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Petsafe 62320 Happy Ride™ Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp Use Guide
Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp
Care & Use Guide
Thank you for purchasing the Telescoping Pet Ramp. This guide covers the Deluxe, Deluxe XL and Deluxe
TriScope models.
Proper pet training is essential for success. Allow your pet to become familiar with the ramp prior to first
use. Lay the ramp flat on the ground and place treats or other items familiar to the pet on the ramp. Offering
reassurance and praise, train your pet to walk on it in this position before using in an inclined position.
Incline the ramp in small amounts and continue training before using with a vehicle or other higher surface.
We recommend holding your pet’s collar or guiding them with a leash as they go up and down the ramp.
Make sure pets walk only on the high-traction surface and stay away from the edges of the ramp.
CAUTION: If the safety release strap (on underside of ramp, see image) is
not engaged, the ramp can extend unintentionally. To avoid this potentially
unsafe situation, always fasten safety strap when ramp is not in use. Also,
when handling ramp, always take care to ensure the inner slide(s) does not
extend uncontrolled as it could strike a person, pet or property.
To use, try one of the following methods:
1) Set the angled, upper end on the surface to which the pet is climbing (car
bumper, couch, etc.); un-snap the safety release strap; pull out the inner slide(s)
to the desired length; set the end on the ground.
2) Lay the ramp on its side; slide out the inner section; place in position for use.
3) Place the ramp on the ground in vertical position with the angled end facing up; pull up on the outer
section until fully extended; place in position for use.
DO NOT allow the lower ramp section(s) to slide out unimpeded until it hits the stop blocks. This action
could cause personal injury or damage to the ramp and voids the warranty.
Make sure the rubber feet at each end of the ramp are resting firmly on a stable upper and lower surface (car
bumper, sidewalk, etc.). Failure to do this could allow the ramp to shift in use. The ramp is designed to hold
itself in place when weight is applied, so there is no need for extra devices to lock the ramp in position.
When finished, push the inner slide(s) into closed position, attach safety strap, and stow.
Cleaning & Maintenance: The aluminum rails on the ramp are pre-lubricated with household paraffin wax,
some of which might flake off after repeated use. Re-application of this wax should not be necessary under
normal use. The plastic and aluminum parts can be cleaned with mild household cleaner. The tread material
can be cleaned with mild detergent and a stiff brush, or a strong jet of water. If a problem occurs, or a
replacement part is needed, please contact Solvit Customer Service.
Limited Lifetime Warranty: The Deluxe Ramp is warranted to be free from defects in materials or
workmanship for the life of the product. Some restrictions apply, so please visit our website for more details.
A copy of the original sales receipt is required for warranty issues.
CAUTION: The SOLVIT Pet Ramp is designed for use only by pets such as dogs, cats, and small
animals. It is not intended to carry humans or heavy loads. Using the Ramp in this way voids the
warranty and creates an unsafe situation! Please follow this guideline strictly.
(protected by US Patent #7,827,641)
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