as there may be important updates and changes you need to be
aware of !!!
What’s in the box
 Remove the packaging material.
 Check that all parts listed are present.
 Check the device, mains plug and cable for damage. Place the device on a firm,
even surface.
 Position the device approx, 40 cm from your head.
 Remove the battery compartment cover on the rear of the device and insert the 4 x
AA batteries with corrected polarity battery symbol on compartment. The battery
supplies power to the device in the event of a power failure and is not intended to
be used as a permanent power supply.
 Plug the power supply connector into the power supply socket on the underside of
the device.
 Insert the main plug into a suitable socket. The time will display and you can set the
hour format.
A6. TONE button (for adjusting the volume and selecting alarm tone)
A7. LIGHT button (for switching on/off the light and adjusting the back light and color
mood light selecting)
A8. UP/Down button (For adjusting time, alarm and volume)
A9. Aux Input Jack (For connecting the MP3 input)
A10. USB port (for charging the smart phone)
A11. Battery compartment with cover
A12. Shaker Jack (for connecting the shaker)
A13. Reset-Hole (Resetting the device to factory settings)
A14. Switching power adapter (Select the good adaptor)
6. Display description
NOTE: All settings will go back to normal time mode after 6 seconds, press the
TONE button to exit if you want to exit the settings.
● Wake & Shake Light ● Power supply unit ● This instructions guide ● 1 Shaker
Signs and symbols
5. Unit description
The following symbols appear in the instructions for use and on the battery door.
Warning instruction indicating a risk of injury or damage to
IMPORTANT : Safety note indicating possible damage to the device/
Note on important information.
B1. Time / alarm time or radio frequency
B2. Light symbol
B3. Good night
B4. Shaker
B5. Beep Alarm sound
B6. Radio
B7. Seagull sound
B8. Wind sound
1. Safety notes
 Only operate the device with the power supply unit provided and the mains voltage
specified on the power supply unit.
 Do not operate the device if it is visibly damaged.
 In the event of defects or operational faults, switch the device off immediately and
disconnect it from the mains socket.
 Do not pull on the mains cable or on the device to disconnect the power supply unit
from the socket.
 Never plug in or unplug the power supply unit when you have wet hands.
 Never hold or carry the device by the mains cable.
 Keep packaging material away from children (risk of suffocation).
 Arrange the mains cable so that no-one will trip over it.
 Never use the device in proximity to moisture.
B9. Rain forest sound
B10. Frog sound
B11. Bird sound
B12. FM radio frequency
B13. Alarm 1
B14. Alarm 2
B15. Sleep
B16. Radio station memory
7. Operation
A1. LED light
A2. SET/MEM button (for adjusting time and radio station storage)
A3. ALARM button (for adjusting the alarm time n alarm source)
A4. RADIO button (for activating the radio function)
A5. SNOOZE button (for activating snooze function, goodnight function or Wake up
light function)
NOTE: All settings will go back to normal time mode after 6 seconds, press the
TONE button to exit the settings.
7.1 Setting the time
Desire tone frequency is set.
 Press the SET MEM
button, the hour will flash.
 Press the Up ▲ button to set the hour.
 Press the DOWN ▼ button to set the minute
button, Choose between 12 and 24 hour
format with the UP▲ / DOWN▼ buttons.
12 hr
 Press the SET MEM
button, Choose Snooze time 5 to 30 minutes
at 5 minutes steps (Default is 5 minutes) with the UP▲ / DOWN▼
 Press the SET MEM
Selecting the volume of alarm.
Default volume is U08 and maximum level is U20.
 Press the ALARM
button once, Alarm 1
will be set.
 Press the ALARM
button twice, Alarm 2
will be set.
 Press the ALARM
button until OFF fade away.
Setting alarm time by pressing UP▲ or DOWN▼ button.
7.15 Smart Phone Charger Function
 Connect the Smart Phone with USB cable to rear USB socket
 Press the LIGHT
button at normal Time mode.
User device as normal lamp.
Light will be lit up gradually with the light icon
8. Cleaning and maintenance
The default intensity L07 shown and the max intensity is L15.
 Press the LIGHT
button again.
To switch OFF the light and light icon will fade.
button each times.
Selecting the alarm sound: The bird, frog, rain forest, wind, seagull,
radio or beep will display a sound.
button at normal Time mode.
The radio frequency currently set will appear on the display.
button, the alarm sound is set.
 Press the SET MEM
button, selecting shaker vibrator
 Press the UP▲ or DOWN▼ button.
Setting the desired radio frequency.
Tip: to start the automatic scan, press and hold the UP▲ or
DOWN▼ button briefly and then release it again.
 Press the ALARM
Alarm is set and Alarm 1 icon
lit up if selected.
If Alarm 2 is selected, Alarm 2 icon
lit up.
 Press the TONE
NOTE: During the Alarm, press the alarm button
to stop it permanently.
7.3 Setting wake up light
The default Volume U06 will show on the display.
 Press the UP▲ or DOWN▼ button.
Adjusting the volume, and the max volume is U12.
SNOOZE wake‘n shake display shown.
Setting the wake’n shake light function.
Default wake n shaker light is OFF,
 Press the UP▲ or DOWN▼ button,
Selecting the wake’n shake light time to 15 or 30 minutes.
Wake’n shaker light is set and will be lit up gradually before the alarm
 Press the SET MEM
button until S01 shows.
The current radio station is stored in S01.
 Press the SET MEM
button until S02 shows.
The new desired radio station is stored in S02.
Max can be stored 10 radio stations.
 Press the SET MEM
button each times.
Listening preset radio stations and starts sequence S01 > S02 > S03.
 Press the ALARM
 Press the
 Press the ALARM
button once, Alarm 1
button twice, Alarm 2
 Press the ALARM
button until OFF showed,
SNOOZE button until OFF SLEEP shown.
 Press the UP▲ or DOWN▼ button to select desired switch off time from
5 minutes to 90 minutes.
will be deactivated.
will be deactivated.
Alarm is deactivated.
7.5 Deactivating the alarm
 Press the ALARM
CE Directives
NOTE: The wake’n shake light will be deactivated when alarm is OFF.
button exit or wait 6 seconds.
The selected switch off time will start to count with the SLEEP icon
 Press the LIGHT
button at normal Time mode.
Setting the Tone in 10 frequency.
Default Tone is #5 frequency.
The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) has been put in place for the
products at the end of their useful life are recycled in the best way.
When this product is finished with, please do not put it in your domestic waste bin.
Please use one of the following disposal options:
- Remove the batteries and deposit them in an appropriate WEEE skip.
Deposit the product in an appropriate WEEE skip.
- Or, hand the old product to the retailer. If you purchase a new one, they should
accept it.
Thus if you respect these instructions you ensure human health and environmental
 Press the TONE
7.13 Display Illumination
7.6 Alarm Tone
button until U03 shown at normal time mode.
Adjusting the display brightness by press the Light button each times.
Brightness changes U03>U04>U01>U02, Max brightness is U04.
7.14 MP3 Playback Function
 Press the UP▲ or DOWN▼ button.
Geemarc Telecom SA hereby declares that this product is in compliance with the
essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the RED 2014/53/UE.
The CE declaration of conformity may be consulted at
Recycling Directives
SNOOZE button until the remaining time shown.
This function automatically switches off the radio or MP3 or a natural
sound after a set period of time.
Alarm is activated again.
 Press the TONE
 Press the
button until OFF fades away.
From the moment your Geemarc product is purchased, Geemarc guarantee it for the
period of two years. During this time, all repairs or replacements (at our discretion) are
free of charge. Should you experience a problem then contact our help line or visit our
website at
The guarantee does not cover accidents, negligence or breakages to any parts. The
product must not be tampered with or taken apart by anyone who is not an authorized
Geemarc representative.
The Geemarc guarantee in no way limits your legal rights.
Please note: The guarantee applies to the United Kingdom only.
7.12 Goodnight function
7.4 Deactivating the alarm
Dimensions:120 x 170 x 120mm
Weight: approx. 508g
Voltage supply: 100-240V; 50/60Hz; 0.7A
Protection class II
For indoor use only
Radiofrequency range: 87.5-108.0 MHz FM
Illuminance: 300lux
7.11 Preset Radio Station / Listening Preset Radio Station
 Press and hold
 Clean the device with a dry cloth.
 Do not use any abrasive cleaning products.
 Protect the device from knocks, damp, dust, chemicals, drastic changes in
temperature, and nearby sources of heat (ovens, heaters).
9. Technical Data
7.10 Radio Function
 Press the RADIO
 Press the ALARM
For product support and help visit our website at
United Kingdom: 5B Swallow Court, Swallowfields, Welwyn Garden City,
Hertfordshire, AL7 1SB,UK
telephone 01707 387602 or fax 01707 832529
Selecting desired tone frequency in alarm.
charge the Smart Phone.
 Press the UP▲ or DOWN▼ button adjusting the light intensity.
 Press the SET MEM
7.9 Light Function
7.2 Setting and activating alarm
by cable.
button. The default Volume U06 will shown on the
 Press the UP▲ or DOWN▼ button.
Adjusting the volume, and the max volume is U06.
7.8 Connecting Shaker Vibrator
 Connect shaker vibrator at rear jack
 Connect the MP3 to the rear jack
 AU shown on display.
 Press the TONE
ZZ 05
button, Time is set.
7.7 Alarm Volume
 Press the UP▲ or DOWN▼ button at normal Time mode.
 Press the SET MEM
 Press the RADIO
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