Edelbrock Victor Ford 460 Intake Manifold, Victor Ford 460 Intake Manifold for 4500 Series Carburetors Installation guide

Edelbrock Victor Ford 460 Intake Manifold, Victor Ford 460 Intake Manifold for 4500 Series Carburetors Installation guide
PART #2965 & #2966
Operating range: 3500-8000 rpm
MODEL: 429/460 c.i.d. Ford V8
PLEASE study these instructions, and the General Instructions, carefully before installing your new manifold. If you have any questions, do not hesitate
to contact our Technical Hotline at: 1-800-416-8628, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday.
Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer. Improper installation will void warranty and may result in poor performance
and engine or vehicle damage.
MANIFOLD: These manifolds are designed for competition vehicles only and are not intended to be used on the street as they do not have provisions
for chokes, emission pieces, etc. Designed for Ford 429/460 competition engines using stock cast iron, Cobra-Jet cast iron or SVO Cobra-Jet
aluminum (M-6049-A429) cylinder heads. Two versions available; #2966 uses standard flange, 850 cfm carburetors and #2965 is for 4500 series
carburetors. Port exit size at cylinder head is 2.16” x 1.88” with enough extra material to open it up to the cast iron Cobra-Jet heads. The Victor 460
manifolds will not fit late-model production cylinder heads (1988 and later). Standard cast iron 460 heads will require port matching to fit manifold.
Both models suitable for drag racing (Super Stock, Super Gas, Super Comp, Brackets, etc.) , marine or any application requiring maximum power up
to 8000 rpm.
ACCESSORIES & INSTALLATION ITEMS: Major recommendations are listed below. However, due to the variety of years, makes and models to be
covered, please review each part listed in the Installation Items section of the Edelbrock catalog to decide whether more items are required for your
specific vehicle than are mentioned in these instructions.
CARBURETOR RECOMMENDATIONS: CAUTION - Use only carburetors recommended. If parts required for installation are unavailable locally,
contact Edelbrock directly.
Holley Double-Pumper Series
A, F, I
See Holley catalog for selection guidelines.
Auto transmission rod extension kit
Ball end stud for Ford Holley carbs
Braided Steel dual feed fuel line kit
A- Carburetor will work with non-EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) or pre-emission control system.
F- Use Carb-to-manifold base gasket supplied with carburetor.
I- Carburetor has no provision for evaporative canister.
INTAKE GASKET - Use Fel-Pro intake gasket
#1231 or equivalent.
CARBURETOR SPACERS - Some applications
may benefit from a one-inch open carburetor
spacer such as Edelbrock #8710 (standard flange
carburetors with #2966) or #8718 (cloverleaf
spacer for 4500 series carburetors with #2965).
This normally requires slight re-calibration of the
carburetor since small losses of fuel signal cause
the engine to run somewhat leaner than without
the spacer. A simple jet change is typically all that
needs to to be done.
COOLANT FITTING - A brass fitting has been
included to allow the use of a standard bypass
hose between the manifold and the water pump.
Coat the threads of the fitting with a light layer
of teflon paste, then thread the fitting into the
manifold. It can be tightened down by inserting a
3/8? Allen tool into the open end.
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Part #2965, 2966
Torque 5/16” bolts (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14) to 15-18 ft/lbs.
Torque all other manifold bolts to 25 ft/lbs.
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Brochure #63-2965
1. Cobra Jet style intake manifold gaskets are required, even if standard 429/460 cylinder heads are used. The recommended gasket is Fel-Pro
#1231. Silicone sealer should be used to seal the manifold ends rather than the usually supplied cork end seals.
2. The intake manifold port exit is positioned for the aluminum Cobra Jet cylinder head (SVO p/n M-6049-A429) and the original cast iron 429 Cobra
Jet and SCJ heads. If this intake manifold is installed on standard 429/460 cylinder heads, the cylinder head port entries must be
port matched as shown in the accompanying figure (below). The intake manifold port exit position chosen was the compromise that gave
the best performance for all the intended applications.
3. For optimum performance, several simple mods can be done to the intake manifold. Dyno testing on a 515 c.i.d. test engine showed small gains
be adding a 1-inch tall open carb spacer. On the #2965 manifold spacer #8718 must be used due its unique shape. Manifold #2966 may use a
standard 1-inch carb spacer such as Edelbrock #8710. On either manifold, it is helpful to remove any flash or sharp edges on the divider walls in
the plenum. The radius on the divider should be as large as possible and should never be sharpened to a knife edge as this is harmful to air flow.
4. As can be seen in the accompanying figure, the intake manifold port exit is smaller in area than the area of the Cobra Jet head port entry. Some
inquiries have been made as to why the manifold runner is not as large as the head. Manifold runner areas are chosen to provide optimum
performance for a given application. Too large an area can be detrimental to performance. Increasing the runner size of this manifold is not
recommended unless testing for your specific application shows a performance benefit.
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Part #2965, 2966
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Brochure #63-2965
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