Ematic EMESH3200 Owner Manual

Ematic EMESH3200 Owner Manual
AC1200 Whole Home Wi-Fi Network
Default Parameters:
Default IP:
Login: http://ap.setup
Login Password: admin
Mesh Router Square LED Indicator
Solid purple: Start up.
Solid blue: The Internet connection is ready.
Blue flash: The Mesh Pair is on open status.
Red flash: The router has no Internet
Note: Make sure the Mesh Router is ready
before setting up the mesh satellite
Hardware Connection
Step 1: Unplug or power off your modem.
Step 2: Connect your modem via cable.
Step 3: Connect your modem and router to a power source.
Mesh Extender Square LED Indicator
Solid purple: Start up.
Solid blue: The connection between the
satellite and the router or the other satellite
is good.
Blue flash: The Mesh Pair is on open status.
Solid red: The connection between the
satellite and the router or the other satellite
is weak. Move the satellite closer to the
router or other satellite.
Package Contents:
1 x Mesh Router
2 x Mesh Satellite Extenders
1 x RJ45 Ethernet Cable
3 x Power Adapter(s)
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Warranty Card
*This mesh network system supports a maximum of 10
satellite extenders.
Power Adapter
Hardware Overview
Tip: Your mesh router needs to be connected to a modem. This may limit
where you place it, depending on the length of the Ethernet and power
cables. If possible, place your mesh router in plain view, such as on a
shelf or TV stand. It also helps to choose a central location at eye level.
2-in-1 Pair & Reset Button:
Press and hold for 6 seconds to reset the system. Press and hold for 1
second to pair an extra satellite extender.
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Mesh Satellite
Set up your mesh Wi-Fi System using
one of the following options:
Via the Jetstream WiFi App
1. Turn your laptop’s Wi-Fi ON if it is
2. Click the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar
and connect to the router’s network:
3. Select Router.
c. From the Security Type menu, select a security type from the drop-down list
(WPA/WPA2 Mix recommended), and create a Wi-Fi password for security
purposes. Wi-Fi password is case sensitive.
STEP 1: Search for the Jetstream WiFi app
in either the Apple App Store or the
Google Play Store.
B. For Mac Users
d. Click Apply. Installation and basic setup take a few minutes to complete.
STEP 3: Set up your satellite extenders:
STEP 2: Download and launch the app on
your mobile device and follow the
instructions for set up.
NOTE: Make sure you are on the
JETSTREAM_MESH network when using the
app. Enter admin for the first login.
4. When your Internet service starts, your
Internet service provider (ISP) typically
gives you all the information needed to
connect to the Internet. If you cannot
locate this information, please ask your
ISP to provide it.
Via Web Browser:
B1. Turn your laptop’s Wi-Fi ON if it is OFF.
B2. Click the Wi-Fi icon on the top right
corner of the screen, and connect to the
router’s network: JETSTREAM_MESH
a. From the Internet Type menu, select
your Internet connection type from the
drop-down list: DHCP, PPPOE or STATIC.
Then, enter the information provided by
your ISP in the corresponding fields.
• Wired
Use an Ethernet cable to connect your
computer to the router.
STEP 2: Set up your router:
1. Enter http://ap.setup or in
the address field of a web browser. Enter
admin (all lowercase) for the first login.
NOTE: If you are not sure what your Internet
type is, contact your Internet service provider
(ISP) for assistance.
STEP 1: Connect your computer to the
Mesh Router:
NOTE: If the login window does not appear,
please refer to FAQ Q1.
• Wi-Fi
Use the preset Wi-Fi name (SSID) and
password to connect the router.
NOTE: The default Wi-Fi password can be
found on the bottom of your router.
A. For Windows Users
2. The “System Setup” window will pop up
after logging in. Configure and create a
new login password, then click Next.
NOTE: Use the new password for future login
The satellites are already paired with the router. Find an ideal spot to connect your
Note: For more information on placing the satellites, please refer to FAQ Q6.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q1. Why doesn't the login page appear after entering http://ap.setup?
• Make sure your computer is set to obtain an IP address automatically.
• Verify if http://ap.setup is correctly entered in the web browser. Alternatively,
enter in the web browser.
• Use another web browser and try again.
• Reboot your router and try again.
Q2. What should I do if I cannot access the Internet?
• Check if the Internet is working normally by connecting a computer directly to
the modem using an Ethernet cable. If it is not, contact your Internet service
• Open a web browser, enter http://ap.setup or and run the
quick setup again.
• Reboot your router and try again.
Q3. How can I restore the router to its default factory settings?
• While the router is powered on, use a small object (such as a paper clip) to press
and hold the Reset button on the back for 6 seconds.
Q4. What can I do if I forget my Administration Management password?
• Refer to FAQ > Q3 to reset the router. Then use the default admin (all lowercase)
to log in.
Tip: If you use DSL line and you are only
provided an account name and a password by
your ISP, choose PPPoE. If you use cable TV
or fiber cable, choose DHCP. If you are
provided information such as IP address,
Subnet Mask and Default Gateway, choose
b. The default SSID is
JETSTREAM_MESH. You can use the
default SSID or create your own SSID
Q5. What should I do if I forget my wireless network password?
• Log in the router's web management page at http://ap.setup and go to Wi-Fi
Setup. You can find your Wi-Fi password here.
Q6. Where should I place the router or satellites to get the best Wi-Fi signal?
• Keep the router or satellites in the most central spot in your home and away from
anything that might block their signal. Metal objects, bodies of water,
reinforced concrete walls, foil-insulated walls, and other similar construction
materials may severely weaken a wireless signal passing through it.
Designed by Ematic in California
©Shaghal Ltd d/b/a Ematic (“Ematic”). All rights reserved. 1-year warranty from date of purchase, 90 days only
on labor. Shaghal Ltd. 2231 Colby Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Manufactured 2018.
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