Maintaining Member Sensitivity After Vigorous Sensual Activity

Maintaining Member Sensitivity After Vigorous Sensual Activity
Maintaining Member Sensitivity After
Vigorous Sensual Activity
Let’s be honest: The idea of having a quite active sensual activity life is one
that most men aspire to. But what happens when member sensitivity suffers
thanks to all that fun? It’s a problem for many men, who often find that their
male organ can become sore, irritated, or even calloused over time. Little
abrasions can add up to a big problem with member skin that just isn’t as
sensitive as it used to be, and thus, a sensual life that doesn’t pack the same
powerful punch it once did.
The good news is that there are ways to maintain manhood health and avoid
the male organ chafing that can happen with a regular, active sensual life.
 Use plenty of creme. Though it might seem like a no-brainer, many
couples will enjoy coupling without the use of extra creme, even
though they might need it. While the female body can produce enough
natural lubrication to help both partners fully enjoy the experience, a
couple playing multiple times a day might find that the natural
lubrication just isn’t enough. A bit of high-quality creme can keep the
sensation high while avoiding any sort of male organ chafing.
 Clean up after the fun. While it might be quite tempting to simply go
to sleep after the deed is done, many men find that when they do this,
they wake up to a quite irritated male organ. That’s because the bodily
fluids that might have touched the male organ – as well as the seed
blocker from protective devices or the added lubrication – could dry
on the skin, leading to chafing, redness or even a slight rash. Take the
time to head to the bathroom and at least wash the manhood with a
warm, moist towel before tucking in for the night.
 Moisturize like crazy. A good moisturizer used right after a shower
and any time after washing the male organ is a great idea. Look for
one that contains ingredients known to promote manhood health, such
as vitamin A to fight bacteria, vitamin D to reduce inflammation, and
vitamin C, which can help aid the body in healing small cuts or
scrapes. Most of all, those with male organ chafing should look for a
crème including L-arginine, a natural amino acid powerhouse known
for helping the body heal from wounds.
Ease Male Organ Chafing and Promote Healthy Manhood Skin
When pursuing a healthy male organ, always look to moisturizing,
lubrication, and regular cleansing as a surefire way to get on the right track.
And remember, when washing, use a mild cleanser – preferably one that is
specially formulated for use on the member, or at least for use on very
sensitive skin.
With that said, it’s important to carefully look for signs that member chafing
has become something more serious. This includes a rash, abrasions that
won’t heal, any areas of redness or heat that won’t go away, and bruises or
other discolorations. These issues could mean that the manhood has been
damaged in a more serious way than the typical rawness sometimes
associated with male organ chafing.
And when it comes to choosing a high-quality manhood health creme
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been
clinically proven safe and mild for skin), look for something with the
above-mentioned ingredients. Also look for something with vitamin E and
Shea butter, two powerful ingredients well-known for soothing the skin,
protecting it from damage, and helping it heal from issues already present.
Remember to apply the crème especially after a shower or cleansing, but
don’t hesitate to apply it at other times as well, such as when chafing and
itching begin to show the first signs of being a problem.
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