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Goodmans GD11FSRHD32 320GB Freesat High Definition Digital Recorder Instructions
Software Update Instructions
Getting Started
These instructions are for the Goodmans GD11FSRHD Series Freesat Recorder. If you are
unsure of your model number, this can be found on the back of your unit. If this is not your
model number you are not required to complete this update.
Do I need any additional equipment to update my Goodmans product?
You will need a USB stick drive to put the software on. Your USB stick drive must be FAT32
How do I update my Goodmans product?
1. Download and save the software file to your computer.
2. Plug-in your USB stick drive to your computer.
3. Unzip and move the downloaded files ‘flash.oad’ and ‘version.dat’ to the root
directory (not in a folder) of the USB stick drive.
4. Disconnect the USB stick drive from your computer.
5. With your GD11FSRHD Series switched on, plug-in the USB stick drive into the USB
port on the back of your box.
6. Reboot the box by removing the power and plugging it back in again.
7. Once the box is rebooted, wait 10-30 seconds for the update to begin.
8. Follow the instructions on screen. Do not remove the USB stick or unplug the box
from the mains until the update is completed.
I can’t get my update to work, what should I do?
Check that the software update is for your model.
Make sure that your USB stick drive is correctly formatted.
Make sure that the downloaded file names have not been changed.
Check to see if there is a scheduled recording due within the next two hours. If there
is a scheduled recording due, run the update after the recording has completed.
5. If none of these suggestions work, try a different USB stick drive.
I have tried the above but still need some help with my upgrade
Our product specialists are available weekdays from 9am to 5pm and can be contacted via
the Goodmans support website at
GD11FSRHD Series
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