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Petsafe 62410 Happy Ride™ Dog Ramp Adaptor Use Guide
Side Door Adapter for Ramps
Care & Use Guide
Thank you for purchasing the Solvit Side Door Adapter for Ramps, which can be used with the Solvit Deluxe
Telescoping Ramp, Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp, or the Ultralite Bifold Ramp. The package should contain two
plastic clamps, one adjustable strap, and one rubber-coated door hanger.
First, determine which plastic clamp to use with your ramp. For the Deluxe
Telescoping or Deluxe Telescoping XL ramps, use the clamp with the side profile
as shown in Fig. 1; for the UltraLite Bifold Ramp,use the clamp as shown in Fig. 2.
Practice fastening the clamp to the ramp. For the Telescoping Ramps, first hook the
top part of the clamp over the top of the arched side rail (Fig. 3) then rotate the clamp
down so the bottom arm clicks into place on the underside of the ramp (Fig. 4).
For the Bifold Ramp, first hook the bottom part of the clamp to the underside of
the side rail (Fig. 5), then rotate up until the top arm clicks in place over the top of the side rail (Fig. 6).
To complete assembly, insert one prong of the door hanger into the loop of strap material next to the spring loaded
adjuster, and position as shown in Fig. 7. Take the end of the strap and pass through the hole at the top of the
plastic clamp, then feed a few inches of the strap through the spring loaded adjuster.
To use with vehicle: Place the rubber coated door hanger on the door with the strap and clamp
hanging loosely. Place the inside upper corner of the ramp on the vehicle seat, fasten the clamp to
the ramp on the opposite side, and adjust the strap length so the ramp is supported and level. Now
lead your pet up or down the ramp.
Limited Lifetime Warranty: The Side Door Adapter is warranted to be free from defects in
materials or workmanship for the life of the product. Some restrictions apply, so please visit our
website for more details. A copy of the original sales receipt is required for warranty issues.
SOLVIT Products is dedicated to offering innovative solutions to improve pets’ mobility. Please
feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or warranty issues. Thank you for your purchase!
SOLVIT Products  1114 W Harris, Suite 101  Arlington, TX 76001
Tel: 866-6-SOLVIT (866-676-5848)  Fax: (817) 466-2291
Email: 
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