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Dwyer Model 471B Instruction Manual
Bulletin TE-471B
Model 471B Digital Thermo Anemometer
Specifications - Installation and Operating Instructions
The MODEL 471B Digital Thermo Anemometers are versatile dual function
instruments that quickly and easily measure air velocity or volumetric flow plus air
temperature in imperial or metric units. High contrast LCD display shows both selected
readings simultaneously. Convenient backlight provides perfect visibility in low light
conditions. Light automatically shuts off after 2-1/2 minutes to prolong battery life.
Low battery warning is included. Stainless steel probe with comfortable hand grip
is etched with insertion depth marks from 0 to 8 inches and 0 to 20 cm. Extruded
aluminum housing fully protects electronics, yet is lightweight and comfortable to hold
even when taking multiple readings as part of duct traverses. Up to 99 readings may
be stored for later retrieval. An integral sliding cover protects sensors when not in use.
Items included with the 471B are 9 volt alkaline battery, sensing probe, wrist strap and
custom carrying case.
Battery Installation
The unit is shipped with a separate 9 volt alkaline battery which must be installed
before operation. Remove the two screws holding the bottom endcap in place and
remove it. Connect the battery to the enclosed battery clip, observing correct polarity.
Be careful not to trap the wires between the case or foam pad which retains the battery.
This could make it difficult to install the battery or remove it later for replacement.
Be sure the rubber gasket is properly seated in the gasket channel and replace the
endcap. Note that the endcap will only fit one way because the holes are slightly offcenter. Place the “Z” shaped wrist strap clip in one of the screw recesses and replace
the screws. Do not overtighten. Attach the wrist strap to the clip.
When battery replacement becomes necessary, use only 9 volt alkaline type batteries
such as a Duracell® MN1604, or Eveready® 522 or equivalent. Zinc-carbon types,
often labeled Heavy-Duty, are not recommended because of their shorter life and an
increased potential for leakage. Alkaline batteries are a better value because they last
typically up to three times longer in this device.
Low Battery Indicator
A weak battery may cause improper operation or inaccurate measurements. A low
battery indicator (
) is provided on the display to show when the battery needs to
be replaced. Although the unit may appear to function and read properly, the accuracy
of the readings cannot be guaranteed when the (
) indicator is empty of power
segments. Replace the battery with a fresh one. Do not leave an exhausted battery in
the unit due to potential battery leakage.
The side of the probe with dot should face the flow.
Service: Air velocity and temperature of clean, dry air.
Temperature Limits: Process Air Velocity: -20 to 212°F (-29 to 100°C); Process
Temperature: -40 to 212°F (-40 to 100°C); Ambient: 5 to 125°F (-15 to 51°C).
Display: 4.5 digit LCD.
Resolution: 0.1%, 0.1°F/°C.
Range Air Velocity: 0 to 6000 FPM (0 to 30 m/s).
Accuracy Air Velocity: ±3% FS within temperature range of 40 to 90°F (4 to 32°C).
Range Volumetric Air Flow: 19,999 in selected flow units.
Range Temperature: -40 to 212°F (-40 to 100°C).
Accuracy Temperature: ±0.5°F (±0.28°C) from 32 to 122°F (0 to 50 °C); ±1.5°F
(±0.83°C) from -40°F to 32°F (-40 to 0°C) & 122 to 212°F (50 to 100°C).
Probe Length: 8˝ (203 mm) insertion.
Cable Length: 28˝ (71 cm) retracted, 6 ft (183 cm) extended.
Power Requirements: 9V alkaline battery included.
Weight: 16 oz (454 g).
Agency Approvals: CE.
A single press turns unit on, and a second press turns unit off. While unit is on, hold for
2 seconds to turn on the backlight. If the light is active, press once to turn the light off
and another to turn the unit off.
A single press freezes the current reading and a second press resumes live process
A single press will display the menu. Hit MENU while in the main menu to go back to
the home screen or while in the sub-menus to back up one level.
When in the home screen, press to cycle through displayed values. While in the menu,
press to enter sub-menus or values. Press and hold for 4 seconds to clear MAX, MIN,
or MEM in their respective menus.
A singles press will retrieve stored data points in the memory. Each successive press
will scroll to the next saved memory location ST01, ST02, etc. While in the menu, it
becomes the UP button.
A single press will store the current reading on the screen. ST01, ST02, etc. shows in
the display to indicate the memory location where the reading was saved. While in the
menu, it becomes the DOWN button.
Duracell® is a registered trademark of The Gillette Company
Eveready® is a registered trademark of Eveready Battery Company, Inc.
Phone: 219/879-8000
Fax: 219/872-9057
e-mail: info@dwyermail.com
Engineering Units
HOLD will appear on the home screen when the HOLD button is pressed, indicating
the process reading has been frozen.
Press ENTER to see current engineering units. Press MEMORY/UP or STORE/
DOWN to select another unit.
Memory Storage and Retrieval
From the home screen, push MEMORY/UP to view all previously stored values. Cycle
up or down through the stored data with the MEMORY/UP or STORE/DOWN buttons.
From the home screen, press STORE/DOWN to store data points to memory. For both
data storage and data memory retrieval, press MENU to return to the home screen.
Press ENTER to view the current duct shape setting. rEC for rectangular or CIrCL
for circular will appear. To alter between the two, push the MEMORY/UP button or
STORE/DOWN buttons. If a circle duct shape is selected, press ENTER to see DIAM
the diameter value. If rectangle is chosen, ENTER will allow adjustment of the XdIM
and YdIM of the duct. A numeral position will blink indicating it can be adjusted with the
MEMORY/UPor STORE/DOWN buttons. Hit ENTER to store a value.
Note: In metric mode dimensions will be displayed in mm. Inches will be the value
when using imperial units.
Power Management
Push ENTER to see the maximum recorded reading. When viewing the maximum
recorded reading, hold ENTER for 4 seconds to clear. Press MEMORY/UP or STORE/
DOWN to cycle through parameters.
Pu­­­sh ENTER to see current time off setting. Select 30 or 10 values indicating minutes
for power to automatically shut-off. By selecting 0, the auto shut-off is disengaged and
the unit will only turn off manually by the ON/OFF/LIGHT button.
Factory Restore
Push ENTER to see the minimum recorded reading. When viewing the minimum
recorded reading, hold ENTER for 4 seconds to clear. Press MEMORY/UP or STORE/
DOWN to cycle through parameters.
This function allows the user to restore the unit to factory settings. Press ENTER to
view the restore function. CLr will be shown on the display. Press and hold ENTER
for 4 seconds until CLrd is displayed. The unit will then be restored to factory defaults.
Upon final installation of the Model 471B, no routine maintenance is required. The
Model 471B is not field serviceable and should be returned if repair is needed. Field
repair should not be attempted and may void warranty.
Press ENTER to view the AVG function. This function will adjust the process reading
on the home screen to report the average reading over the period of selected time.
Press MEMORY/UP or STORE/DOWN to select between 0, 30, or 60 second values.
Push ENTER to store the desired value.
Refer to “Terms and Conditions of Sales” in our catalog and on our website. Contact
customer service to receive a Return Goods Authorization number before shipping the
product back for repair. Be sure to include a brief description of the problem plus any
additional application notes.
This product uses FreeRTOS (www.FreeRTOS.org) version 7.0.1. A copy of the original Free RTOS
source shall be provided upon request.
Press ENTER to see CLr. Hold ENTER for 4 seconds to clear all stored memory
©Copyright 2017 Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Printed in U.S.A. 3/17
FR# 443916-00 Rev. 6
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Fax: 219/872-9057
e-mail: info@dwyermail.com
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