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Cyberdata 011280 InformaCast Enabled Paging Adapter Datasheet
InformaCast® Enabled Paging Adapter
The IP Endpoint Company
The CyberData InformaCast® Enabled Paging
Adapter is for use with Singlewire's InformaCast
paging and emergency notification software. The
Paging Adapter provides a direct connection to
legacy analog paging systems enabling InformaCast paging events to be broadcast.
 Compatible with Singlewire InformaCast v12.1, including
support for downloading SIP credentials from InformaCast
 Supports Singlewire InformaCast High Quality Audio
 Capable of receiving Singlewire InformaCast, SIP, and
Multicast messages
 Support for InformaCast resiliency
 Support for Cisco SRST resiliency
 Compatible with most analog amplifiers in the market
 Supports audio prioritization, including 10 multicast paging
 Loud/Night Ringer function - second SIP extension
 9 user-uploadable page messages
 Supports delayed pages with call buffering
 Support for security code to prevent unwanted SIP calls
 Can receive pages directly from Poly phones as well as other
devices that can send standard multicast
 Sense input capable of generating events or SIP calls
Built-in diagnostics
Line-in for background music
Line-out connector
Remote amp fault sensor
Audio controlled relay/remote amplifier enable
DTMF entries for analog paging zones
Rack mountable
 HTTP command interface
 HTTPS or HTTP web based configuration. HTTPS is enabled
by default.
 Autoprovisioning via HTTPS, HTTP or TFTP
 Configurable event generation for device health and status
 TLS 1.2 enhanced security for IP Endpoints in a local or
cloud-based environment
 802.11q VLAN tagging
 Support for Cisco SRST resiliency
CyberData Corporation
3 Justin Court, Monterey, CA 93940
Ethernet I/F
10/100 Mbps
SIP RFC 3261 Compatible
Notification Software
Singlewire InformaCast v4.0 and above
Power Input
PoE 802.3af or 48 VDC
Line In:
Input Signal Amplitudes
Input Impedance
2.0 VPP maximum
10k Ohm
Line Out:
Output Signal Amplitudes
Output Level
Total Harmonic Distortion
Output Impedance
2.0 VPP maximum
+2dBm nominal
0.5% maximum
10k Ohm
Page Port Output
Balanced 600 Ohm 5VPP
Payload Types
G.711 a-law, G.711µ-law, G.722, and G.729
Network Security
Operating Range
Temperature: -400 C to 550 C (-400 F to 1310 F)
Humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing
Storage Temperature
Storage Altitude
-400 C to 700 C (-400 F to 1580 F)
Up to 15,000 ft. (4573 m)
6.11 inches [155.19 mm] Length
4.05 inches [102.87 mm] Width
1.15 inches [29.21 mm] Height
Boxed Weight
1.2 lbs. [.54 kg]
1.8 lbs. [.82 kg]
UL 62368-1, RoHS Compliant, FCC;
Part 15 Class A, IEEE 802.3 Compliant;
Reference Number for UL: E129569 Vol 4 Sec 1
2 Years Limited
Part Number
*Dimensions are measured from the perspective of the product
being upright with the front of the product facing you.
Fax: 831.373.4193
InformaCast® Enabled Paging Adapter
Typical Configuration
Music Source
RCA HiZ Lineout
10k Ohm 2v PP
IP to Analog Paging
Line In (RCA, 8K)
Analog Amplifier
600 Ohm Page Port Out
Page Start Relay Output
Fault Sense Input
Analog Amplifier
PoE Network Cable
InformaCast Enabled Paging Adapter (Back View)
Line In
Line Out
1-Fault Sense Input (Common)
2-Fault Sense Input (Sense)
3-Positive 600-Ohm Audio Output
4-Negative 600-Ohm Audio Output
5-Audio Ground Reference
6-Relay Contact - Common
7-Relay Contact - Normally Open
Alternate power if
PoE is not available
Pin 1
CyberData Corporation
Pin 2
3 Justin Court, Monterey, CA 93940
Pin 3
Pin 4
Pin 5
Pin 6
Fax: 831.373.4193
Pin 7
InformaCast® Enabled Paging Adapter
6.0 [152.4]
1.2 [29.6]
4.1 [104.0]
Dimensions are in Inches [Millimeter]
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CyberData Corporation
3 Justin Court, Monterey, CA 93940
Fax: 831.373.4193
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