Goodmans | GV101YRH32 | Quick Start Guide | Goodmans GV101YRH32 320GB Freeview High Definition Digital Recorder Quick Start Guide

Goodmans GV101YRH32 320GB Freeview High Definition Digital Recorder Quick Start Guide
Your remote control
MUTE: Turns your TV
sound on/off
HOME: Press
to return to BBC1 at any time
ONLINE: Display the online menu
LIBRARY: Displays a library of
previously recorded programming
MENU: Display the Main Menu
(1) Fast Rewind at variable speeds
(2) Step through menu bars
 Navigation:
Navigate up/down/left/right
in menus/on screen displays
Stops recording or live paused TV
Changes your TV volume
FAV:(Favourites List):
Displays the list of your
favourite channels
POWER: Switches the main
unit to standby
SWAP: Switches between
previous and currently
watched TV channels
CH LIST:(Channel List): Display
the list of stored channels
GV101YRH Series
Digital recorder
Quick Start Guide
GUIDE: Display the TV
programme guide
 FAST FWD: (1) Fast
Forward at variable speeds
(2) Step through menu bars
OK: Press to confirm
current selection
PLAY/PAUSE: Toggle action for
recordings and Live Pause TV
(1) Record a programme
(2) Set a future recording
P+, P- (Change Channel):
Changes your TV channels
i (Information):
Displays information about
programmes and recordings
0 – 9: Numerical keys
BACK: Return to previous menu
EXIT: Exit the menu and
return to live TV
Coloured Buttons: quick keys
AD: Set Audio Description on/off
SUB: Set subtitles on/off
AUD: Select audio
language (if available)
TEXT: Load text services
available on some channels
Check coverage in your area.
Text your postcode, followed by your house number or name to 83331*.
Welcome to your new FREEVIEW digital recorder
Or visit
*e.g. NW9 6NY (Costs no more than a normal text.)
The FREEVIEW service is subject to coverage. An aerial upgrade may be required.
The FREEVIEW, FREEVIEW+, FREEVIEW+ HD words and logos are trade marks of DTV Services LTD.
DTV Services Ltd 2002, 2008.
This guide will help you get started, and make most of the
features on offer
Setting Up
Connecting up
Turning on
First Time Install
First time installation
Starting installation
Getting started
Getting around the Guide
Now and Next information
To open the Guide, press the GUIDE Button.
Step 1.1
1. Connect the aerial cable to RF IN. 2.Connect the
HDMI cable between the HDMI connector on your
digital recorder and the HDMI on your TV. 3. Connect
the output from the power supply to the DC IN
connector on your digital box.
Fitting batteries to remote control
Step 1.2
Connect the mains power supply plug to a mains
power outlet socket and turn on the power socket.
Next connect the power jack commector to the DC IN
on the rear panel of the digital box.
Step 2.1
Select your TV screen type using the u and t
Buttons to move between the options: LETTERBOX 4:3,
Viewing installed channels
Step 2.2
Press the OK button to start the installation.
Press the p and q buttons to select a new channel,
and the u Buttons to select the programme and press
the OK Button to watch the selected programme.
To close the GUIDE window press the GUIDE Button
again or press the BACK Button.
Auto view of first channel
The Main Menu
To see what’s coming on next press the i-Button on
your remote control.
The display shows programme name and broadcast
times for the current and next programmes. You can
step along the row to reach more programmes using
the u and t Buttons. To remove this information from
the display, press the EXIT Button.
Now and Next - Extended
To open the Main Menu, press the MENU button.
Step 1.3
Remove the battery cover from the remote control and
insert 2 x AAA batteries (supplied) into the battery
compartment. Replace the battery cover.
Step 2.3
Step 2.4
Press the GREEN Button when installation has finished.
You will see the channels that have been found during
the installation. It will take about 8 minutes for your
digital box to find all the channels.
When installation has successfully completed, the
channel at the top of the channel list will be shown
on your TV. The information banner will be shown on
screen for a short time.
Press the p and q Buttons to select an option.
From this menu you can organise your channels, retune
your digital box, change the default settings, or look at
the system information.
Press the i-Button a second time to view more
information including a synopsis of the programme.
You can view similar details about other progammes
on the ‘programme row’ by pressing the u and
t Buttons. Press the p and q Buttons to view
programmes on other channels (rows).
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