Edelbrock Carbureted Adjustable Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator (180 GPH) in Black Finish Installation Instructions

Edelbrock Carbureted Adjustable Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator (180 GPH) in Black Finish Installation Instructions
Catalog #174051, 174052, 174053
PLEASE study these instructions completely and thoroughly before installing your new Edelbrock Fuel Pressure Regulator. If you have
any questions or problems, contact our Technical Hotline at: 1-800-416-8628, 7 am - 5 pm Monday-Friday, Pacific Standard Time.
Prior to starting the installation, make sure to eliminate all potential fire hazards as fuel leakage can occur when loosening the fuel
system connections and components.
CAUTION! Installation of this product should be performed by those persons knowledgeable in the repair and modification of automotive
fuel systems. Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer. Improper installation will void the manufacturer’s warranty and may
result in poor performance and engine or vehicle damage. Do not loosen the fuel system connections until relieving pressure as
recommended in your automotive service manual.
1. With the ignition “off” and engine cool, relieve the fuel system pressure.
2. Remove the fuel line, carburetor side.
3. Determine the new regulator mounting location. Replace existing fuel lines as necessary for proper fitment. Mark and drill
mounting bracket holes using the bracket as a template.
5. Install the fittings (Fuel fittings NOT included) as shown below. Coat the threads of the fitting with thread sealer (not supplied).
6. Assemble the bracket and regulator.
7. Install the regulator and bracket assembly in the desired location.
8. Connect and tighten fuel lines to the inlet and outlet, as seen below.
9. Install the plug (supplied) or connect a fuel pressure gauge to the gauge port using a 1/8-27 NPT male thread and thread sealer
(not supplied).
10. Check for leaks: Start engine and check all connections for leaks. If any leaks exist, immediately turn key off and repair before
11. Start the engine, loosen the jam nut on the top of the regulator, and turn the adjusting screw until the desired fuel pressure is
obtained. Tighten the jam nut and re-check the pressure.
Fittings Shown:
-10AN to -10AN with O-Ring
Part # 670710 (Qty 2)
& -6AN to -6AN with O-Ring
Part # 670840 (Qty. 1)
Gauge Port
or Plug
Fuel out -10
*NOTE: Thread adjusting
screw down (clockwise)
to increase fuel pressure;
thread adjusting screw
up (counter-clockwise) to
decrease fuel pressure.
Adjusting Screw
Vacuum Fitting
Fuel in -10
Russell fittings
#660370 & #660350 shown
Fuel Return to Tank -6
Edelbrock LLC • 2700 California St. • Torrance, CA 90503
Tech-Line: (800) 416-8628
Brochure #63-174051
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Part #174051, 174052, 174053
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