Miller COOLMATE 3 User manual

Miller COOLMATE 3 User manual
Coolmate™ 3
1. Specifications
174 791E
July 1999
C € And Non-CE Models
Recirculating Coolant System For Water-Cooled GTAW Torches And GMAW Guns
Use With Guns/Torches Rated Up To 600 Amperes
IP Rating: 23
3 gal (11.4 L) Coolant Tank Capacity:
Maximum Cooling Capacity: 14,000 BTU/hr At 1.25 gt/min (1.2 L/min)
Weight: 39 Ib (18 kg)
Dimensions: 23 in (584 mm) Long, 12 in (305 mm) Wide, 13-1/4 in (337 mm) High
ST-801 189-A
115 Volt Models Use 5.9 Amperes, 50/60 Hertz, Singie-Phase input Power
230 Volt Models Use 3 Amperes, 50/60 Hertz, Single-Phase Input Power
2. Safety Symbol Definitions
Means Warning! Watch Out! There are possible hazards
with this procedure! The possible hazards are shown in
the adjoining symbois.
Symbole graphique d'avertissement! Attention! Cette
procédure comporte des risques possibles! Les dangers
éventuels sont représentés par les symboles graphiques
Have only trained and qualified persons install, operate,
or service this unit. Call your distributor if you do not
understand the directions. For WELDING SAFETY and
EMF information, read wire feeder and welding power
source manuals.
Linstallation, Texploitation et l'entretien de cet appareil
doivent étre confiés uniquement a des personnes
qualifiées et convenabiement formées. S’adresser à un
distributeur si l’on ne comprend pas les directives. Pour
des renseignements ayant trait a la SECURITE lors du
soudage et aux champs électromagnétiques, consulter
les manuels traitant ies dévidoirs et les sources de
courant pour te soudage.
Beware of electric shock from wiring.
Attention! Risque d'électrocution due au contact avec
des fiis.
Beware of moving parts.
Attention! Pieces en mouvement,
1 | Wear safety glasses with side shields.
Porter des lunettes de sécurité avec protections
Recycle or dispose of used coolant in an environmen-
talty safe way.
Recycler ou éliminer tout liquide de refroidissement usé
conformément aux méthodes prescrites pour assurer la
protection de l’environnement.
Warning Label Definitions For CE Products
Warning! Watch Out! There are
possible hazards as shown by the
Electric shock from wiring can Kill.
Disconnect input plug or power hefore
working on machine.
Moving parts, such as fans, can cut
fingers and hands and cause injury.
Keep away from moving parts.
Wear safety glasses with side shields.
Read the Owner's Manual before
working on this machine.
Read the labels on the welding power
S-180 663
source, wire feeder, or other major
equipment for welding safety
Recycle or dispose of used coolant in
an environmentally safe way.
Do not remove or paint over (cover
the label.
100 h. std.
043 810 (HF) a
043 809 (AL)
S-178 910
Warning! Watch Out! There are
possible hazards as shown by the
Disconnect input plug or power before
working on machine.
Wear safety glasses with side shields.
Plugged filter or hoses cause
overheating and damage.
Read Owner's Manual.
Check and clean filter every 100
hours; also check condition of hoses,
Use Low Conductivity Coolant No.
043 810 for High-Frequency assisted
or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
applications. Use Aluminum
Protecting Coolant No. 043 802 where
coolant contacts aluminum parts or for
Gas Metal Arc Welding applications or
where High Frequency is not used.
OM-628 Page 2
4. Rating Label
S/N: KG085472
115VV 1, 50/60 Hz
5. Symbols And Definitions
NOTE EZ Some symbols are found only on CE products.
Circulating Unit
Voltage Input ÓN With Coolant
A Amperes NN Alternating Current
Water (Coolant) Water (Coolant) . .
Volts > Input a Output {> Line Connection
Protective Earth | P Degree Of . H
© (Ground) Protection 1 Primary Current Z Hertz
| On O Off U, Primary Voltage 1 AV Single Phase
OM-628 Page 3
6. Preparing Cooling Unit For Use
1 Coolant Out Hose
2 Coolant In Hose
Fittings have 5/8-18 left-hand
threads. Connect hoses with prop-
er fittings as shown,
3 Coolant Tank Cap
Use table to select proper coolant,
and fill tank. Maintain coolant level
at approximately 1 in {25 mm) be-
low top of filler neck.
4 Flow Indicator
5 Power Switch
Application GTAW Or Where GMAW Or Where Where Coolant Contacts
HF* ls Used HF* Is Not Used Aluminum Parts
= Low Conductivity Coolant Low Conductivity Coolant Aluminum Protecting
No. 043 810**; No. 043 810**; Or Coolant No. 043 809**
Distilled Or Deionized Water Aluminum Protecting Coolant
OK Above 32° F (0° C) No. 043 809**;
Distilled Or Deionized Water
OK Above 32° F (0° C)
*HF: High Frequency Current
**Coolants 043 810 and 043 809 protect to -37° F (-38°C) and resist algae growth.
Tools Needed:
I——— — 2 5/8in
ST-801 193-B
OM-628 Page 4
7. Connections
= А A 1 Lift-Eye
С J В If placing cooling unit on welding
power source, slots are provided in
bottom of unit so it fits over lift-eye.
GTAW Connections | To prevent overheating, make sure
cooling unit is positioned so airflow
= is not restricted.
ES .
e". A [If welding power source has
a water valve, do not con-
A nect hoses to water valve.
Nat? Connect hoses as shown.
Turn power switch On. Flow indica-
tor spins to indicate that at least
0.53 qt/min {0.5 L/min) of coolantis
Г flowing.
GMAW Connections
ST-801 190-B / ST-801 191-5
OM-628 Page 5
8. Routine Maintenance
A Disconnect power
before maintaining.
Per Wy BEL
== 3 Months
Clean Coolant a Blow Out Heat
Filter — rey —— Exchanger Fins
E 6 Months
Replace a Change Replace
Cracked Coolant (If Unreadable
Hoses = Using Water) Labels
=: 12 Months
es ———- À Change
; Coolant (If
Oil Motor Using 043 809
or 043 810
9. Coolant Maintenance And Oiling Motor
> VE
1 Coolant Filter
Unscrew housing to clean filter.
Changing coolant: Drain coolant
by tipping unit forward. Fill with
clean water and run for 10 minutes.
Drain and refill.
2 Motor
Remove plugs and put about 15
drops of SAE 20 motor oil into each
oil port. Replace plugs.
IF If replacing hoses, use hoses
compatible with ethylene gly-
col, such as Buna-n, Neo-
prene, or Hypalon. NOTE:
Oxy-acetylene hoses are not
compatible with any product
containing ethylene glycol.
Jools Needed:
С 0 sein
ST-801 195-B / Ref. ST-801 194
OM-628 Page 6
10. Troubleshooting
Trouble Remedy
Coolant systern does not work. Be sure input power cord is plugged in to energized receptacle.
Check line fuses or circuit breaker, and fuses F1, F2 if applicable, and replace or reset if necessary.
Motor overheated. Unit starts running when motor has cooled.
Have Factory Authorized Service Agent check Power switch S1 and motor Mot.
Decreased or no coolant flow. Add coolant,
Check for clogged hoses or coolant filter. Clean fitter or clean / replace hoses if necessary.
Disconnect pump, and check for sheared coupling. Replace coupling if necessary.
SA-135 796-D — SA-187 733
Figure 10-1. Circuit Diagram For 115 And 230 Volt — Figure 10-2. Circuit Diagram For 230 Volt (CE Models)
11. Parts List
item Dia. Part
CTT No. Mkas. No. Description Quantity
Figure 11-1. Complete Assembly
Ana +166 562 ...... WRAPPER 12020044 ss ae a aa ea aanarar ie anar aroedaariareneecera 1
2. 2 кок ееввввввк... 180 663 ...... LABEL, warning general precautionary (CE and Generic Models) ..................... 1
TEC вкекевлвно, 178910 ...... LABEL, caution incorrect coolant (CE and Generic Models) .......................... 1
cd 2ененн.., 192 449 ...... LABEL, warning general precautionary (Non-CE and Non-Generic Modles) ............ 1
E E 174 042 ...... PUMP COOLANT w/CLAMPS, (consisting of ............ aaa. 1
Cr В 2 нввкнок, 126 992 ........ FITTING, hose brs barbed elb M 3/8tbg x 3/8 ..... o.oo. 2
I 134 795 ........ COUPLER, drive pump .............. ee eaaaoaa narea 1
‚‚ 8 .... МОТ...... 173264 ...... MOTOR, 1/4hp 230VAC 50/60Hz 1425/1725rpm (230V model) .................. ..... 1
…….. 8... MOT ...... 173263 ...... MOTOR, 1/4hp 115VAC 50/60Hz 1425/1725rpm (115V model) ....................... 1
нее. Br 166570 ...... BLADE, fan 9.000 5wg 38deg .500 bore cw (setscrew included) ...................... 1
[O 174 044 ,..... TUBING, PVC .375 x ‚625 OD X 18.000... aaa aaa ea 2
TE ren 176 746 ...... CLAMP, 1-eartype nom dim .656 x 275 wide .............. oui, 2
PES 094263 ...... CLAMP, 1-ear type nom dim .718 x .276 wide ................0o' eee... B
TE .кекннекк... 192 454 ...... PAÑEL, rear .......... 0000 Le LL aa aa aa ae ae a a aa aa ea aa aan aa 1
ce 13 139 042 ...... BUSHING, strain relief .270/.480 id x .804 mtghol ...... aa aa La a ea ana aa 1
…..14.... PLG1 ..... 192 458 ...... CABLE, power 16ga 3c (230V model) a rareneaereren. 1
14... PLE ..... 192 457 ...... CABLE, power 10ft 168ga (115V model) .......... ii, 1
.14.... PLG1 ..... 192 456 ...... CABLE, pwr 10ft (230V CE Models only) ................ eee ea rada... 1
LAS O 2 eee 196515 ...... RADIATOR, heat exchanger .......... ci eee 1
AB as 168267 ...... TANK COOLANT aa aa ae ea a da ae Ra aa La 1
CAT LL LL aan 174 043 ...... TUBING, PVC .375 1D x .625 OD x 1.250 ....... La aa LL La aa aan La ana 1
e DB aa 166608 ...... CAP, tank screw-on wfvent ............ aaa ALL LL 1
AI aa 182 994 ...... TUBE, pick-Up coolant ....... er... 0a0ereer ei arararecacoacó ea 1
20 oll 136369 ...... TUBING, PYC .375 1D x .625 OD x 10.000 ............ e ae 1
cont Lana 178 248 ...... HOSE, nprn brd No. 1 x 375 ID x 4.000 black .........11111 LL LL 1
Ce 22 20 166560 ...... RING, ring ext .500 shaft grv x .O42thk ............. aaa a 2
E ee 166 564 ...... FILTER, in-liIne .......... a a Ada a A A a aa a Na 1
PE RS 168254 ...... CLIP, filter mounting 2200000202 ea aa ana ee LA aa AL 1
Cea F1,F2 ......011 116 ...... FUSE, mintr gl slo-blo 7A 250V (230V CE Models only) .............. Le 1111 2
PA aenenoecenoo 098 376 ...... HOLDER, fuse mintr (230V CE Models any)... 1
PO enanas 174047 ...... NUT, .250-20 special .......1102200 0002 een ea ae aa Ada LA LA aa o eearioeo 4
26 rada 186003 ...... INDICATOR, flow (consisting of) ......... oi. 1
TARA 166568 ........ PADDLE, flow indicator a aaa aan arenró. 1
a 28 ....... remo. 166566 ........ O-RING, 1.301 1D x .070CS ......... ee ee eee LL 1
2 186005 ........ LENS, flow indicator ....... 1
BO ..... Si... 177 396 ...... SWITCH, rocker DPST 15A 250VAC .......... aaa aora 1
a Bl nana rear 177389 ...... PANEL, front 1112120422 aa a a aa aa a ae ae na ae aa a anna 1
1 кк ек ака л наносил ева онееуие, NAMEPLATE, (order by model and seríal number) ................. 2 errada, 1
33 aa 166571 ...... FITTING, coolant barbed 3/8tbg 5/8-18 female ............. ur. 2
+When ordering a component originally displaying a precautionary label, the label should also be ordered.
OM-628 Page 7
*Included in Item 23
ST-801 186-C
Figure 11-1. Complete Assembly
OM-628 Page 8
Index No. AY/7.2
Issued March 1999
Whether your application is TIG, MIG, resistance
welding, or plasma cooling, Miller coolant systems
are designed and built to work with your water-
cooled applications and equipment.
Cooling Systems
Coolmate” 3, V3, 4 and Cool Runner”
The Miller family of coolant
systems offers four distinct
styles with high-cooling
capacities. Each style features
a closed-loop design with a radiator to reduce
coolant temperatures and prevent overheating in
your water-cooled system.
Features Benefits
Closed-loop design with Reduces coolant temperatures and prevents the system from overheating.
radiator Recirculates the coolant through a fan cooled heat exchanger.
NARRAN TS Rustproof coolant reservoir
Paddle wheel flow indicator
Positive vane-style
Designed to use polyethylene for durability and corrosion resistance.
Visually confirms that there is coolant flowing through the system.
Provides consistent coolant flow and pressure rating with long pump life
Processes displacement pump expectancy.
Thermally protected 1/4 HP Thermal protection guards against motor damage due to overheating.
MIG (GMAW) motor P Sa 9 9
Welding Factory preset pressure relief ~~ Maintains consistent pressure during operation.
A TIG (GTAW valve (55 PSI)
М © ) Standard inlet/outlet torch Compatible with TIG and MIG torches equipped with standard 5/8-18 left-hand
ElCIng fittings fittings.
Plasma 10 ft (3 m) power cord with Longer than most power cords in the industry-providing the extra length when
a Cooling plug required.
ME Resistance
Compatible with Miller
or corrosion protection.
Miller coolants are ideal for warm and cold weather conditions, while providing HF
md Welding Miller's True Blue® Warranty Coolant systems are warranted for 1 year, parts and labor.
a. Ordering Information Option for Cool Runner
Description Coolmate™ 3 #043 007 115VAC,50/60Hz — No.22 Running Gear #042 258
Single Phase Coolmate™3 #043 008 230VAG,50/60Hz Includes two 10in (254 mm) wheels and 5 in
„A. Coolmate™ V3 #043 009 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz (127 mm) casters and a two-compartment rack for
Coolmate™ 4 #042 288 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz gas cylinder(s).
Cool Runner” #043 094 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
. . Motor Input Amps Input Full Load | Maximum Cooling Tank Net
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Model Voltage 50/60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz Capacity Capacity | Dimensions Weight
An Illinois Tool Works Company Cocimate™4 | 115 МАС 59A | 47A | 15,000 8TU/hrat 4 gal H: 16-1/4 in (413 mm) | 44 15
1635 West Spencer Street Coolmate” 4 CE 1.3 at/min (1.25 L/min) | (151) — |W:15-1/4 in {387 mm) | (20 kg)
Appleton, WI 54914 USA D: 18-3/4 in (476 mm)
International Headquarters-USA Coolmate” 3 115 VAC 589A 47 A 14,000 BTU/hr at 3 gal H: 13-1 4 in (337 mm) | 39ib
Phone: 920-735-4505 (Auto-Attended or 1.3 min (1.25 L/min} | (11.41) 1W:12-1/4 in (311 mm) | (18 kg)
USA FAX 920-735 5 p-édendecd Coolmate™ 3 CE | 230 VAC 25A | 304A D: 23-1/4 in (584 mm)
Canadi FAX: 920-735 -4169 Coolmate™ V3 115 МАС 59A ATA 14,000 BTU/hr at 3 gal H: 33 in (838 mm} 50 Ib
anadian FAA. Jeu 1.3 qt/min (1.25 L/min) | (11.41) |W: 9-1/4in (235mm) | (23 kg)
International FAX: 920-735-4125 D: 9-1/4 in (235 mm)
Web Site-www Cool Runner” | 115 VAC 59 A 4.7 A 12,000 BTU/hr at 2.5 gal H: 15-172 in (394 mm) | 115 16
Goo! Runner” CE 1.3 gt/min {1.25 L/min) | (9.5L) Wi 24-3/4 in (629 mm) | (52 kg)
D: 42 in (1067 mm)
The Power of Blue.
(he Certified by Canadian Standards Association
"5 to both the Canadian and U.S. Standards.
Coolmate™3CE #043 007-01-2 115VAC, 50/60 Hz
Coolmate™3CE #043 008-01-2 230VAC, 50/60 Hz
Coolmate”4CE #042288-01-5 115VAC, 50/60 Hz
Cool Runner” CE #043094-01-1 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
"3 Models with CE specifications are available and manufactured
according to the Standards ¡EC-974-1 and EN-60974-1.
Specifications (Subject to change without notice.)
Heavy Industria! К!
Coolant Ordering Information
TIG (GTAW) where HF is used
Where coolant contacts aluminum parts
MIG (GMAW) or where HF is not used
#043 810
Low conductivity coolant (distilled/
deionized water ok above 32° F)
#043 809
Aluminum protecting coolant
#043 810 or #043 809
Options and Accessories
The compact, hor-
izontal design of
the Coolmate™ 3
allows stacking or
mounting onto a
trailer or other
equipment. Unlike
most competitive systems, the Coolmate 3 is
equipped with a Power switch so you can turn
the unit on and off at the front panel. “Paddle
wheel” indicator makes it easy to see coolant
flowing. Filter and coolant filling spout are
conveniently located for easy access.
= 14,000 BTU/hour cooling capacity
& 3 gal (11.4 L) coolant tank
= For water-cooled torches rated up to
600 amps*
® 115 and 230 VAC models
# Rustproof, polyethylene molding serves as
the coolant tank, fan shroud, filler spout and
lifting handles.
®m Coolant filler spout and coolant filter are
easy-to-access at the front panel
w Efficient fin and tube heat exchanger
a “Paddle wheel” flow indicator
s Panel-mounted on/off switch
Ge Certified by Canadian Standards Association
"to both the Canadian and U.S. Standards.
"Ed Models with CE specifications are available and manufactured
according to the Standards IEC-974-T and EN-50974-1.
Coolmate™ 4
The Coolmate™ 4
1s a patented
design available
only from Miller.
This coolant
system has a
constant flow of
coolant inside to
keep the pump primed and to reduce algae
buildup in the tank. The one-piece, circular case
is portable and rustproof.
E 15,000 BTU/hour cooling capacity
æ 4 gal (15L) coolant tank
® For water-cooled torches rated up to
600 amps*
® Patented design assures pump is always
primed and reduces algae buildup in
coolant tank
= Rustproof, durable polyethylene (plastic)
case and tank
@ Convenient carrying handle and filler spout
molded into case
æ Easily accessible coolant filter
Ge Certified by Canadian Standards Association
"T° to both the Canadian and US. Standards.
"(9 Models with CE specifications are available and manufactured
according to the Standards IEC-974-1 and EN-60974-1.
Coolmate™ V3
Turn to the Coolmate™ V3 to complete your
water-cooled system. Its distinct, vertical design
allows you to mount it onto a power source
running gear or gas cylinder rack. The Coolmate
V3 is equipped with a Power switch so you can
turn unit on and off at the front panel. “Paddle
wheel” indicator makes it easy to see coolant
flowing, Filter and coolant filling spout are
conveniently located for easy access.
= 14,000 BTU/hour cooling capacity
# 3 gal (11.4 L) coolant tank
= For water-cooled torches rated up to 500 amps*
æ Vertical design mounts easily onto running
gears and cylinder racks
x Paddle wheel flow indicator
w Panel-mounted on/off switch
Ge Certification by Canadian Standards Association
"to both the Canadian and U.S. Standards has been
applied for and is in process.
Cool Runner™
The Cool Runner” water coolant system is
dedicated to any (new or old) Syncrowave® 250
power source. The Cool Runner conveniently
mounts under the Syncrowave 250 to provide the
perfect solution for industrial, water-cooled TIG
applications. To easily move the system in the
shop, add the easy-to-install No. 22 running gear.
1 12,000 BTU/hour cooling capacity
sm 2-1/2 gallon coolant tank
æ For water-cooled torches rated up to
500 amps*
® 115 VAC supplied by Syncrowave 250
power source
@ Rustproof, polyethylene molded tank serves
as coolant reservoir and easy-to-fill coolant
z Efficient fin and tube heat exchanger
% “Paddle wheel” flow indicator
az External filter can be quickly accessed
for cleaning,
(oe Certified by Canadian Standards Association
WN fo both the Canadian and U.S. Standards.
"(83 Models with CE specifications are available and manufactured
according to the Standards ¡EC-974-1 and EN-60974-1.
#043 810 Coolant, low conductivity
#043 809 Coolant, aluminum protecting
Sold in cases of four 1-gallon recyclable plastic
bottles. Miller coolants contain a base of
ethylene glycol and deionized water to protect
against freezing to -37°F (-38°C) or boiling to
227°F (108°C). Both also contain a compound
that resists algae growth.
“May vary with torch design and cable length.
The Power of Blue.
Litho in USA
Distributed by:
Declaration of Conformity for
European Community (CE) Products
N OTE rs This information is provided for units with CE certification (see rating label on unit).
Manufacturer's Name: Miller Electric Mfg . Co.
Manufacturer's Address: 1635 W. Spencer Street
Appleton, Wi 54914 USA
Declares that the product: C O O | MAT E Ш 3
conforms to the following Directives and Standards:
Electromagnetic compatibility Directives: 89/336/EEC, 92/31/EEC
Low Voltage Directive: 73/23/FEC
Machinery Directives: 89/392/EEC, 91/368/EEC, 93/C 133/04, 93/68/EEC
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Product standard for arc welding equipment: EN50199: August 1995
Safety Requirements for Arc Welding Equipment part 1: EN 60974-1: 1989
Arc Welding Equipment Part 1: Welding Power Sources: IEC 974-1 (April 1995 - Draft revision)
Degrees of Protection provided by Enclosures (IP code): IEC 529: 1989
European Contact: Mr. Luigi Vacchini, Managing Director
MILLER Europe S.P.A.
Via Privata Iseo 6/E
20098 San Giuliano
Milanese, Italy
Telephone: 39(02)98290-1
Fax: 39(02)98290-203
) De S/N: KG085472
LT € 4
115V 1™ 50/60 Нг
5.9A IP 23
dec _coni 1/96 © 1996 MILLER Electric Mfg. Co.
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