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Frymaster YUM Wingstreet Controller Owner Manual
YUM! Wingstreet Computer
Operation Manual
Frymaster, a member of the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association, recommends
using CFESA Certified Technicians.
Price $4.00
24-Hour Service Hotline 1-800551-8633
OCT 07
YUM Computer
Programming Set Back
1. Computer displays OFF. (Computer must be off to enter programming mode.)
2. Press
3. CODE appears in left display
4. Press
(1212) with product keys.
5. SB TEMP appears in left display with setback point (default is 250F) in right
6. Press
7. SB TIME appears in left display with setback time (default is 15:00) in right
display. Time can be set from 01:00 (one minute) to 60:00 (one hour) using the
product keys.
To disable the setback timer press
one time.
8. Press
9. Computer displays OFF.
to turn computer on. Right display will read - - - -.
10. Press
When not cooking, the computer will start the setback timer. When setback time has
passed, the oil temperature will drop to setback point and display will read Not
ready. To resume cooking, press
Programming New Menu Items
1. Computer displays OFF. (Computer must be off to enter programming mode.)
2. Press
3. CODE appears in left display
4. Press
(1650) with product keys. Press the blue lane button
to advance through menu items. (Use the yellow button to move back). In succession
the following preprogrammed items appear:
5. BIN(a preprogrammed item) appears in the left display; 1 and YES appears in the right
6. Press the blue button again and BOUT (a preprogrammed item) appears in the left
display; 2 and YES appear in the right display.
7. Press the blue button again and P 3 (a non-programmed key) appears in the left
display; the right display is blank. This is the first user-programmable slot on the
8. To enter an item follow these steps:
9. Select a product button for the new product and press it now. The left display will
continue to show P
3; the right-hand screen will show the chosen button number
and YES. To turn the product button off or to choose another, press the button number
again. This will remove the number from the right display.
and right displays will read EDIT. The first character in the left displays will
10. Press
11. Use
keys to enter an abbreviated four-letter name of the product. Each key can
display multiple letters or symbols. See illustration on page 1-1.
12. Press the blue
to advance cursor. Use the yellow
to move the
curser backward. Use the #0 key to insert a blank space or to eliminate an existing
product, pressing the key until the display segment is blank.
13. For example to enter “WING”, press the #8 product key until w appears in the
display. (Follow the same procedure to write over an existing product.)
14. Use the blue
to advance the cursor to the next display space. Press the #3
key until I appears. Continue until WING is spelled out on display.
15. Press
. The abbreviation of the product name appears on left. YES and the number
of the programmed product button appear on the right.
16. Press
. SHAKE 1 appears on the left display, A and 1:00 on the right. This is the
default setting and establishes an automatically canceling shake alarm, which sounds
1 minute into the cook cycle.
. REMOVE appears on the left display. M:00 in the right. Use numbered product
17. Press
keys to enter a cook time in minutes and seconds.
18. Press
to toggle between automatic and manual alarm canceling.
19. Press
. SET-TEMP appears on the left display; 350F appears on the right, the default
setpoint for Wingstreet products. All products must have the same setpoint.
. FLEX appears in the left display; 6 appears on the right. All Wingstreet
20. Press
products are cooked at this setting. Flex allows the fryer controller to adjust cooking
times slightly, ensuring small and large loads cook identically. Setting the number to 0
allows no time adjustment; a setting of 9 produces the most time adjustment.
21. Press
. The new product name appears on the left display; the product number
and YES appear on the right.
22. Press the blue
to advance to the next programmable menu location. Follow
the steps 10-23 to enter additional items. Note buttons 1,2,4,6,7,8 are
24. With the last programmed menu item displayed on the computer, press
in menu item and exit programming.
to lock
1. With the fryer at operating temperature, no product cooking, the filter pan clean and
prepared for filtration, follow these steps:
2. Turn the computer off.
3. Open the drain valve (blue handle).
4. Turn on the filter pump by opening the oil return valve (red handle).
5. During the 30-minute filter cycle, the oil will flow from the filter pan to the frypot
and back to the pan, passing through the filter medium to remove suspended particles.
6. When the time elapses, close the drain valve.
7. Allow the filter pump to continue to run, filling the frypot.
8. Air bubbles will form in the frypot. Allow the bubbling to continue for 15-30
seconds, which clears the oil-return lines of oil.
9. Turn the filter pump off.
10. Turn the computer on to return the fryer to operation.
3- 1
Frymaster, L.L.C.
8700 Line Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana USA 71106
Service Center (800) 551-8633 or (318) 865-1711
Printed in the United States of America
OCT 07
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