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Petsafe PAL17-10786 Simply Clean® Litter Box System Owner Manual
Replacing the Bowl
Motor Assembly
For Simply Clean® Self-Cleaning Litter Box
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Replacing the Bowl Motor
It is recommended that you perform the procedures in this document on a stable flat surface that is large enough to
securely and safely hold the Simply Clean Litter Box unit, and that provides sufficient work area for you to work with
the individual components. We also recommend you remove the litter in the bowl as part of this procedure.
To complete the procedures in this document, you will need:
• A #2 Philips screwdriver
• A flat head screwdriver (optional)
• A replacement bowl motor kit
Removing the Bowl Motor
Cover the work surface with a large sheet, drop cloth, or newspaper, and then:
1. Remove the conveyor cover and set it aside
(see Figure 1 below).
2. Loosen the two thumbscrews that secure the conveyor
to the base (see Figure 2 below).
Figure 1: Removing the conveyor cover
Figure 2: Loosening the thumbscrews
3. Carefully lift up on the conveyor, until it rests
in an upright position (see Figure 3 below).
6. Remove the bowl motor assembly
(see Figure 6 below).
Figure 6: Removing the bowl motor assembly
Figure 3: Conveyor in an upright position
4. Remove the bowl. Use two hands to lift the
bowl up and off the base unit (see Figure 4
below). Set the bowl aside.
a. Use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to loosen and
remove the two retaining screws.
b. Slide the bowl motor assembly back to free it
from the base.
7. Disconnect the bowl motor wire from the base.
Press in on the middle of the clip to release the
locking mechanism. If the clip does not easily
release, you can use a flat head screwdriver to
gently press in at the center of the clip.
Press in
tto release
Figure 4: Removing the bowl
5. Lower the conveyor to its original position.
While holding the conveyor in place, flip the
entire base unit over so the bottom side is up.
Pull up
to unlatch
Figure 7: Disconnecting the bowl motor wire
Figure 5: Turning the base unit upside-down
Installing a Replacement Bowl Motor
To install a replacement bowl motor:
1. Connect the bowl motor wire to the base unit
(see Figure 8 below).
Push in to la
3. Flip the base over, move the conveyor to its
upright position, and then place the bowl
back onto the base unit (see “A” in Figure 10
below). Be sure to adjust your litter guard so
that the conveyor fits within the notch on the
guard (see “B” in Figure 10 below).
Figure 8: Connecting the bowl motor wire
2. Slide the bowl motor assembly into position on
the bottom of the base unit and then insert the
two retaining screws (see Figure 9 below). Use
a #2 Philips screwdriver to tighten the screws.
Slide motor
into position
Figure 10: Replacing the bowl
Insert screws
Figure 9: Installing the bowl motor assembly
4. Lower the conveyor into place (see Figure 11
below). If your bowl is full of litter, you may
gently wiggle the conveyor back and forth to
bury the rake fingers in the litter.
Figure 11: Repositioning the conveyor
5. Tuck the motor wires into the space between
the conveyor assembly and the base unit so they
do not get pinched between the two. Tighten
the two thumbscrews to secure the conveyor to
the base (see Figure 12 below).
Do not
pinch wires
Testing your Simply Clean®
Litter Box
To verify that your repair was completed
1. Replace the conveyor cover and waste
receptacle. Both have to be in place for the
unit to work properly.
2. Plug the unit into the power source. The
Operating Indicator LED should illuminate.
3. Place a small piece of tape on the bowl, and
another piece just slightly in front of it on the
base unit (see Figure 13). The bowl will move
counter-clockwise. Wait a few minutes to see if
the tape on the bowl advances towards the tape
on the base unit.
Figure 13: Bowl movement tape test
Figure 12: Securing the conveyor
to the base unit
If your bowl is not moving:
• Make sure the conveyor cover is securely in
place and the waste receptacle is completely
installed in its bay.
• Inspect the bowl motor connection on the
bottom of the unit to verify that the motor
connector is completely and properly attached.
(See page 3, figure 8 and 9 for reference).
If your unit is still not working, contact PetSafe®
Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677
Monday – Friday: 8 am - 8 pm EST, or
Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm EST.
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